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June 13th, 2006 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Dave Matthews Band is great, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds' rare acoustic tour is better. In 1996, right before the release of Crash, Tim and Dave toured colleges in the US. Three years later, this album was released due to the immense success of the tours and constant illegal recordings. If you aren't a fan of long, drawn out acoustic guitar solos and lack of any instruments besides vocals and guitar, stop right now. If you are a true Dave Matthews Band fan, or hate the loud DMB sound (but enjoy the lyrics or acoustic music), than you'll love this album. The acoustic versions of Dave's songs really show their uniqueness and beauty which is quite rare in the US today. Tim Reynolds is one of the best acoustic guitarists I've ever heard and he solos with unreal speed and presicion. I truly believe that this is one of the best live albums I've ever heard, and is truly a great piece of work. LALC ditches the loud horns, drums and electric violin of DMB for a very light, sometimes haunting work of acoustic beauty. Dave Matthews is a musical genius, and shines his brightest on this album. The songs are pretty much arranged the same, with the exception of Reynolds' solos, but have a totally different angle as acoustic tracks. I love this sound as a good change of pace for Dave and the songs intertwine great on a mix with the "band" tracks. The lyrics are the same, and still contain the insight and amorous touch of the origials. This album is different, and in this case, different is awesome.

Disc 1

1. One Sweet World: A great track. Rare to hear played by Dave, so this one's especially nice. A pretty song about the planet earth and abusing it, with the always present theme of love. Some really good soloing, as in every other song on the album by Reynolds and Dave's voice is perfect. He's not too drunk/stoned to mess up, but gives an elated feeling to every word. (4.5/5)

2. #41: "This is our new song its called, creatively, as it's the 41st song that we wrote, its called number 41...kind of as creative as the dave matthews band" This is one of the highlights of the album. An excellent song, that has a totally new vibe played acoustically. Sad lyrics about fame and such, taking loneliness for granted and overcoming problems. The guitars are really gorgeous in this track and help bring out the song beneath the studio version. Perfect, 5/5

3. Tripping Billies: I love this song, especially acoustic. I think the horns ruin the quirky feeling and real grace of the song. Reminiscent lyrics, sort of trippy (hence the name). Like always, an amazing solo and some good work by Dave on the vocals. Reynolds can really make those steel strings work. 4/5

4. Jimi Thing: Not my favorite song, but the duo really does a great job with it on this recording. Dave has the light tone to his voice and the guitar is really solid. The change of mood with the verses and chorus is very affective with the acoustic guitars and the change of volume in Dave's voice. Not as crazy of a solo as usual from Reynolds, and a good fad out ending. 3.5/5

5. Satellite: One of the more famous songs, but there's a good reason. This is one of DMB's most rounded songs. A technically solid, but stil very interesting, a chilling openin riff that doesn't do too much to scare the listening and a very light, pretty chorus. I like the lyrics, which are literally about a satellite and symbolize.....i'm not to sure, but you can tell me! Good ending, with "guitar harmonies" by Reynolds. 4.5/5

6. Crash Into Me: The sweet song of the album. Sure it got tons of radio play, but that's because its the girliest song. A real track about true love that Dave wrote about his current girlfriend. It's good, not amazing and very cliche. But all bands need to make money, and Crash is definetly a moneymaker. It's like a repeat of Satellite, with a great bridge and not as good of a chorus. 3.5/5

7. Deed Is Done: A little darker track, like Halloween. Doesn't sound like a Dave song, beacuse it's more a Reynolds/Matthews track. Not as good of a song, but some AMAZING soloing by reynolds halfway through. A little experimental by the group, the vocal scatting at the end isn't too appealing, but there's always a weak track or two per setlist. 2.5/5

8. Lover Lay Down: Lover Lay Down, what a sweet love song. Kind of like Say Goodbye, without the upbeat feeling. Nothing too special about it, not as great as some of the previous tracks, and its during the "slow" part of the album. Dave's voice is very profound in this song. 4/5

9. What Would You Say: This is one of the songs I actually enjoy much more with the band. The solo part isn't the same, but Dave and Tim do their best to get the feeling. The slower pace weakens the song, and Dave seems tired with the song as he sings it. The soloing redeems the song, and really gets going in the final minutes. 3.5/5

10. Minarets: A good song that I don't listen too much. Some creepy guitar and lyrics. Reynolds is beasting it up on the guitar as dave moans in the intro and the lyrics keep things creepy. One of the vocal highlights of the album and the guitar is perfect. I really like this song. 4/5

11. Cry Freedom: A sad little song, with a message. I really think its a drag when the album was picking up again. I'm not a fan of the track and it's a little too weak for my tastes. Some really good lyrics give it a boost. 3/5

12. Dancing Nancies: Another track that sounds better with the bands, just because of the heavy sax and violin solos. Tim and Dave do some great work to modify it to an acoustic level. On of the best songs about fate out there, and some haunting guitar. Tim really starts to tear it up toward the end. A very good choice to finish off the first disc. 5/5

Disc 2

1. Typical Situation: My second favorite song off of the entire album. The saddest, most emotional Dave Matthews Band song I've ever heard. A simple, haunting guitar part with an uplifiting chorus. A song about choice, and what to do at certain times in life. Not the best solo, but it fits and doesn't overtake the song. Dave seems to be putting his all into this track and its one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. 5/5

2. Stream: After Typical Situation, Dave needed a break. So Tim shreds it up and makes up for the lack of an amazing solo in the previous song. There isn't much to say, but take a listen if you love acoustic noodling. 5/5

3. Warehouse: Another moaning song by Dave, where he can wail over the dual guitar progressions. Following the pattern of dark verse, with light chorus, warehouse is a solid track where a solid track is due. Some pretty parts, some not so pretty ones. Overall a good track. 3.5/5

4. Christmas Song: A Christmas song by Matthews. Simple, a little too simple. Long, long strands of lyrics. The usual theme of love in the song. This doesn't display the talents of Reynolds, as it is a good portait of Matthews' voice and songwriting abilities. Goes into a Beatles love deal at the end. 3/5

5. Seek Up: I call it Two Step part 1. A reverse guitar riff to the Two Step one. Some really good lyrics, dark, but great. Another Dave formula song, about emotions and when they take over. Some great outro riffing by Tim towards the end of the song. It's a really beautiful, haunting song. 4.5/5

6. Say Goodbye: A simple love song. Say Goodbye is just love in its purest, light a fluffy romance. The chord progression is very interesting, because they are basic chords with very intense variations on them. Tim tears it up in the middle, and Dave really gets into it by the second half (the "tomorrow back to being friends"). His voice is top notch in this track and I really enjoy his ability to sing different types of songs with the same level of skill. 5/5

7. Ants Marching: This is the final, "bandish" song on the album. But this is a really great version of it. It gives the song a totally different feeling without the instruments around it. Tim is amazing inbetween verses, and the acoustic guitars really keep the beat well (in a drum heavy song) as the audience helps clap. Dave sings the chorus beautifully and gives it his all for this song to still sound great. The end soloing is some of the best on the album. 5/5

8. Little Thing: A darker sounding story song written by Dave and Tim while on the tour. Its about a tiny girl. Reminds me of a pre-Busted Stuff song that belongs on Busted Stuff. Like Bartender or Big Eyed Fish, its a deeper type of song for Dave to be singing. I really like it, the moaning is pretty sweet. 4/5

9. Halloween: I hate the studio version of this song, but I can handle this acoustic recording. It's just toned down a bit from Boyd's intense violin in the original. I really love the basic song, its just too intense on the "band" versions. It's part of a set of songs about Julia Grey (the others being Grey Street and Recently) and he gets very angry in this track. Drops one of the only F bombs I've ever heard (see folsom field Big Eyed Fish) out of his mouth.4/5

10. Granny: Such a rare song to hear from the band, I fell in love with it from the first time i heard it. It's a sweet song with a kick. Probably about love and other Dave topics. The simple guitar riff that continues for the song accent's Daves calmed voice (after Halloween). A sweet simple song that is the perfect choice to preceed Two Step.

11. Two Step: I believe this to be the best song, by Dave Matthews Band. Still, the acoustic version is a very solid track. A haunting intro leads into a semi-moaning verse. It's about life being to short to waste and wanting the good times to roll. The guitar soloing is great, but I think Tim held back some, I would have liked a louder, maybe longer solo for such a jam heavy song. 4.5/5

If you really want a great version, check out the central partk concert's 18 minute version (that and the red rocks dancing nancies are the best Dave can get live).

The Good:
-Pretty Much Everything
-Great Solos
-Dave's Voice is Top Notch
-Mostly Great Songs

The Bad:
-Christmas Song
-Deed Is Done
-Lover Lay Down
-I think some of the Busted Stuff would have sounded great on this album

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June 13th 2006


Ants Marching is great on this album, just miss Lie In Our Graves, that one with Tim Reynolds is awesome. Good work on the review too mate.This Message Edited On 06.13.06

June 13th 2006


Nice review...bout time someone did this one. For the most part, I agree with your ratings with one major exception....WAREHOUSE! That, Dancing Nancies, #41, and 2 Step are the best songs DMB play. It was really cool to hear Tim Reynolds go to town on Stream. I picked up Tim's solo album, and its pretty wicked too. The only qualm I have with this record is that they couldnt include some of the later songs like The Stone, Rhyme or Reason, or What you Are...that would have made this the best album in my collection. In any case...top notch stuff.

Zesty Mordant
June 13th 2006


I have the Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds live album at Luther College. I'm assuming this one is probably very similar to it. In that case, its probably damn good too.

Lots of acoustic guitar wankery in places thoughThis Message Edited On 06.13.06

April 21st 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

about warehouse, i wrote this a while ago. that song's really grown on me in the past year

March 13th 2014


Album Rating: 4.5

The version of Crash Into Me off this is the ultimate panty dropper. Its not close.

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