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June 12th, 2006 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

After Emblems, but before Several Arrows Later, Matt Pond PA released this EP with three original tracks and four covers. While the original tracks are all very good, the only cover to really show Matt Pond's creativity is "In an Aeroplane Over the Sea." The problem with this album, is that the three great songs from the CD belonged on a full album and the cover tracks should have been put out for christmas compilations because that's where they belong.
What I truly enjoy about this album is that their sound compliments songs about the seasons, especially fall and winter (hence the track names). They give off a vibe of a cold New England snow, or bright autumn leaves on the trees. The strings really give the songs the feel of winter, with some very, very soft tone guitar riffs in Snow Day. The lyrics by Pond are not especially great (in the one lyrical track he wrote). The majority of the songs the band covers are boring but they tries their best.

1. Snow Day: My favorite track off the album, a very good acoustic guitar riff at the beginning and simple lyrics. The strings are the highlight of the song along with the very quiet but upbeat drums. They seem to have found themselves musically in this song. AFter a "too upbeat or too depressing" Emblems. The soft guitar during the chorus is very affective in the soft tones of winter. I really enjoy the layering of voices toward the end of the song and it also seems like Dana Feder is singing harmonies in the last minute. 5/5

2. Fall Two: An amazing display of acoustic guitar that is not a solo, but more a song without lyrics. It's not particularly complicated, but it still keeps the listener engaged because it is a solid piece of music. The light strings coming in is a good touch. Fall Two is a perfect length interlude to a crummy third track.4/5

3. Winterlong: I just wish the band could have picked a better song to cover than Winterlong. It wasn't that great in the first place, but it's a Neil Young song. I think they could have arranged it better, maybe in a different key. I just don't like the vibe of the entire song. Still, the guitar solo is great and the song is very easy on the ears. The end has some good harmonies, i just wish the song was better. 2/5

4. Winter One: Though not as good as Fall Two, Winter One still has the feel of a song without lyrics. It's still not a solo, but some great background music. The flat sound of the guitar makes it kind of sound like soemthing clumsy or childish. I still think its a great interlude. 3/5

5. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight: The harmonies on this song a great, and its a much better song than Winterlong. I enjoy the pace and the arrangement, but now it doesn't sound like Matt Pond PA. Sure, Pond's voice is the same, but its almost like a sell out song for the group. I like it, but at the same time, this isn't the kind of song I want to hear from Pond. 3/5

6. Holiday Road: A more Matt Pond sounding, and paced song. the arrangement reminds me a bit of Fall Two, and Matt's moaning is as present as ever. Again, I don't like the song choice, but it's a better than winterlong. Nothing special, and not incredibly interesting. I don't like the moaning country guitar in the background. 2.5/5

7. In an Aeroplane Over the Sea: The best cover track on the album, a much better song to cover for Matt Pond PA. The lyrics are perfect for Matt to sing and the string solos are unsophisticated but still very good. I really like the song overall, and the arrangement very strong. This is a more, Emblems-esque song, but that's okay to have to close an album. I really like this song, and it's a perfect choice to end the album.4/5

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June 12th 2006


I love 'Fall Two'

The Jungler
June 12th 2006


This always seems like something I would like, but his voice gets to me. Maybe I'll give it another chance.

Dimes Make Dollars
June 12th 2006


"Snow Day" is a really great song. I haven't heard the rest.

June 12th 2006


This always seems like something I would like, but his voice gets to me.

Yeah, his voice is terrible at times. It's getting better though, check out 'So Much Trouble' on the latest album.

June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

yea sometimes, its like wanna be cure.....others it just sucks

i gotta be in the mood to listen to mppa, but i really like the instrumental tracks

fall two kicks ass

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