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Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Album: Make Yourself
Artist: Incubus
Brandon Boyd - Vocals
Mike Einziger - Guitar
Dirk Lance - Bass
Josť*"asillas - Drums
Chris Kilmore - Turntables
Released: 1999 (Sony)
Favourite Songs:
The Warmth
Pardon Me
Out From Under

Incubus originated in Calabasas, California in 1991. They created a hybrid of metal with elements of funk and jazz added to metal. On their first release Fungus Amongus they had a hard metal sound with small elements of funk and jazz. S.C.I.E.N.C.E pushed the elements of funk and jazz and here on Make Yourself the metal edge yet again becomes less as Incubus push in other influences. So let's get to the album.

Privilege - The album kicks off with the high energy song 'Privilege'. It has a harder type verse with a more mellow chorus. It's a good song and has a good message about freedom.

Nowhere Fast - Nowhere Fast slows the pace from Privilege a little but still is a good song. Brandons lyrics throughout the album and on this song are exceptional.

Consequence - Most songs on this album you can relate to and this is just another one. The verses are quite 'funky' and this is a good example of Incubus's style on the album. The chorus's explode and it makes for a good song.

The Warmth - The most emotional song on the album and a pure song of beauty. Seeing them preform this song live almost brings you to tears. This is one of the best songs on the album and is very emotional. Lyrically one of the best Incubus songs ever.

When It Comes - This song flows bloody well. It's a harder edged song but one of the more catchy on the album. As always it's good lyrically and the musicianship on this song is great.

Stellar - Another beautiful Incubus song. Mike pulls off some pure guitar skill on this song and Brandons vocals flow perfectly. It goes mellow in the middle before busting out with emotion at the end. Fantastic song.

Make Yourself - 'But if you really want to live why not try and make yourself' Brandon sings on the 7th song on the album. The message of this song speaks truth to all of us. It's harder edged and has a bit of a sound like Consequence.

Drive - Possibly the most overplayed radio song of 2001. This is a low point in the album for me because i've simply heard this song so many times. However it is a good song, it's catchy and well written.

Clean - One of the more funky songs in the album. The verses are uniquely Incubus. It's a good song Clean but fails to really grab you like alot of the other songs on the album.

Battlestar Scralatchtica - The name should explain most of the song. Kilmore and two other DJs have a jam session and it's a bloody good jam session.

I Miss you - Incubus become mellow and emotional again. It's a good song I miss you and a pretty one but not quite up to the standards of Stellar or The Warmth.

Pardon Me - My favourite on the album. Lyrically well written, emotional and powerful. Everything a good song should be. You will most likely have to stick this song on repeat after listning to it.

Out From Under - This is a political song and one of the hardest on the album. It's got a good message and is worthy of cranking the volume up for. It end's off the album well.

This album catches the perfect balance of metal with funk and jazz. I would say this is the best Incubus album and is a good mix of Morning View and some of the elements of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. It's got beautiful songs on it and hard songs and should keep any nu-metal fan happy. Certanely worth buying if your considering buying an Incubus album.

Rating - 4/5 :thumb:

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November 18th 2003


Incubus is not metal, especially on that album. More like modern rock.

November 18th 2003


It's hard to define them. Nu-Metal is what I hear people put them in but it doesn't really work and it's more than modern rock.

November 19th 2003


Oh, lets not argue over what category to put them in. They are Rock n Roll to be as general as one should be. And Drive is the lowpoint of the album? I know the song was played a lot, but I think that song is just incredible (thus why it was overplayed).

November 20th 2003


first off... not metal, although they originally had funk/metal elements in it
secondly, i think you overrated it abit. Its definately the most unoriginal and mainstream of all the albums (and dont give me your Morning Veiw rants... its a great album... get over the cliche singles PLZ!) although it still carries the elements of incubus that make the band great. As with any incubus album you can listen to it the whole way through, but you gotta get bored of it cus its very much carries the conventions of modern rock "radio music", even though its still carries the "incubus touch"

i rate it.... about 3.7/5
with Morning Veiw - 4.5/5
SCIENCE - 4.5/5
Fungus - 4.2/5

November 21st 2003


to be honest incubus isnt really metal!!! it is more of a mainstream rock type of deal!!

November 22nd 2003


Genre...who cares...

Make Yourself is my favorite album of theirs to date. The Warmth is by far my favorite song.

But more importantly...
Who's pumped for the new album?

November 22nd 2003


i dont really like the album version of warmth
the effects drown out the true emotion of the lyrics
the acoustic version is much more simple, and captures the feeling

the halfrican
November 23rd 2003


once again im tired so im not gonna talk a lot but its an awesome album. i think they have metal elements but theyre not metal and ever much so since morning view. it doesnt matter cause anything they write seems to be sweet and thats that. argue otherwise and ill eat ur ****in face.

The Doinck
November 29th 2003


Originally posted by AKid2
Make Yourself is my favorite album of theirs to date. The Warmth is by far my favorite song.

But more importantly...
Who's pumped for the new album?

:D Their new album was originally coming out on my half-birthday....but then it got moved forward, which is cool.

I just hope that the rumored 22-minute song with only Mike will make it to the album.

Megalomaniac is being released Dec. 18th! I can't wait!

Pretty good review, The Warmth is the greatest Incubus song should've pointed that out more.

November 29th 2003


My favorite song on here is "When it Comes"...makes me feel paranoid. 3.5/5

November 30th 2003


Incubus is more Hard Rock, but who cares? =)

Make Yourself is my fave album from incubus

December 1st 2003


5/5 for this album!

December 1st 2003


I'd say its something like "modern alternative rock?"
Yeah its a pretty good album, not near my favorite by Incubus though.

The Doinck
December 1st 2003


The great thing about Incubus is that every CD can be put in a different genre.

Fungus Amongus - Funk-Rock
S.C.I.E.N.C.E. - Metal/Rap-Rock
Make Yourself - Hard Rock
Morning View - Rock

December 5th 2003


i class them as alternative, its one of my favourite albums.
i think your reveiw was too bias,

bass is good
December 7th 2003


Originally posted by The Doinck
:D Their new album was originally coming out on my half-birthday....but then it got moved forward, which is cool.

worst...claim to fame..ever![/comic book guy]

The Doinck
December 9th 2003


Originally posted by bass is good
worst...claim to fame..ever![/comic book guy]

You're just jealous because your favorite band hasn't released a CD on your half birthday.

December 10th 2003


incubus is matter which way you catagorize them.........boyd has the best singing voice out of everyone nowadays.........hes not whiney or ****ty..........because he, unlike most lead singers out there, has great range and power in his voice. he sings better live than on the CDs......most artist have a studio voice, but are ****ty live........boyd is the opposite........amazing

December 10th 2003


^ I agree with you but would you like to use proper grammar next time?

The Doinck
December 10th 2003


And on top of what you said about Brandon, he's also a genius songwriter and a very smart man.

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