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July 11th, 2018 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2018 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Stepping out of the Cathedral

Vocalist Johanna Sadonis has understandably been Lucifer’s main attraction from the get go, but I must admit that guitarist Gaz Jennings was my person of interest when first hearing about them. Cathedral’s 2013 disbandment certainly hurt and the Carnival Bizarre-lite approach of 2015’s Lucifer I was a nice way to fill that void. But with Jennings having since departed, there’s even more pressure for Lucifer’s second outing to carve out a less derivative path. Thankfully Lucifer II (Twocifer") successfully lives up to the debut and then some.

Much like Avatarium’s post-Edling direction, the band is more upfront about their 70s rock and psychedelic influences this time around. The debut’s driving tempos are almost completely phased out in favor of the upbeat garage rock rhythms of “California Son” and steadier mid-tempo fare like the bluesy “Before the Sun.” There’s also a touch of keyboard and the guitars boast a subtler but still ominous character that allows the vocals to take center stage and inject more attitude into the otherwise ethereal delivery.

These shifts may result in a less aggressive sound overall, but there’s still plenty of doom on Lucifer II. The band’s take on “Dancing with Mr. D” may ironically be the best demonstration of the style as the Rolling Stones deep cut comes out like a lost Sabbath tune if you slow it down just right. Elsewhere, “Reaper on Your Heels” and “Eyes in the Sky” offer plenty of that hazy four on the floor magic(k) and “Faux Pharaoh” closes things out with the album’s most massive riff set.

It’s a little funny how Lucifer went from a Cathedral spinoff to another fixture in the ever-growing occult doom movement, but you can’t complain when the band is so good at both sounds. Lucifer II is about even to I in quality songwriting and is just as breezy a listen, leaving the “winner” up to personal preference. The transition shouldn’t be too jarring for established listeners and fans of groups like Avatarium, Psychedelic Witchcraft, and Blood Ceremony are strongly encouraged to check this one out.

“California Son”
“Dancing with Mr. D”
“Reaper on Your Heels”
“Before the Sun”

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Staff Reviewer
July 11th 2018


Her vocals are vastly improved, whereas the songs, even though great and entertaining, are still in search of an identity.

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July 11th 2018


Album Rating: 3.5

I want to like this more than i do but smth is amiss. Good review!

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July 15th 2018


Album Rating: 3.5

I think Sadonis was doing better with Gaz and the Cathedral influence. The 70s hard rock twist is also cool, but I kinda prefer the doom(ish) approach of the debut. I wonder how things would have turn out having Nicke Andersson on drums and Gaz on guitar.

Contributing Reviewer
July 20th 2018


Album Rating: 3.5

Gotta say, "California Sun" and "Dreamer" are brilliant jams. Whole album is brimming with confidence in all aspects, something I feel has clearly been improved since the debut. Johanna's vocals seem more in line with the musicianship too.

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September 3rd 2018


Album Rating: 5.0

My favorite album of the year. It is really a complete work from start to finish. Flows so well and doesn't have a dead spot in it. Faux Pharoh is an astounding closing track and the last minute is just an amazing way to end the album. They didn't just shove a bunch of songs together they crafted an amazing full album with thoughts on flow and placement of the tracks.

The first album had a few stand out songs but this album is on a completely different level

November 19th 2018


great review, remember myself never liking their debut that much

November 19th 2018


Album Rating: 3.5

Give this one a try, it has a different vibe from the debut.

November 19th 2018


oh i will ;)

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