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June 12th, 2006 | 4 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Lacuna Coil did not become famous until the released their 2003 effort, Comalies. Before that they released two amazing underground metal albums, In A Reverie and, of course, Unleashed Memories. They recently released their 2006 disappointment, Karmacode, in which they completely abandoned everything they stood for as a band. This self-titled EP, though, is where it all began. It was apparent from the start that Lacuna Coil would become a great doom influenced band (no one cold of predicted them to go mainstream), with slow and heavy riffs, powerful and emotional vocals, atmospheric music filled with occasional ambiance to give a very mystical feel, and male/ female duets on practically every song (even some occasional growled vocals here and there). With their first release, though, it was easy to tell that Lacuna Coil were not quite sure what there sound was gonna be (by the time Comalies came out though, it was obvious that Lacuna Coil was gonna become a lot like In Flames, which is a good band that will probably never be comfortable with their current sound).

The EP opens up with No Need To Explain, which begins with some drum clicks and spazzy keyboard ambiance before jumping into an upbeat, slowly paced guitar riffage that stays throughout the song. Both Cristina and Andrea contribute great vocal melodies to the track, adding to itís happy sounding yet doomy feel. A guitar solo kicks in after the first chorus of the song before the vocals along wit some random keyboard moments pop back into the fray. The song is a great opener and is the second best track on this 6 track EP. Following No Need To Explain is The Secret..., which has a very soft, melodic intro which ascends into some slow chugging riffs before taken over by Andrea and his unique vocal style of raspy yet smooth singing. The song has some great guitar melodies and has avery ambient atmospheric feel, though is not a great song by Lacuna Coilís standards, being rather simplistic, and not that catchy.

This Is My Dream has a very quiet bass line soon followed by some soft guitar plucks, making a very soft intro. The song is more or less a ballad in some ways, featuring both vocalist and very soft and soothing atmospheres. There is not a lot of guitar dynamics on this track, but they do kick in near the 3 minute marker. A very different feel from Lacuna Coilís later albums and songs, but pretty well rounded and well flowing as a track. Soul Into Hades is another track a lot like The Secret..., though a lot more dynamic and stronger vocal performances on both sides of the spectrum. The track has some great musicianship on it (which sadly deteriorates after Unleashed Memories). Falling is the one and only true ballad by Lacuna Coil. Beginning with what sounds like winter winds, a very moody guitar melody comes in followed by some fancy synths. The track features only Cristina on vocals, and what a performance she gives. The song is very soft and quiet, and even gains strings in the back ground before the chorus of the song. Cristinaís vocals are all the dynamics the song needs. By far the most softest Lacuna Coil has ever gotten, but also one of the strongest performances ever given on a studio recorded track. (Note: This song is also on Lacuna Coilís sophomore release In A Reverie under the title Falling Again, which is basically the same song only with guitars and a heavier atmosphere and feel)

The last song is Un Fantasma Tra Noi, which means ĎA Ghost Between UsĒ. The song is the one and only instrumental piece by Lacuna Coil, and itís filled with powerful guitar and bass riffs, drum lines, synths, and awesome guitar solos though out. A very progressive song and also a great closer for the EP.

-- Great vocal, guitar, and drum work throughout.
-- The EP is the seed of what will be sewn and spawn a great band.
-- Great lyrics (compared to now anyways)

-- Itís only an EP
-- The production is rather poor
-- Not a lot of powerful dynamics

Track Listing
1. No Need To Explain (4.5/5)
2. The Secret... (3.5/5)
3. This Is My Dream (3.5/5)
4. Soul Into Hades (4/5)
5. Falling (5/5)
6. Un Fantasma Tra Noi (4/5)

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June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Just their good stuff, I'm not gonna bother with Comalies or Karmacode, cause I don't like writting reviews for albums other peopel have already written reviews for.

June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I don't cause I don't feel like bothering with it. :X

May 17th 2009


this is good

November 17th 2013


Un Fantasma Tra Noi is the shit

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