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January 12th, 2018 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2016 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Snarky Puppy release a decent album with superb musicianship and grooves but it lacks the fun of their other albums.

Chances are at this point all you know about Snarky Puppy is the name. They are a jazz fusion group and are one of the best in the genre. They have released 5 albums in total. This album for whatever reason has been their most successful.

The first song is probably the most catchy and accessible. This makes it a good opener because it helps introduce new listeners of the band to what the style is like. From here on out its apparent that they're a jam band and are trying to have fun. I say trying, though, because some songs feel tiresome and grow stale. I imagine people walking out of a show during these songs. However there is some saving grace, as the songs reward you staying as they are very complex and have great musicianship. Its just a question if if its worth staying" Usually a jam band should be sharing in a good time with the audience but Snarky Puppy here don't really seem to care.

One of the first things that really hit me when I first heard this record was the superb musicianship. Each member of the band is really on point here. There is some inherent fun in the way they play. The band seems to want to come together as a group to write music, but also they seem to desire to just be in the same room as each other. The drumming specifically is outstanding. It is very tight and rhythmic and it really glues the whole group together and brings them down to earth. I think on this album in particular the drumming is better than its ever been. Its a step in the right direction and a clear centerpiece.

Sometimes the passages get a little too long winded and there is little pop structure to go off of. This can make it hard for the average listener to enjoy. Much of the rest of the record is kind of just there though. And despite having what seems to be every member of their ever revolving live band on here, not a whole lot of the playing demands special attention. That being said the album is very energetic and fun, but a bit less than its previous albums. But this album clearly grooves hard. Its an album you'd play when you are in a great mood or have the day off. I think that is the atmosphere Snarky Puppy were trying to reflect when writing the album. All in all, as a fan of the band, I really do like this album. I would just wouldn't recommend it as a first listen, which makes me surprised that this might be their most popular album. Its highlights are clearly the best of their work though, so check out the recommended tracks.

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January 11th 2018


Album Rating: 3.0

Hey guys my first review, but I've been lurking on here for awhile.

Anyone else like this band a lot? I thought this was their worst album but still good!

January 11th 2018


Howdy, welcome to the site.

Your review is good, but it needs work. In essence, you note the positives as being fun and energetic, yet you mention in the second paragraph that some songs are "tiresome and stale", the complete opposite. As well, you recommend tracks without giving any insight about them... It's usually good to point some outstanding tracks and their good qualities (as opposed to some less good/bad tracks). Otherwise, your paragraph on musicianship was nice, and it would have been cool to tie that in with some specific examples. I'm not saying to do a track by track review (those are usually not too fun to read), but just to point out some exemplary songs or moments.

That's just me though... Hope to read more from you! :] Might give these guys a shot, what would recommend other than this one?

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January 11th 2018


Album Rating: 3.0

Hey thanks so much! I'll try to take that all into account next time I review. I would recommend checking out there more popular songs on You Tube, like Lingus (We Like it Here). That might help you get a feel for the band.

January 12th 2018


Lingus is a good one, and I'd personally recommend Atchafalaya as a great entry point too. Anything off those 2 EPs is killer, highly recommend them.

Props for reviewing this separable! Underrated band around these parts. It was solid for a first rev, a few mistakes but RunOfTheMill pointed out most of the flaws. Also a handful of typos and poorly written sentences, but they clean up with experience, gets a pos from me m/

January 12th 2018


Nice first review . . . This album was Ok, but their recent live releases are much better than the studio stuff imo.

Digging: Bing Crosby - Merry Christmas

May 9th 2018


Mark Lettieri might be one of my all time fav guitarists

Digging: Sacrifice - Soldiers Of Misfortune

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