Bricks Are Heavy



by JohnnySixGuns USER (8 Reviews)
June 12th, 2006 | 18 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

Girls rock. Amirite" YES. I. AM.. And no girls rock more then these (and I quote) "four rocking bitches" from the streets of Los Angeles. L7 friends and neighbors, are a rock n roll fans wet dream come true. Four chicks so badass that a member once pulled a tampon from her wonder parts onstage, swung it around her head like a little lasso, and hurled it into the audience like it was candy. If that doesn't say rock n freakin' roll boys and girls, nothing does.

Bricks Are Heavy is the fourth release by this band of scruffy babes, coming just a few years after the self titled debut, Wax The Tadpole, and the magnificently titled Smell The Magic, lmao. And it may very well be one of the better Alt rock/hard rock/buzz rock/ punk rock/post punk/pre grunge/post grunge/ nu metal titles of the early to mid nineties. I really don't know what the hell to label it, as there are more genres flying around sputnik then STD's in a Las Vegas whorehouse. But whatever it is it's loud, hard, tough and fast. Just like these girls like it.

"Wargasm wargasm/123". YEAH! Nice start. Album kicks off great with an anti-war rant suitable for the trashy streets of Hollywood where these chicks sprang from. "Wave those flags high in the air /As Long as it takes place over there" they rant while playing at breakneck speed, all fuzz tone guitars, big drums, and thundering bass. Wargasm is enough to give me an orgasm, lol! It's just that good. "Scrap" comes blaring out of the speakers next and it's a helluva tune that chugs along with a thick sludgy sound and loudspeaker vocal. Scrap is a story about some street dood who sniffs too much glue then finds religion and figures they are about the same thing so decides to do both. Good tune, basic beat, big drums, smoldering guitar work, and the sound of someone inhaling from a paper bag. It's all good in the world of dirty L.A. Then we get the pop-metal tune "Pretend We're Dead". This is perhaps L7's best known song. Featured on many a soundtrack, it's a groovy little number about borebom, being bored, and the uselessness of apathy and conformity. But people seem to think it's about being dead or something'" Used in a lot of horror films is most likely the reason why. It's a cool little pop ditty.

From here on things don't change much. And that's cool because they don't have to. Heavy, crunchy, loud, fuzzed out guitar, big bass and drums, and brash lyrics is what this LP is all about. And rather then it sound monotonous are boring, it simply sounds consistent and uniform. 'Ya know, like a freakin' album should. Good deal.

"Diet Pill" comes trudging along next. This is a chick tune, but any dood can get into it, too. This gal has kids, a messed up boyfriend, she's burning her food, and her goddamn diet pill is wearing off! Not a good combo. Next song is a great ode to being in the pit at a gig. Don't mess with these girls! "Everglade" is a stern warning to a guy who is "drunk stoopid and weighs a ton"who is "whipping through the pit" like a two ton hammer. Finally the guy "tripped on his own feet and hit the floor / We tried to push him/Then rolled him out the door!" YEAH! Like I said. You can't mess with these broads. They kick arse. Musical and otherwise.

"Slide" is next. It's a take a hike song to a guy who has been "a thorn in my side" She put's the guy's stuff out on the porch and kicks him out. Good deal because from the sound of it, he's a loser. What a bum. This is one of the lesser tunes on the album though, as it sounds a bit tossed together and hurried. Like they were just trying to get it over with. And after the somewhat average sludge fest "One More Thing" we are ready for the hot sauce once again. "Mr. Integrity" takes a swipe at holier then thou loud mouths who can't shut up. And they have earned the wrath of this band. "Don't preach to me/Mr. Integrity/I'm not the enemy". You tell 'em, babe. This song moves along at a fast and furious pace and you can hear the scorn drip from it. Has some nice bongos on it, too. And I don't mean these girls boobies! Perverts.

Album closes with the deep rockin' groove of "Monster". This is a swingin' little number about all the bad things that bring out the monster in our loveable L7 girls. Again, thick riffs and big drums and bass are the order of the day here, and it's served up on a big 'ol steaming platter of dirty guitars and tough vocals. And saving one of the best for nearly last, the now near classic "Shi.tlist" comes out for a trip around the block. "When I get mad/And I get pissed/ I grab my pen and I write out a list/Of all the as.sholes that won't be missed/You've made my shi.tlist". 'Nuff said. This track kills.

So yeah, these girls have more balls then most guy bands trying to do the same, putting L.A. hard rock /glam/ pop trash poser bands to direct and instant shame. Check this album out. You won't be disappointed. A great blend of hard rock/ punk/metal/pop/garage rock/ and just a bit of dark glam. It's enough to make me want to join the National Organization for Women. Or somethin'.

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June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Um, hello. L7 is not a grunge band. Not even close. But whatever...

June 12th 2006


I think they are.

June 12th 2006


Ya... I thought they were metal no?

June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah. Something like metal/punk/alt/thrash. But not Grunge. They aren't terribly angsty and the music is not, well, grunge. They are hard to determine. I've seen them several times and they draw a diverse crowd. They are very "Sunset Strip". Trashy, dark, hard rock. But they bear little resemblance to a stereotypical grunge band. Especially from this album forward.This Message Edited On 06.12.06

June 13th 2006


hahhaha she threw her tampon at the audience

July 2nd 2006


sunset strip? No way! They are technically riot grrrl punk or something. Bu there are physchedelic stylings in the music which is similar to alt-gunge bands like sonic youth, especially on this album. They are far too intelligent to be that pigeonholable , but grunge is kind of accurate. They are definitely not typical of usual sunset strip bands, the first obvious reason being that they are female, and as such canot be mesogynists.This Message Edited On 07.02.06

July 2nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

^ I agree with you to some extent. They are definitely not easy to pigeon hole. I don't think I mention the Sunset Strip, but a review for a different album might. I myself have seen this band at least a dozen times and a good ten of those times have been on the Sunset Strip (at the Whiskey, mostly) and they draw a very diverse "strip crowd". From metal heads to punks to glam/hard rock guys and girls and bikers. And they perform with sirens, a bit of dry ice "smoke" at the end of their set, and even swing their hair/head around in metal fashion and in unison. They also throw up the "metal" sign sometimes. Or WTF it's called? Anyway, yeah. So they do embrace those elements. Like you said, can't be pigeon holed. This Message Edited On 07.02.06

July 2nd 2006


you didn't mention the strip in the review. But did in a comment later. It is true they playd there aot though. However I just find them too intelligent for the typical Strip band.

Mister Mop
October 22nd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

L7 are one of the best bands ever.... its just like four chords and a kick in the balls (or ovaries). Personally i think that they would be Grunge/Riot Grrl/Pop-rock but whatever.

October 22nd 2006


Yeah i thought they were part of the Riot Grrl Nmovement or whatever it was. This band kicks ass i've yet to get anything by them though.This Message Edited On 10.23.06

July 31st 2008


"Diet Pill" is the best song on there.

April 1st 2010


I still enjoy this.

November 11th 2011


San Andreas

Digging: Beastmilk - Climax

December 17th 2011


You've made my SHITLIST

Best all-female record?

January 25th 2012


I always thought grunge was an angsty soup of rock, metal and punk from the 90's. How is this not grunge?

March 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

nearly a 5

April 21st 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Rules hard, It has a lot of gems on here like Wargasm, Pretend We're Dead, Shitlist, Monster, Scrap

and Mr. Intergrity. An overall awesome album.

May 23rd 2014


Album Rating: 4.5

Ugh Shitlist is so good. The world needs more female grunge and punk bands.

Digging: Kevin Abstract - American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story

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