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Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Once upon a time there was in Argentina a band so futuristic and so industrial that nobody got their sound and they banished from the scene in a matter of years.

Argentinian Rock for most part of our time was not as good as the British or American, and at times it suck really bad, especially in the late 80's - early 90's. Even though some bands like babasonicos who appeared in the early 90's as a Spanish response to what later incubus got their popularity; there was this band from the late 90's called Santos Inocentes which redefined the approach in a time where the rock in our country was drowned by the success of copycats of the rolling stones typical sound and they became part of a new generation of bands with a modern and more electronic-influenced sound. Sadly they were one of the few bands that had such a unique sound. Especially when our culture at that time rejected anything that came from the U.S. especially nu-metal, groove metal and industrial rock, they quickly vanished into oblivion, and only a minority that were part of that generation came to the conclusion that their sound was "too evolved" from that period fo time and that's the reason why they didn't have any success.

This is their second and last album. Their Previous album (Emporio bizarro) got most of the influence from the alternative metal and industrial rock scene. They were almost the Spanish equivalent of orgy. Even the lyrics were as bizarre as orgy's, but less focus in technology and more focus on human struggle.

The main single from this album was Rockstar. The song was a tribute to David Bowie. Actually the entire lyrics makes reference for most part to Bowie's iconic album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars". The problem I got watching the video for the first time is that the song starts as a typical electronic song, but as the song goes on the thing becomes more metallic and becoming a nine inch nails influenced chorus reminiscent of the broken era.

The rest of the album follows the same formula. To make a clear explanation of the comparison between them and orgy is If their debut album was mainly a techno-aggressive approach but with catchy melodies, this album is more or less their response to vapor transmission and has a more emotional approach and a less abrasive sound, especially in songs like "particulas", "arco" and "delgada sinfonia" you can tell that the production in this album is much more cleaner than emporio's and the instruments can be heard more clearly as opposed to the debut in which the raw sound is everywhere.

Even though Emporio bizarro is slighlty better because of their innovative elements and a more "in your face" sound, with this album they made clear that this industrial-driven rock sound was their footprint in the local scene, and they were meant to succeed with that formula. And they achieved it even though only a few of us got the real idea behind this underrated band.

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August 22nd 2017


"Argentinian Rock for most part of our time was not as good as the British or Armerican, and at times it suck really bad, especially in the late 80's - early 90's."

For me argentinean, along with chilean rock, have always been the ones that stood for rock in spanish in the world, since decent bands from Spain or Mexico are very few in comparison

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