Cute Is What We Aim For
Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch



by Kif USER (11 Reviews)
June 19th, 2006 | 74 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Every music scene includes those notorious for stirring up trouble whether they mean to or not. The bands everyone loves to hate, even if they secretly admire their music, hiding them under false names on iPods to avoid faux pars. The pop-punk scene is quite known for having these kinds of bands. Bands who just can't put a foot right, but keep slugging along anyway, and hopefully one day they will be recognized by the community as respectable. Cute Is What We Aim For fit in this catagory quite well. Having paved their way to sucess with a nice $500,000 check from their parents and a quick signing to arguably the major player in independent pop-punk today, Fueled By Ramen, without even releasing an EP, it was bound to happen. Yet this is another band who made their mark on Myspace, letting their friends do the talking while they slipped by. So when it was announced in 2006 that their debut would be released, it is no surprise that little people cared. After all, the pop-punk scene strives on ignoring those who the trendsetters like Absolute Punk and The Scout dismiss. Everyone, say hello to 2006's most hated band; Cute Is What We Aim For.

That name, along with the album title, Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch, should give you some idea as to what you'll expect upon hearing this CD. Those one-liner lyrics which people perceive as witty, yet they aren't. Topcs such as drinking, whores and drugs are all sung so beautifully to sound romantic and perfect to the teenage market. Auto-tuned vocals and over-mixed instruments so that it hides the bands true sound. Yeah, that's right here. But if you look past all that, it's actually a fun CD to listen to. Opener "Newport Living" could have been ripped straight from a Placebo with pounding drums, a simple yet fast guitar riff and high-pitched vocals. It does mix up quite a bit though, with much slower palm-mute sections and a chorus with a hint of darkness. Imagine The Academy Is... if they had listened to AFI's Sing The Sorrow. It's a weird mixture of the dark and bright sides of pop-punk, but they do sound oh-so appealing on this record. The same happy-go-lucky sound carries throughout the album as well, with songs like "Finger Twist & Split" combining a generic-yet-interesting hybrid of slow acoustic and clean, electric sound, while "Risque" only slows down more with picked chords and a very Get Up Kids style sound ringing out.

The middle of the album gets a bit boring by now, however. "The Fourth Drink Instinct" gets so slow it's just dragged out too long at 4 minutes. The music could've been placed on a Jimmy Eat World album and be praised by all, but here in the middle of this album it just sets the tone for how the rest will play out. As well as this, songs about underage drinking (I predict angry letters from parents if they ever read the lyrics) is too cliche for a band as young as this to write. It only picks up ever so slightly afterwards, with "Sweet Talk 101" providing another glance at how original this band can be. From the lyrics, it appears this band are in love with themselves, but to their credit, this song is much faster than the last few. The album ends on a slightly higher note, with the song "Lyrical Lies" providing a nice acoustic melody with some of this band's best lyricary. This might not be a challenge, but it's one of the highlights of the album in my opinion, and although the actual music is very easy going and basic, it fits their style well. "Moan" disappoints yet again with more bad lyrics, which his actually the only bad point of this song I can think of. The music is quite upbeat and quick, and easy to tap along to. This is pretty redundant since it's placed between 2 acoustic songs, which virtually kills any energy it creates. Finally, "Teasing to Please (Left Side, Strong Side)" is another showcase of this band's slower side. Again combining clean guitars and acoustic, leading into the full band playing in electric and getting gradually louder. It's not a bad song I suppose, and one of the band's better-known songs which they have. But still, the drumming is piss-poor and this is the best song to notice those auto-tuned vocals.

I was really disappointed with this CD when I heard it. I didn't want to believe all the talk about the band before listening to this, and when I first put it on I thought this would be an excellent record filled with upbeat bursts of melodic pop-punk, fun lyrics that I can sing along to without sounding like I molest teenage girls at concerts, and a great strucure of both slow and fast songs. Oh, how things pan out. Where it begins so effortlessly and fun to listen to, it quickly dies down into one boring clean song after another. Add to this the random placement of each track, which kills any mood you get set from the song you are listening to, and this album is just a huge mess. It does however have it's highlights, and shows some sign of promise for this band. The opening few tracks are all brilliant and fun to listen to with one steady-paced song after another, and the 2 final acoustic tracks (OK, one of them isn't technically all acoustic) are the band's high point when it comes to slower melodic stuff. But otherwise, you are better off just sticking to the songs on their online profiles and live shows.

Recommended tracks
"Newport Living"
"There's A Class For This"
"Finger Twist & Split"
"Lyrical Lies"

[url][/url] (Tracks from review: "Sweet Talk 101", "There's A Class For This"

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June 19th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

Having paved their way to sucess with a nice $500,000 check from their parents and a quick signing to arguably the major player in independent pop-punk today, Fueled By Ramen, without even releasing an EP

That alone makes me want to stay far far away from the band, especially with their stupid name.

June 19th 2006


I just heard a friend talking about this band, and I told him that they had the dumbest band name i've ever heard.

Very Nice review though.

Digging: We Were Promised Jetpacks - These Four Walls

June 19th 2006


Nice write-up. Haven't heard anything by 'em but I'll check 'em out.

La Revolucion
June 19th 2006


Hmm...good review. Bad band name. Don't know about the band.

June 19th 2006


my brohter loves these guys
i think theyre pretty good, I look at them like FOB, not worth the hype, but pretty good anyways

June 19th 2006


this band sucks

June 19th 2006


THere is a huge disconnect between how you describe the band and the ranking 3. They sound like they deserve a 1.

June 20th 2006


I heard this was pretty bad.

June 21st 2006


mmm... this band i must say is ok, they use a kind of mixture of acoustic/electrics, it works, girls r loving it. the name??? no idea, letīs say different... nice review

June 22nd 2006


Hiding bands under false names on iPods? Never heard of that before.

Storm In A Teacup
June 22nd 2006


It's $7.99 at Target right now and even though I've never heard of them I was considering buying it, but I'm convinced not to buy it.This Message Edited On 06.21.06

June 22nd 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

great album

July 19th 2006


^^^^oh noes^^^^^

CIWWAF fan boy.

my friend likes this band alot, although Ive only heard about the intro to one of their songs.

July 19th 2006


Don't bother listening beyond that.

August 12th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

what happened to responsible journalism? you're all dumb retards if you think that the band actually got $500,000 to start their band, especially since 3/4 of the band were raised by single parents. don't believe everything you read, idiots.

August 12th 2006


dumb retards

Contradiction in terms.

I'm going to assume that you're a retard.

No assumption necessary.This Message Edited On 08.12.06

August 13th 2006


How could they possibly have such an awful name?

August 13th 2006


[QUOTE=thiswebsitesucks]what happened to responsible journalism[/QUOTE]
Yes, Sputnik reviews are written by journalists. The reviews are journalism. This Message Edited On 03.30.07

August 29th 2006


Hey I wish i got 500,000 dollars from my parents get my band going... all I got was a four track for my birthday when i was 17... and ive known jeff and shaant for about 3-4 years now, theyre from buffalo like me and i think i heard something about shaants dad inventing the pringles can.... just wanted to throw that out there

By the way their old band CHERRYBING... another bad name was amazing... really had something going for them... This Message Edited On 08.29.06

August 29th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

.... so remember that time every local band in the Buffalo area hates Cute is What We Aim???.... not outta jealousy.... but becuz Shaant and the other guy basically left the other dudes from Cherry Bing hanging out to dry.... not every1 knows the story.... so let me summarize...

.... Cherry Bing was a well known band in the area...

.... they went to a label

... label told them to drop the horns section and they'd sign them...

... one of the founding members was the horns guy...

... behind the rest of the band's back, Shaant and other dude went to the label saying they dropped the band and were ready to get signed..

... rest of Cherry Bing was shocked and needless to say, pissed...

.... Cute is What We Aim for is formed and is loved by 13 year olds nation wide...

.... Story spreads fast.... peers get pissed...

Now being in a band myself... thats something u just dont do outta respect.... So ask any band from this area, and they'll tell u their beef with the band...

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