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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Band: Muse
DVD: Live at ZĂ©nith de Paris les 28 et 29
Discs: 2
Released: 01/07/2002

Muse have risen to become one of the most influental and progressive rock bands in the UK, and have recently made their presence known in America. They have toured the world, stopping off in Japan, Australia, France, Germany and many more places, to perform their songs for the fans and to give them a true experience of what a live gig should sound like. And now they've put it all on a DVD for the less luckier fans to experience too.

The first disc, the live show, starts out with a very cryptic intro. Lights flashing around the arena, fans screaming for their hosts to come on the stage and give them the show of their lives. The background voice is telling his story, constantly saying "What is he building?" in an eerie accent, darkens the mood. Until Muse make their presence known, the curtains fall and Matt rips the crowd apart, leading instantly into Dead Star.

The audience scream and bounce to the sound of his guitar, while Chris jams away on Bass and Dom hammers the drums. The band soar through the likes of Citizen Erased, Sunburn and Uno, and when they play, you know that they want to do it. You can feel the energy they are giving off while playing to the crowd.

They play a few filler tracks in the middle, and a couple of lesser liked songs, but considering they made this when they only had 2 albums out, I think it's extraordinary for them to pull off a 91 minute gig.

At the end of the show, we get to hear them play the classics in all their glory. As Matt is moving his fingers across the piano, while singing the intro to New Born, the whole of the pit are singing along with him. And then the guitars pounce in full throttle, and we see Matt moving across the stage in true madness!

To finish off the gig, the lighters were raised and the couples kissed while Matt picked his way through Unintended, announcing at the start that he hadn't played the song in ages and might get it wrong a bit. After the chilled out song, we move to the finale that is Bliss, which is pure happiness when played live.

Overall, the performance left me speechless. Muse are most certainly a live band, and even though their latest release, Absolution, was somewhat of a letdown to me, they still have the capability to please a crowd chanting to be entertained.

Disc 2: 41 minute documentary, audio, photo gallery and more

Not really a necessary part of the DVD, but it's nice that they wanted to give a little extra for the fans who paid for it.

The documentary is great to watch, but it does get a bit tiresome. It's very artistic, and in one scene, we see Matt moving around to the backing music (piano and singing) drunk in a hotel reception. It does look funny, but it's made out to be quite serious.

I must admit though, seeing Dom slip on the Corey Taylor mask and do countless impressions of the Slipknot frontman (one being with a sombrero on as well) is hilarious. Just seeing Dom shouting in his moody voice "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" and Matt literally pissing himself on the sofa makes the documentary worth watching alone!

The other features are again filler, but DVDs are nothing without them nowadays. You get to listen to clips of the 2 albums (as if the live show wasn't enough!), flick through the photo gallery for Hullabaloo promos and view their complete discography (Did I say complete? Clearly their record label haven't dug deep enough!)

The second DVD wasn't exactly breath-taking, but it's the live show people are paying to see. The film of them on the extra DVD isn't bad though if you are a hardcore fan or if you want some sleep.

Overall, I highly suggest you pick this up. Trust me, speaking as someone who has seen this magnificant band live, if you haven't experienced Muse in the flesh, you haven't experienced Muse :thumb:

Rating: 4/5

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July 30th 2004



The Slipknot part is brilliant. I'd buy the DVD for double price just for that. The rest of it is great too. One of my favbourite DVDs. Matt is insane, playing guitar and piano at the same time :eek:

July 30th 2004


They played the performance of this on music tv here a while ago. It was a great show and the set list was awesome. I saw Muse live a while ago but it didn't compare to the show on the DVD. Good rating.

August 12th 2004


The crowd that night were so lucky they must have gotten the best setlist ever, Micro Cuts, Megalomania, Showbiz, Space Dementia, Cave?! ... The list goes on. I agree Dom in the Slipknot mask is totally priceless.
IMO just an amazing DVD, they played so well, takes him about a song to get into it but after that its breathtaking. They did it really well, whenever I watch it I kind of get sucked in

August 12th 2004


What the heck? Why does the CD only get half of the tracks? :upset: What I have heard from it is great though. :thumb: They never fail to impress.

Distorted Vision
August 12th 2004


I borrowed this from a friend a while ago before we went to see them live. They are an incredible live band.

August 13th 2004


The venue for this DVD is so cool

Dancin' Man
August 13th 2004


The only thing that could make it better would've been Hysteria and I don't think it was written yet. I'd love to see them play Hysteria live.

August 13th 2004


One ofmy favourite DVDs. I can't believe that you called those middle tracks filler. Pfffft.

Dancin' Man
August 13th 2004


The bass line in the intro of Hysteria is one of my favorite riffs ever. I don't even play bass and I tried to learn it.

August 13th 2004


Muse are one of the greatest bands of all time in my opinion. I mean the way they can put soft melody on a piano into a heavy rock song I dont know. Matt Bellamy is an amazing musician being able 2 play the paino and guitar at the same time whilst sing, now how many ppl can do that. Chris Wolstenholme is a great bassist and comes up with some great riffs such as:
In my world :thumb: I Love these 3 riffs :thumb:
Plug in baby

Dom is a great drummer as well. Muse aren't posers like some bands, you can tell they love the music from the emotion they put into it and from the sound. They are amazing live and I cannot wait til they next come round on a UK tour.

Hysteria isnt that hard a riff to play once your able to move your fingers fast enough.

August 13th 2004


First of all, you're right thinking that Hysteria wasn't yet released as it was apparently the last song finished on the Absolution album because of the solo.

I think this DVD is amazing and Muse are an amazing live band. They really get the audience going and when they play songs such as Hysteria, Plug in Baby, Cave, Stockholm Syndrome and Bliss, they universe explodes. I'd recommend any Muse fan or even anyone who so much as likes Muse, to buy this - well worth your money :thumb:

August 13th 2004


I'd love to see them do Butterflies and Hurricanes live.

August 13th 2005


Hysteria doesn't have that hard of a bassline. New Born and Futurism are harder in my opinion. I learned Hysteria in about 5-10 minutes.

August 13th 2005


Aren't you special.

November 6th 2005


Reall go you I bet your mother is proud. Anyway that thing wiht dom and the mask :lol: how I laughed.

August 5th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Dead Star is a great song, I really want to buy this now.

December 22nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

This is on google but something stops you viewing it, against copyright I suppose.

John Galt
February 11th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

The talking at the beginning of the DVD is a Tom Waits song called 'What's he building', on his album 'Mule Variations'.

May 23rd 2008


bium bium bumbaloo, aha nice review

November 16th 2018


Album Rating: 4.0

The energy on this is astounding

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