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June 7th, 2006 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

One of the greatest things about this band is how they seem to always be changing, and how they always seem to change in a positive direction Answer that and Stay Fashionable and Sing the Sorrow are 2 of my favorite albums. AFI, with the great vocals and instruments that consistently compliment each other, was a band I thought couldn't let me down.

But this cd, Decemberunderground, really doesn't do that much for me. The first single, Miss Murder, is a major change in sound from previous albums. I almost didn't believe it was AFI. And while it has some good elements, like the guitar fill leading into the 2nd verse, which is identifiable as a classic Jade Puget riff, the song truly doesn't have much of anything interesting to offer. Even Davey's screaming is subpar.

The album as a whole provides a pretty good listen, but if youre paying any kind of attention, it really pales in comparison to previous work like Sing the Sorrow. Honestly, there was not one point in the CD, outside of Summer Shudder, where I was truly hooked, something that never happened for me with AFI before. On the whole, I'd say this is a good cd, and worth a listen at your local music store, but I was disappointed and would not recommend that you buy it.

However, if you were to buy it, you would be a little surprised to hear the strange sound effects and dark atmosphere of Prelude 12/21, if you were expecting some of the AFI of old. And you might be even more surprised at Kill Caustic, which starts with a riff that you've probably heard in at least a million other songs. However, deciding to stick with that song and resisiting the initial urge to skip right on to some real AFI, you would discover pieces of what you expect from the band you love so much.

That's sort of the way it is for the rest of the CD as well. There are really no songs that make me think, "Ahh, now here's something really in the same vein as Sing the Sorrow." But every now and then, if you're paying attention, you'll hearing something that takes you back a little bit to that place you loved so much, your previous memories of AFI.

Now I'm not saying that that's a completely bad thing. The album would probably be monotonous if it just covered the same exact ground as Sing the Sorrow. I enjoy the directions the band took with Miss Murder, and Summer Shudder, my favorite track on the album. It's just that they were soooo good that I was expecting at least one song to completely take hold of me like This Celluloid Dream and Silver & Cold did. And it would've been nicer still if they had come out with something a little more punk, something like I Wanna Get a Mohawk or Totalimmortal.

I should've known better than to expect anything like this, just based on the new appearance of the band, especially Jade and Davey, with that new emo-hair-hanging-down-one-side-of-the-face look. Eesh.

So to wrap this up, since I've just significantly elongated this review from the blurb it once was, I just want to say to any fans of previous AFI work thinking about buying the album, expect something very different than what you've had, and not necessarily in the good way that Black Sails in the Sunset through Sing the Sorrow were different than the first few albums. However, by no means is it a bad album. Miss Murder and Summer Shudder are both great tracks, and most of the other tracks, especially Love Like Winter are pretty good as well. Hence my rating of 3, which means the album is good, but really nothing special. So go buy it, if you've never heard AFI before and enjoyed Miss Murder on the radio. Go buy it, if you love AFI sooo much that you couldn't possibly be without one of the albums.

But I'd recommend borrowing it from the library or a friend and burning, or even just downloading the only tracks I think are worth it on this CD: Miss Murder, Summer Shudder, and Love Like Winter.

Whatever you choose, I personally am still a little shocked that they could've disappointed me so much, and will hope with all my heart that their next CD offers something better than this.

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June 7th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

i dont really know how blurbs work, this is my first one. i was just gonna comment on that last decemberunderground review, but it turned out i had more to say.

so here that is.

June 7th 2006


yeah, pretty good blurb. You need a bit more of a description of the overall sound though, as you only truly noted one instance in the album

July 2nd 2006


what happened to seperating full reviews from blurbs?
as it is now, this appears in the full review section.
as a blurb tho, pretty good. i also was disappointed at first, but i like it much more now, so give it a few more listens.

July 4th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

yeah, i guess thats the way it is with a lot of music.

youve gotta give it a few listens before you actually like it.

thats the way it was for me with relient k and fall out boy. i hated them both at first, now i think theyre pretty good.

August 22nd 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

all, right, so ive been meaning to add some more to this ever since they got rid of the "blurb" feature, since this was a blurb and didnt really fit with the rest of the review.

now it is a proper review, and my first effort at writing a review without a track-by-track.

August 22nd 2006


i like prelude 12/21 a lot
and why dont you say anything abuot most of the tracks?

August 30th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

@Africanbomb: Because it's not a track-by-track review. He's just explaining a few of the tracks, and the feel of the CD in general.

Great review ragged. Prelude 12/21 has to be my favorite song on this CD. Probably should've bought Sing the Sorrow instead, though.

August 30th 2006


Yeah I'm Just Seeing If My Avatar Works Soo Don't Mind This ok

August 30th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

This album has kinda moved away from me. I liked it a lot at first but now i thik its just ok

August 30th 2006


A superb Okay, that is.

August 30th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

This is very average. I like some of the synths and a few songs but this is just so plain average for a band like AFI.

April 30th 2007


Summer shudder and 37mm are the "good" tracks, in my opinion.

Miss Murder is also catchy.

Tracks I can't stand are prelude, kill caustic, LOVE LIKE WINTER (UGHH!), and the interview.

Oh and the killing lights.

Yeah, get STS people.

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