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June 10th, 2006 | 9 replies

Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

Although greatest hits may be the hardest thing to review due to the fact they only contain songs that are considered that bands 'main hits' and you get these people who like other songs that aren't featured and feel as if they should. Also, you get songs that most people think should never been on the album and it just becomes a big mess trying to give the fairest review on compilations. But luckily on Tom Petty's "Greatest Hits" album, I think you'll agree with me that this may have been the closest a greatest hits album has come to getting the best of from all the songs Tom Petty ever did. Though, as usual there will be some missing songs but you can only fit so many onto one album and eighteen songs on a single disc is a pretty good deal, don't you think?

1. American Girl (3:32)
The song to kick off the album, probably Petty's first big hit back in '78. It has a good riff but the singing is highly annoying and when people complain of Tom Petty sounding like he sings through his noise, well, it's really evident in this song. Overall, it's a good song even with the weak vocal performance. 4/5

2. Breakdown (2:42)
Off the first Tom Petty album, it's a very short song like a lot of other songs on this album. It's quiet for the most part but about a minute the energy kicks in and you'll hear some really sweet guitar licks throughout the song. I have to say this song is very seductive, or it is atleast to me but it's a great one no matter what. 5/5

3. Listen to Her Heart (3:03)
Onto the next song which is from the second album "You're Gonna Get It!". It is one of hell of a catchy song mainly due to the guitar riff played throughout the song. Tom Petty sings very well and shows some awesome songwriting capabilities in this one. Maybe one of his most underated songs he ever did, the message of this song never got across but remains to be one of those gems that you're glad you got to hear. 5/5

4. I Need to Know (2:23)
The next song gets off to a quick start and never lets up. There's also some subtle piano work in there as well. Again, Tom Petty writes up some more intruiging lyrics along with a nice riff. Compared to a lot of his other songs, this one is more of the heavier ones, in Tom Petty standards that is. 4/5

5. Refugee (3:22)
Now for his biggest hit of the 70's, "Refugee" is one of those classic songs that never gets old. From the riff that will get you hooked to the amazing lyrics and well done singing Tom Petty does it all in this one. It's also from his biggest and maybe his best album "Damn the Torpedoes" which also has three other songs on this compilation from. But the song is still a popular radio track and if you're tryin' to get into Tom Petty I advise you start with this song. 5/5

6. Don't Do Me Like That (2:42)
The next song is a short fun song to enjoy but outside of those facts, the song is a bit weak and may never catch your attention most of the time. Musically, it's quite weak compared to his other stuff. The lyrics may be the only thing that shines on this song. 4/5

7. Even the Losers (3:38)
This song has a sound a bit similar to "Here Comes My Girl" in a way but has a more rockin' feel to it. It has some upbeat lyrics that can get you motivated for a lot of things. So I guess if you ever doubt yourself this is a song to listen to and get your hopes up because you know, even the losers get lucky sometimes. 4/5

8. Here Comes My Girl (4:25)
This song is not really catchy at all, which is something most of Tom Petty's songs never had a problem with. But saying that is stupid, it really has an awesome meaning behind it all and probably Petty's greatest lyrics ever. Musically, it's nothing special but he does a great job singing once again and when you really understand the lyrics you'll appreciate this song even more. 4/5

9. The Waiting (3:58)
The first song to represent Tom Petty's 80's hits. A change of pace from more songwriter type of songs like "Here Comes My Girl" and "Even the Losers" to a more upbeat rock and roller. The lyrics are about when Tom Petty was waiting for an album to be finished even though a lot of people always like to think that they're about pregnancy. I hear this song played at stadium events like football and what not during breaks and such. 5/5

10. You Got Lucky (3:36)
With this next song you'll finally hear the 80's sound come into action with Tom Petty's songs. This song features a great catchy keyboard driven riff along with some of Tom Petty's as usual top of the list lyrics. It had a video go with it back in the day and was actually a number one hit at a time. 5/5

11. Don't Come Around Here No More (5:04)
If you ask me, this is the weakest song on the album by far but even saying that it's a good song to enjoy from time to time. It seems to take what was good for "You Got Lucky" to the extreme and in the end result it becomes a song filled with a lot of electronics and is really annoying at times. The lyrics aren't all that great and can be repetitive. It does have some good strong backing vocals and the chorus is very anthemic. Thankfully towards the end of the song the beat picks up and it ends on a strong rockin' note. 3/5

12. I Won't Back Down (2:56)
This song is one of my favorite songs of all time and most people I know really like this song. It has some motivating lyrics with a great message being thrown out into the world. It was another big hit off his first solo album "Full Moon Fever" and is a great change of pace from the previous two songs. The lyrics is hooky but is really repetitive. The short solo is nothing special but goes well the song. Besides "Free Fallin'" I would have to say this is Tom Petty's greatest vocal performance on the album. 5/5

13. Runnin' Down a Dream (4:23)
A song with a nice quick riff is sure to make for a great driving song and that is exactly what this song is. It has some good lyrics and again some good singing. But the riff is hooky as hell and you can't help but cruise down the highway rockin' out to this song. 5/5

14. Free Fallin' (4:15)
Some people consider this his masterpiece and I always remember it as a little kid my mom played it a lot wether on the home stereo or in the car it was a song I always loved to hear. Now that i'm quite older I still enjoy listening to it with its mellow riff and over the top singing. The lyrics are really good and have yet to get old to me. I know at the same time it's one of his best songs but it does catch a lot of heat for being so popular. In the end though, it's just another classic song from the man. 5/5

15. Learning to Fly (4:01)
Right off from "Free Fallin'" it carries a nice mellow riff to enjoy on a nice cloudy day in the middle of the summer. The lyrics are once again very motivational and really makes your spirit get up. This song can be found on Tom Petty's second solo album "Into the Great Wide Open". All I can say, is that this song continues the great tradition of soft mellow music with a great message that we've come to know from Petty. 5/5

16. Into the Great Wide Open (3:44)
This song starts off with a serious feel to it but after the first verses the anthemic chorus comes in and really gives off a good vibe about life. The singing is great in the chorus but in the verses it's a bit weak. The guitars have a nice build up coming into the chorus and do a fine job thorughout the song. 4/5

17. Mary Jane's Last Dance (4:33)
Tom Petty's most popular single and this album may be a good reason to buy so you can have this song because it's not featured in any of his studio albums. It starts off with a guitar fretting around the fretboard and then comes Tom Petty on vocals. The verses have some catchy lyrics but the time between the verses and chorus features some awesome harmonica playing. You'll hear that off and on throughout the song and near the end Tom and the gang let the guitars ring out and there's a nice solo to enjoy as the song fades out. 5/5

18. Something in the Air (3:16)
The final song is a cover of a "Thunderclap Newman" song "Something in the Air". I like this version better because Tom does a great job singing and the original really annoys me. But like the original they're is an annoying bridge towards the end of the song with some pointless noises here and there. It ends strong and so does the album. 3/5

This may very well be one of the best compilations ever from start to end. It does a faboulous job of showing Tom Petty's strongest songs lyrically and musically from "Refugee" to "I Won't Back Down" and "Listen to Her Heart" all the way to "Mary Jane's Last Dance". I wouldn't say it's perfect, I think some other songs could've fit in better like "Rebels", "Jammin' Me" or "A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)" instead of let's say "Don't Come Around Here No More". But when all is said and done, it's a great compilation and if you love Tom Petty and don't have the money to invest into all his studio albums this is the album for you without a doubt.

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June 10th 2006


isn't mary jane's last dance the one that the chili's ripped off?

June 10th 2006


that's what i've heard...i really dont see it though Dani California does sound "somewhat" similar to Mary Jane's Last Dance...who knows though

June 11th 2006


This is a decent tbt. Suitable for a greatest hits album. I like Tom. I just posted in the forum that I have today put together a 54 track, 3.5 hour Tom Petty playlist. Maybe I'll review that. :p

And no, Chili's did not rip off Tom. Whoever got that started with a sped up version of Mary Jane's Last Dance is silly. Stupid stuff....

This Message Edited On 06.10.06

June 11th 2006


I agree with the guy with the big avatar. In every way.

June 11th 2006


I as well.

Tom Petty Rules, by the way.

Activista anti-MTV
June 26th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Petty is bliss.

January 17th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I love Tom Petty.

June 6th 2014


Album Rating: 4.5

This is camping music. I will probably jam this multiple times this weekend.

January 30th 2017


man your not kidding this is worth buying for Mary Jane's Last Dance.. i was looking for what album that was on for a minute now only to find out its only for his Greatest Hits comp.

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