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June 18th, 2006 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

After the haitus late 70's with Joe Perry leaving the band, Aerosmith was not finished and would make a remarkable comeback in the 80's. With some successful albums and chart topping songs Aerosmith was back in action to retake the crown as the greatest rock and roll band in America. In 1994, "Big Ones" was released and is a defenitive compilation of Aerosmith's greatest songs of the 80's and early 90's. From head rockers to power ballads and everything in between, this compilation should suit any fan lookin' for the hits.

1. Walk on Water (4:55)
Ok, not the best way to start this album and honestly...I hate this song and it's just a bunch of annoying noise. Somehow i'm sure there's someone who'll enjoy this song but I sure no I don't. The only thing I find good on this song is the chorus but even that ain't too great. 2/5

2. Love in an Elevator (5:21)
Much better then the previous song, "Love in an Elevator" is the first radio hit on the album and for good reason. It's catchy and a different tune by all means with a lot of different guitar riffs here and there. The problem with this song is it goes on for way too long and should be a lot shorter. 4/5

3. Rag Doll (4:24)
The next song seems a bit similar to "Love in an Elevator" but is shorter and tends not to get on my nerves as much. Unfortunately, this song is good but compared to some of the songs later on in the album it's actually a bit lacking. 4/5

4. What It Takes (5:10)
The first ballad on the album and it sure is a good one. A very dramatic and powerful ballad with some catchy lyrics and amazing singing by Steven Tyler. The guitar solo is a good one and the song ends loud and with some good horn work to go along with the sweeping guitar riff. 5/5

5. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) (4:24)
I find this song to be the catchiest song on the album and I love it when it's played on the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Steven Tyler and the gang have a lot of fun playing this song and you sure can tell. The lyrics are something to be looked at, considering what they're about, hehe...But the lyrics do end a bit short and lack towards the end but this is still a fun song no matter what. 5/5

6. Janie's Got a Gun (5:30)
Another radio hit and maybe one of their most popular hits from the 80's. It has some great guitar and bass throughout the entire song and the vocals are no exception. It's a catchy tune without a doubt and i'm sure you'll like it if you've never heard it. 5/5

7. Cryin' (5:09)
The next ballad and comes close to the perfection of "What It Takes". Once again, Steven Tyler sings his heart out and Joe Perry lays down some sweet riffs and a decent solo. The lyrics are about a chick getting revenge on her cheating boyfriend and if you've seen the video, you'll agree that this is another classic song from Aerosmith. 5/5

8. Amazing (5:56)
Now this song probably has the best guitar work on the album by far. The riff is good but towards the end the singing stops and Perry tears it up with a killer solo. The lyrics are some of my favorite and it's just one of those motivational songs to cheer you up. 5/5

9. Blind Man (4:00)
A let down after many great songs, "Blind Man" never really captures the mood it's trying to get and seems like Aerosmith was trying to copy their success of "Amazing". That being said, it ain't too bad of a song and the lyrics; "Until I met a blind man, who taught me how to see", always find a way to please my ears. 4/5

10. Deuces Are Wild (3:35)
This song never really caught my attention at first but I got addicted to the chorus which is the greatest part to the song considering the lyrics suck. 4/5

11. The Other Side (4:04)
A different sounding song with a more straight forward rockin' feel to it. It may not be a catchy tune like other songs on this album but it does what Aerosmith does best, rocks and it rolls. The guitars lay down a rockin' riff and the singing is top notch. 4/5

12. Crazy (5:16)
My personal favorite on the entire album and let me tell you it's a classic Aerosmith song for sure. From the bluesy riff to the emotional singing done just right by good 'ol Steven Tyler, Aerosmith really pulls of a heck of a song and one to always remember. The lyrics are interesting but in a good way and that's 'bout it for me to say! 5/5

13. Eat the Rich (4:10)
This is one of those hard rockers that we're sure used to from Aerosmith. It can be a little annoying at times but once again Joe Perry lays down some awesome guitar playing. The chorus is goofy but you'll find that the lyrics are quite entertaining if you know what I mean. 4/5

14. Angel (5:07)
Another ballad and like before, it's another emotional piece from Aerosmith and really gets your spirit up. The lyrics are motivational again and it's just a fantastic song all in all. 5/5

15. Livin' on the Edge (6:21)
The last and final song of the album, finally...This song has an epic feel to it and is a catchy song by all means. The lyrics are somewhat dramatic but the guitar riff is great. The drums annoy me but Steven Tyler gives it all he's got and this song is no short of great. 5/5

I must say this compilation is full of a lot of songs that really motivate you or just there to rock out too like "Cryin'", "What It Takes", "The Other Side" and "Eat the Rich". This album shows Aerosmith could still rock even if their prime had past a long time ago and their time in the spotlight is counting down. This album is also perfect for people lookin' to save money and don't want to hassle with all the 80's and 90's studio albums Aerosmith put out.

Pros (+)
+ Great ballads
+ Great rockers
+ Like usual, great guitar, bass...and singing (of course!)

Cons (-)
- Can get old pretty fast (and annoying)
- Walk on Water
- Some songs have stupid lyrics

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June 19th 2006


i refuse to accept this as anything above shit

June 19th 2006


Eliminator Jr. must have down syndrome. Aerosmith is one of then few great bands that, even if you don't actually like them, you have to have to respect. I am suprised this album doesn't have sweet emotion on it, but I guess no hits cd can have all the good songs on it.

June 19th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Sweet Emotion is an old song, not from the era this album is compiling.

June 19th 2006


This album came out in '94 and includes songs from their previous 3 CDs only, Permanent Vacation(87), Pump(89), and Get a Grip(93), which they recorded with Geffen, instead of the usual Columbia Records. Thats why their clasics aren't included, like Sweet Emotion, Walk This Way... etc.

June 19th 2006


Oh, is that why Hole In My Soul isn't on here too? I love that song.

Havn'y listening to Aerosmith in ages, Janies got a Gun and Eat the Rich are good songs...

The Jungler
June 19th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

I kinda like some 1970's Aerosmith songs, but this album is just bad. I have no respect for them, outside the first 2 or 3 albums and this really just fuels my hatred. I think Noal Gallagher said it best when he uttered these lines: You can call us arrogant, just don't call us Aerosmith.

June 19th 2006


yeah this compilation only contians the songs from the 3 cd's mentioned above...if you want 70's songs then get the greatest hits (red album) but i tell you that their first 5 albums are excellent! :>

June 29th 2011


You're crazy for not liking Walk On Water.

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