Kyrie Eleison
The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise



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January 27th, 2018 | 7 replies

Release Date: 1976 | Tracklist

Review Summary: ...and through the forest I shall return

The era of progressive rock has forever changed music as we knew it then and even more-so today. There is no question that there were a plethora of bands in the 70‘s delving into this fantastic genre of music. Some of them became a well known success such King Crimson, Yes and Genesis alike. Others were only recognized by a few. Kyrie Eleison is one of the few that seemed to slip away from that particular scene toward the late 70‘s. Their debut, The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise, was one of the many prog-rock releases that took everyone who had the chance to hear it by surprise. Right out of the gate The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise brands the listener with a genuine progressive quality that was building with time in the mid to late 70‘s. I can hear a lot of early Genesis influence on this album, especially from Selling England By The Pound which was just three years prior to this release. The mellotron, piano, guitars and vocals all blend into one with a production that fits this release perfectly.

As the sunlight cascades through my window past the birch tree in my front yard, I see the shadows from the sun surrounding the chipped, snow ridden bark in a way that could only capture this album’s premise collectively. Allow me to explain. The opening sequence has a dark, twisted feel one could imagine surviving a shark attack, but at the moment you begin to realize it, it shifts into a journey into the woods, searching for something. Then, a field of flowers, all sorts. Butterflies, birds, wildlife flourishing. Something then happens which takes you away from that perfect setting you could only imagine in your deepest thoughts. This journey, this quest is anything but trivial. This is something that comes once in a lifetime. The few and far between can embrace this kind gesture of wordplay combined with the flawless projection of instruments that not only paints a picture of beauty and chaos, but as well demonstrates how to develop and create a peculiar easel for which to splatter the beautiful chaos on at once, and then some.

I can see the sun is beginning to set, while listening to the outro of Out Of Dimension. It is fantastic! The parade of twilight has awakened my soul in this aspect, as well as the birch tree is still standing proud and unaware of its beauty and importance. The trees. The trumpets. The God Mother of this unknown creation we call Earth. This all comes to a question to us all closing out Out Of Dimension. Why are we here? Why does darkness embellish the light we all see and take for granted? The birch tree is important indeed. Maybe not to you, or you, or anyone in that matter, but it stands proud, a proud and forgiving tree which has survived many disastrous winters. Its thing and brittle branches twisting and bending, but did not break. It stands, still to this day, and has a story to tell by imagination.

As The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise starts, I sit by a campfire and notice a wren in the birdhouse adjacent to my back door. This bird has been living here for many years, quite rare actually. To me, this track is the epitome of the wren’s trials and tribulations. There are some quiet moments, and then there are some abrupt feelings to fly! To fly away and return to its humble abode. Granted, this wren’s house is very small, but this little bird makes the best of what it has to work with. Which, to me, describes how this song is from beginning to end. Subtle, yet abrasive. Best of both worlds. What’s wrong with being low? It is a relaxation, the peak is an excitement and as Osho once said “no living being can be in excitement forever, it is impossible.”

As Lenny starts I see the moon. It is waxing. If the wren could see what I am seeing, what would it think? Are animals cognizant of the moon? Are they aware of this planet we call Earth? Probably not, they have one mission. Survival. So I say to you, if you put a bishop which compromises my Queen, I will survive. Much like this album, it’s about survival and act spontaneously. Live every moment as if it were your last. Your last chance to realize the beauty of nature and what is around us all.

In closing, if you are a fan of Genesis and are fond of Peter Gabriel’s old works, I recommend this album. It is worth it, because you are worth it.

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January 27th 2018


aren't you supposed to be recording not reviewing prog-rock right now? Gonna read/listen to this tonight.

January 27th 2018


hey men this is new album then?

January 28th 2018


Opeth kind of soured me on 70's inspired prog-rock, but this album is holding together for me (I'm about midway through so far). Awesome cover and logo design too. I'm not sure if I like the vocals yet, or of they are a detriment. I almost wish the music would just stand on it's own at certain parts.

January 28th 2018


Fates Warning has a song called "Kyrie Eleison". I wonder if it came from this band or if the name has more meaning. Off to Google, I guess.

I'm not really a fan of these abstract, story-telling, reviews that only really have a loose connection to the album... but "A" for effort.


Kyrie eleison

[Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church keer-ee-ey e-ley-uh-sawn, -son, -suh n; Greek Orthodox Church kee-ree-e e-le-ee-sawn]
(italics) the brief petition “Lord, have mercy,” used in various offices of the Greek Orthodox Church and of the Roman Catholic Church.
the brief response or petition in services in the Anglican Church, beginning with the words, “Lord, have mercy upon us.”.

Strange, I always thought it was a name.

January 28th 2018


free-associating stream-of-consciousness is the only way to write a proper review. Extra points if review doesn't mention the band or any of the songs.

January 28th 2018


I thought it was a name. [2]

DarkAiwaz are you Desdi man? Don't lie mate

January 28th 2018


"Kyrie Eleison" is a liturgical prayer. In a musical context it's usually the first movement in a Mass and the second movement in a Requiem.

Edit: yea

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