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Educated Horses



by Brain Dead USER (30 Reviews)
June 12th, 2006 | 29 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Rob Zombie has been around the genre of metal for a very long time. He was the lead singer of the metal band White Zombie until he dropped his solo debut in 1998's Hellbilly Deluxe. This is the third studio effort by Rob, and it sounds like he's just tired. This album has many bland and boring songs, as well as one particular radio sellout. Pre-release, Zombie was saying that this was going to be his heaviest release yet. This album is anything but that. Many songs are very quiet, and some even have Rob pulling out the acoustic guitar. Even the supposed "heavy" songs will not be too heavy for anyone's tastes.

Band Lineup
Rob Nicholson (Blasko): Bass, Backing Vocals
John Lowery (John 5): Guitar, Additional Bass, Backing Vocals
Tommy Clutefos: Drums, Backing Vocals
Robert Cummings (Rob Zombie): Vocals

The instrumental parts are not mind-blowing technically, but they are at least adequate. Tommy Clutefos delivers some nice little drum fills, such as the one at about 2:03 in 17 Year Locust. His beats are not terribly creative, but he does forge a very catchy one on The Scorpion Sleeps. Blasko isn't that big a part of this album, he is mostly kept in the background. He does perfectly fine, he just isn't one of the highlights. John 5's riffs aren't technically incredible, but they are more than adequate. When he wants to, he can create really fun and catchy riffs. There is also some sitar playing on this album, which adds a really nice touch. 17 Year Locust and Devil's Rejects both feature a sitar. The high point for this instrumental group is Sawdust In The Blood, which is an instrumental intro to the album. While it is under two minutes long, it sounds so incredibly cool, with the pounding drums and the lonely piano.

Of course, the main man in this album is Rob Zombie. His lyrics, although a bit clich�, manage to be rather poetic in sections. One of his best lines comes from the American Witch: "Alone on the hill and ready to die, cancer of darkness - blacken eye, the mark of the wolf and the sign of the calf, angels bleed down above the raft." While his topics are terrible clich�d, line for line his lyrics are not bad at all. His vocals are, well, okay. He really only has three styles, which are the midrange shout, the gruff singing voice, and the low, creepy voice. Unfortunately, he doesn't have many individual vocal style changes during the songs. For example, The Scorpion Sleeps is a gruff singing song, where as Lords Of Salem is a midrange shout song. Gone are the days of Dragula, where he would change vocal styles constantly throughout his songs. His vocals get a bit tedious towards the end of the album.

With all of that in mind, this album doesn't have much time to exhibit all of those qualities. It has a running time of under forty minutes, which is just too short. There are two instrumental interlude tracks, which means there are only nine songs that average about four minutes each. While albums like Mezmerize manage to fill that time with furious, thrashing energy, this album meanders around considerably, stretching its time to reach the thirty-nine minute mark. It makes you wonder if Rob Zombie was too busy making his horror movies to take time to record a full album.

No song really stands out as great on this album, there are many average to good ones, and just as many bad ones. Lead single Foxy, Foxy is a disgrace. This song seems to be a desperate cry for radio play, a near complete sellout by Rob Zombie. There are really annoying electronic vocals throughout the song. John 5's riffs are relatively simple chord progressions that do more to accentuate Rob Zombie's vocals then stand on their own. The drum set is just a metronome on this song, doing nothing besides keep time. Rob coos "Don't you want do ride it, the educated horses"" and "Foxy, foxy, what's it gonna be"" repeatedly throughout the song. His vocals are very soft and meandering, they carry no sense of direction or purpose. This is basically Rob Zombie selling out for radio play, nothing more.

There are two songs that stand out from the crowd on this album, and they are 17 Year Locust and The Scorpion Sleeps. 17 Year Locust is relatively slow, with that cool sitar that I talked about. Blasko's bass is really great on this song, John 5 steps back in points and lets him take over. There is someone clapping in the background in the song, and it actually adds to the atmosphere. The chorus is as dark and atmospheric as you could expect Rob Zombie to be, and Rob Zombie has a nice vocal performance. Overall, it's a good, dark song.

The Scorpion Sleeps is the king of this album. Really cool percussion opening, again with clapping. John 5's riff is insanely catchy, and very enjoyable. Rob Zombie is singing in this song, and it's probably his best vocal performance of the album. The catchy chorus is repeated often throughout the song. This should have been the lead single instead of Foxy, Foxy. It is perfectly suited for radio play, with an upbeat atmosphere and a catchy melody.

The first half of the album is where Rob Zombie put songs that he was sure would be well received by the mainstream fans. The second half is darker, louder, and much more experimental. Let It All Bleed Out and Lords of Salem are both loud rockers, with punishing riffs from John 5. Let It All Bleed Out contains a short but cool solo. Unfortunately, Ride and The Death Of It All are quite boring.

Overall, this is an average industrial album from the industrial king, Rob Zombie. The main strike against this album is there is no song that you can seriously listen to extensively and enjoy on a level besides "well, that was a cool, catchy song." The songs on this album seem quite shallow. Despite that, there are some songs that you will listen to for a while and enjoy. I would recommend downloading individual songs instead of buying the whole thing.

-Fun riffs
-Experiments with slow songs
-Some good individual songs

-Songs are shallow
-Rob Zombie's vocals
-Too short
-Boring songs

The Scorpion Sleeps
17 Year Locust
Let It All Bleed Out

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The Jungler
June 12th 2006


I didn't even know John 5 was on this album, good review. From what I've heard of Rob Zombie and the overall quality of the single this is not for me.
Rob looks like my uncle on the cover of this.

south_of_heaven 11
June 12th 2006


Rob looks like my uncle on the cover of this.

That's gotta be awkard.
Anyone see him perform live with that group on VH1's Rock Honors? I don't remember him being that sweet live (saw him at Ozzfest). I enjoy his music, but I don't think I'd actually buy it, or this for the matter.

Digging: RAM - Rod

June 12th 2006


i heard some of the songs off this and i really like foxy,foxy and american witch. Anyway, nice review

June 12th 2006


This is an awesome album.

June 12th 2006


I'm not really into Rob Zombie.

Just a little tid-bit of information. Rob will be directing the re-make of "Halloween", because director and chief financer for all the halloweens Moustapha Akkad was recently killed in a suicide bombing in his home country.

June 12th 2006


crap. this is there worst album

June 12th 2006


I disagree, I found American made' to be the worst. But this isn't particularly great.

Brain Dead
June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Nah, American Made was just a remix album of Hellbilly, so it doesn't really count. This is his worst.

June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

It's awful. Just like everything he's ever done under his own name.

White Zombie was cool, though he's just repeating the same boring crap over and over.

June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Not a bad album

although I do prefer the fist two

June 12th 2006


My dad loves rob zombie, and I make fun of him for it.

June 13th 2006


Foxy Foxy is so goddamn annoying.
Meh album. It's no Sinister Urge, you know?

June 13th 2006


I had no clue he was coming out with new stuff.

Did you rate this album as "tired" just because it's not that heavy? Jesus Christ, the stupidity.

June 13th 2006


Oh my Lord "Foxy, Foxy" is horrible.

June 13th 2006


What's it gonna be? FOXY FOXY!

June 13th 2006


Disappointing this, he's really good live though, especially when I saw him with John 5

June 13th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

this album is his worst to date. And foxy, foxy, should only be played in strip clubs. But all his earlier releases would be pretty hard to top. This isnt that bad.

Brain Dead
June 13th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

To Kage:

No, I did not say this was tired because it wasn't heavy. I said it was tired because he recycled the same song ideas throughout the album. Also, the songs on this album are really shallow. Just because I noted that the album was not heavy right after I said that he sounded tired does not mean that I think the album is tired because it isn't heavy. If you read my review, you would understand what I'm talking about. This Message Edited On 06.13.06

June 25th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

Absolutley horrid. This album is worthless.

August 31st 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

lowered rating from 3-2.5/5. that is all

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