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December 11th, 2017 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Venturing into new territory that catalogues the band’s strengths, Worlds Apart proves Make Them Suffer hasn’t lost a step.

Any band that sticks too close to their own formula across their career often end up burning out due to their own stagnancy, so it’s sincerely quite admirable when a band relinquishes the sound that made them popular in favour of expanding their musical horizons. This is why the sense of agency Make Them Suffer demonstrates switching up their sound on every release should not go unappreciated.

Since the departure of keyboardist/vocalist Louisa Burton alongside bass and rhythm guitarist Chris Arias-Real and Lachlan Monty, respectively, the most noticeable thing about Worlds Apart is how different Make Them Suffer’s internal dynamics perform. In addition to newcomer Booka Nile’s keyboard and vocal performances, Nick McLernon captains both lead and rhythm guitar duty, resulting in fewer chugs and more riffs across the board.

This synergy results in a more diverse back and forth between heaviness and melody than Make Them Suffer has demonstrated previously. ‘The First Movement’ opens the record with infectious guitar work, laden with beautiful chorus melodies while ‘Uncharted’ boasts shining, delicate keys laid over colourful riffs.

In a word - it’s vibrant.

Atmosphere has been a cornerstone of the Perth quintet’s sound and Worlds Apart delivers it in spades, trading bleak, nocturnal ambience for a more spacey and ethereal flavour which sticks the landing more than it has any right to. Sean Harmanis remains at the top of his vocal game, with an effective range of screams lending each track weight while contrasting effectively alongside Nile’s soaring choruses.

That’s not to suggest Make Them Suffer have abandoned their roots; the opening guitar licks of ‘Dead Plains’ sound absolutely menacing and ‘Midnight Run’, albeit short, is downright filthy and an absolute gem of a track. Moreover, ten tracks across forty minutes make for a very compelling, concise listen, with not one song signalling a lack of purpose.

The transition in sound might appear a little too drastic for the most seasoned of veterans, especially those around as early as the band’s Lord Of Woe EP in 2010. The bleak deathcore winds on the likes of Neverbloom and symphonic passages of Old Souls are a thing of the past, and yet despite this, Make Then Suffer transcend into a sound completely their own.

Dre’s Top Three:

Midnight Run
Dead Plains

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Contributing Reviewer
December 11th 2017


nice lil review for a nice lil album, just a few pointers

"(...)hasn't lost a step.(...)"
I know what you are getting at here but it is worded a bit awkwardly.

The review seems to feel a little lacking in structure. While there are paragraph breaks, there isn't much to distinguish each paragraph. Rather than pointing out every member of the band in the second para, consider finding ways to explain musical differences between the last couple of records within just the first paragraph by explaining tonal differences more so than membership differences. I think you could find a way to combine paras one and two to give a better outline with less name-dropping.

You only bring up the term "deathcore" at the end of the review and it seems to be used in reference to a prior sound that the band may/may not showcase here. I know the album has riffs and screams and is quite atmospheric, vibrant even. I also know a lot of members have shifted about. I don't actually know what sort of album this is though. See if you can find a way to shoehorn that in somewhere!

Just in promotion of the general nature of the site, try to avoid including a list of favourite tracks at the bottom of your review. Your thoughts on track highlights should be woven into the review where necessary and when possible.

Album is cool, I have a CD of it in my car and have jammed it once or twice, need to spin it some more!

December 11th 2017


Excellent review, will have to give this another listen didn't catch my attention first time but I have heard nothing but good things about this record so far.

December 11th 2017


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

That concluding paragraph is excellent, album rules

Digging: Speech Patterns - Without a Sound

December 11th 2017


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

yummy ass album for sure

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