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The Bridge



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January 14th, 2005 | 16 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Letter Kills - The Bridge

Label: Island Records - [url]http://www.islandrecords.com[/url]

Letter Kills is...
Matt Shelton - Vocals
Timothy Cordova - Guitars
Dustin Lovelis - Guitars
Kyle Duckworth - Bass
Paul Remund - Drums

Produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank)
Background Info:
[URL=http://www.musicianforums.com/forums/showthread.php"t=213400]If you really want to know BAD the details, THE DIRTY ONES CLICK THIS...[/URL]

otherwise (summed up)

The Bridge, the debut album by Southern California band Letter Kills, is a spirited manifesto of independence and self-belief - one that embraces numerous musical styles including 70's punk, pop, metal and even classic rock, and twists bends and ties them into something highly energized and instantly engaging...

Lets get to the Review:
Lights Out (2:56) - This song really gets things started. and all I got to say is its came ways. I could barely even recognize it and this is a great introduction to the album. The guitar riffs were packing a punch and Matt's vocals added a nice touch to the introductory song. Also OMG a solo" 10/10

Don't Believe (2:49) - I'd say this song was pretty cocky. What a way to start a song by recording yourself by foaming up your saliva and spitting. Another song that once again changed from the original E.P. Not so much instrument wise by vocal wise I must say Matt was sound like a maniac. Lyrics are featured in the avatar! Definitely sounds more controlled and I'd say this is the best or one of the best songs of this album. Once again a guitar SOLO" :eek: 10/10

Whatever It Takes (3:32) - This song slows down just a tad from two high paced songs but continues to deliver the punch. Only the blow isn't that hard but the lyrics are catchy once again as the chorus will be remembered for a long time. 8/10

Brand New Man (3:11) - As soon as I hear those introductory drums and then tremelo picking begins I'm sucked in. This song wasn't off an E.P. and I'd definitely say it ranks tops once again being the best or one of the best songs of this album. The lyrics I can definitely see people relating too with girl troubles ala all that good relationship stuff. The breakdown and each verse is heartfilled. 10/10

Clock Is Down (4:13) - Once again another song off the E.P. which changed durastically. I'm not a fan of change but the changes made didn't change the way I liked them. I could barely recognize the song at the beginning compared to the E.P. and the lyrics are still their. Possibly the most thoughtful lyrics on the album but they made the guitar way more recognizable here. 9.5/10

Time Marches On (3:44) - A slow buildup starts at the beginning of this song. This is just one of those songs that seems that Letter Kills isn't scared to change their sound a tad. I'd say once again the lyrics are very heartfilled possibly about a failed relationship or crushed love. Song isn't as stellar as the others but is still up there. 7/10

Carry You (3:21) - Drums begin this song and I'd say this is another song thats alittle different from the beginning songs. The song didn't click at first but it's growing on me. Great Chorus too... 8/10

Hold My Heart (Part Two) [2:05] - Short and sweet, definitely one of the more slower songs of the album. It doesn't mean anything because the guitar riffs are still their adapted to the slow song. I'd say this is a song that shows that Matt doesn't only have fantastic screams but he can actually sing. The song didn't seem like the modern day love song but more classical for some reason to me. I love how the guitar callborated (sp) with the vocals though. 9/10

When You're Away (3:35) - Bass and drums lead the way into this song. I don't know I couldn't really get into this song. It felt like alot of build up but not a good climax. Not as good as the others... 6/10

Radio Up (2:48) - The third song of the E.P. but believe it or not I don't think its changed much. The only difference I can see is the improved back up vocals. This was probably my favorite song of the E.P. and it gets this album back on its high level fast pace again. 10/10

Shot to The Chest (3:10) - I don't know this song seemed out of place on the tracklisting. The song is good in all but it seemed like a good song to end with. I definitely liked the guitar during the chorus parts and in the end. 8/10

Hold My Heart (Part One) [4:50] - Back to slowness. Part One of track 8 (or maybe its vice versa :confused:). As I said before its songs like these that prove Matt can really sing and he does a good job. The guitar and drums blend right into his voice. I'm not the biggest fan of leaving on such a slow note but good song. 8/10

Overall 5/5
Pros: Vocals show chaotic screaming but can also sing. Guitars range is HUGE shining from pop-punk to class rock to post grunge era's. Songs will get stuck in your HEAD.

Cons: Some songs that seemed different really didn't fit on the album or ruined some flow.

UIAC Wrap Up...
To be honest I heard this band 2 years ago early in their career. At the time they weren't signed and had about 7 people registered to the message boards but one thing they did have were **** good demos on their site to listen to. The 3 songs that were on the site are in this album. They may have changed them durastically or little but they are fantastic songs. Even though Taking Back Sunday may have had its day of spotlight today another good band has released a more then stellar album that I hope will not go unnoticed...

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Understanding In a Crash
July 28th 2004



also since no one seems to care/know them. :thumb:

July 28th 2004


awesome review UIAC! :thumb: ill def. be checking these guys out.

youve been a busy beaver tonight havent you? :lol:

July 28th 2004


[QUOTE=Understanding In a Crash]

one song!? rip-off! :angry:

July 28th 2004


Good review. Emocore could possibly go under genre, cause with the screaming and stuff. But there not emo, so I guess it would be poppunkcore? :confused:

Understanding In a Crash
July 28th 2004


[QUOTE=nirvanaafi182]one song!? rip-off! :angry:[/QUOTE]
Just go to the main site it has 3 :wave:


August 25th 2004


its hard to label them, so i wont. i just love their music.

August 25th 2004


yeah i picked up this album about a month or so ago.. its **** good... awesome review.. defenitly a must by for anyone of the scene or not

September 6th 2004


[QUOTE=mylifest0ryx]its hard to label them, so i wont. i just love their music.[/QUOTE]
same here, same here :chug:

November 26th 2004


Yea, i picked up the album when i saw them play at warped, like 2 weeks before is came out. Godo **** right there.

November 26th 2004


Yea, i picked up the album when i saw them play at warped, like 2 weeks before is came out. Godo **** right there.

July 29th 2005


well i think i will buy this today or
boys night out old or new
emery old
cant think of nothing
good review
i hate BYU

January 18th 2006


I got this cd 2 days ago and its already pretty close to the front of my cd case, which usually takes a long time, radio up is a great song, but i must say that lights out and dont beleive are my favorites. Good review, maybe dont do a track my track next time though

January 19th 2007


Radio Up made the soundtrack for Burnout 3, and I seriously do love that song. I have never heard another thing by them though.
Good review for a TBT.

December 17th 2007


Album Rating: 2.5

This album starts becoming so predictable after the 3rd track. This Message Edited On 04.29.08

November 4th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

so not a 5.

August 8th 2012


radio up is fuckin catchy

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