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by InsightOut USER (31 Reviews)
September 13th, 2017 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist

Review Summary: There are so many great moments in there... If you are into your noise metal, you will love this record...

A few days ago I had written a review on Charming Timur's 'Call it a Classic' thinking it was a 2017 release, but by digging a bit further I realised that it was released last year, so I've done a bit more of listening to his material.

Funnily enough the more you listen to it, the more it grows in you... When black metal was first introduced everyone, including its pioneers thought it would forever be underground as f$&*, but as it turned out it gained so much popularity, having band members called to appear in talk-shows and day time TV, packing festival spaces and charting...

And with this analogy I am making a statement that the alienation you initially feel is due to Charming Timur's thing being innovative...
Now what I didn't like is that there's no obvious 'improvement' or at least deviation from the previous record, but I can only admire how productive he's been releasing so many songs in such a small time-frame, and maybe it will sound a bit narrow minded of mine, but honestly a great advise would be to distill all the good ideas (well, subjective as it is for anyone) and make some songs off them, and knock some experienced producer's door... Like a comment I've read on the internet correctly mentioned: Often the hardest part of being DIY is the production.

-I think that would be well amazing, and it would quickly gain momentum.-

If you want to know more about the record you should refer to my previous review really as not much have changed, it seems like the songs jumped out from the same writing and recording sessions. The vocals sound monotonous and you can't really tell the lyrics, but you can't just overlook the multitude of great ideas that parade in the background now and then... I am torn apart throughout the experience of it... Like do I like it at all or not, and some of the soundscapes made me feel so unsettled, but it seems like that's the purpose behind it, the guy seems to know what he's doing! It could easily be a soundtrack on a David Lynch movie!

There are so many great moments in there... If you are into your noise metal, you will love this record... I am still waiting for the next release and hopefully it will sound amazing.

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Call it a Classic

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September 13th 2017


"If you want to know more about the record you should refer to my previous review"

That'll be a no, my man. You should make every review you do as well as you can and develop it like an individual piece. This hardly touches on the music whatsoever, and its short length prevents it from talking about really anything in-depth. I'd consider rewriting.

September 14th 2017


Album Rating: 2.5

Good call, thanks a lot,

I've just seen that a lot on Iron Maiden reviews for instance, not worded like that obviously, but anyway. And the line was rather playful, as in the output hasn't evolved much, musically or lyrically, as I explain in the review.

He is nowhere near as popular which is fair play of course, and it's stupid to assume people would know his stuff..

I am going to fix this tomorrow!

Thanks again and all the best!

September 14th 2017


No problem my man

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