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February 12th, 2018 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: OK's first EP is a great one, even though it suffers from having tedious outros and some intentionally annoying messiness it's still a very good album you must listen to at least once.

OK's first EP is nothing short of great.

OK are a heavy folk & roll band formed in Paris, France, they have released 1 LP and 2 EP's. They have been touring since 2010 as much as I'm aware and they have been signed under the same record company, Carton records. They have 2 drummers and one guitarist and singer, which is quite strange, but that doesn't affect the quality of the album.

Instead of giving out an overall look at this EP I'll go over each song.

1. Omelette Contest: A seemingly calm song that drops on the song's first minute. It has a catchy riff and a goosebump enducing chorus that has a riff that will suck you in like no other song will. But it's more extravagant during the outro, where the song gets more heavy, making for one of the best openers for an album ever. 5/5

2. Maureen: An amazing song. Period. It starts off with a weird but strangely catchy riff and then drops to have a more ambient sound to it, to then go back to the weird riff. Sadly the outro, while good, goes on for too long which makes it a bit boring. 4/5

3. A new morning: This song starts out a bit weak, the opening is a bit unpleasant to listen to due to all the random smashing. I get that it has to do with the intentional roughness of the sound but it gets annoying. But when that's not happening you've got a nice song, with a great chorus filled with nice drumming and a good use of guitars and electric drums. 3/5

4. OK: The best song on the album. A great main riff, good build up, nice progression, catchy chorus. No flaws, perfect song. 5/5

5. The playground: Great song with a hard intro that perfectly transitions onto the more calm and silly sound verses. Sadly it suffers with the same thing "Maureen" did wrong, it has an unnecesarily wrong intro, but this one goes on for too long. 3.5/5

In conclussion, OK's first EP is a great one, even though it suffers from having tedious outros and some intentionally annoying messiness it's still a very good album you must listen to at least once.

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February 14th 2018


Not a bad review -- some neat descriptions, and your expression is very clear -- but some things to keep in mind for the future. Be more concise. A lot of what you say about the band -- about them having two EPs, about them touring for eight years, about them having two drummers -- is fairly redundant as you don't really expound on that information. What impact does having two drummers make on the EP? There's a lot that could've been elaborated on, too: what do you mean by "unnecesarily wrong"? What is "a good use of guitars and electric drums" for you? You spend a lot of time describing what instruments are used, but never quite what these instruments are doing. There are some small spelling errors ("conclussion") that could've been fixed with a quick proofread, and I do think "an overall look at this EP" would've been a more beneficial approach for you to have taken (your forth description in particular doesn't really add anything to the review).

Anyway, what you do have here is finely written, and I hope to see more from you in the future. Keep it up.

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