Dreaming Of Sleep



by clavier EMERITUS
May 9th, 2017 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The mind bears down upon itself.

Dreaming of Sleep is the 3rd full-length release from Tetrafusion, a Shreveport, Louisiana 4-piece progressive metal outlet that features ex-Scale the Summit members. Their last effort, Horizons EP, was released more than 5 years ago, and so Dreaming of Sleep can be viewed as a reestablishment of sorts.

This is an album that invites you into the psyche of someone who appears to be trapped within the boundaries of their tormented existence. Visitors will be set on a mid-tempo trek whilst flanked by angular-sounding guitars. The spacious production feels chilly, almost synthetic; eerie electronic elements are prevalent throughout. I do wish that Tetrafusion were weighed down less by their ambition regarding song lengths; too often do they trail off with some extraneous ambient passage. Furthermore, the quirky jazz sections start feeling overused towards the end of the album. The seamless transitions, as well as the overall flow, from track to track cannot be denied though.

I also take issue with the suppressed vocals, buried relatively low in the mix. Firstly, Gary Tubb’s delivery is already fairly restrained. The application of a layering effect only obscures his vocals and further diminishes their impact. While they never come across as off-putting, they do not deliver much catharsis nor presence. It is a stylistic aspect that will not offend, but will also not impress many. However, “Sisyphus” does buck this trend in its pared-down first verse; it is here that the singing is truly emotive, indeed quite beautiful.

This album isn’t nearly as bleak and boring as I might be making it seem. What Tetrafusion do succeed at is having the music vividly convey the imagery of the lyrics. The riffs of “Echo Chamber” roar with contempt at the intentionally ignorant; “The Void” is a dizzying waltz through one’s stream of consciousness. Certainly, this thematic coherence is one of the strong suits of Dreaming of Sleep. At least lyrically, there is a narrative continuity from beginning to end. I’ll go a little further and say that while Dreaming of Sleep may get bloated, it never actually trudges. Enough action and development goes on within the songs to keep me reasonably attentive, and no band that identifies as progressive would be ashamed to have the level of technical proficiency shown by Tetrafusion. Dreaming of Sleep does suggest that they are more dependent on paced progression and atmosphere than on flashy displays, though there’s no lack of runs for the instruments to stand out.

Cut through the gristle and you’ll find the brain. The forest of neurons is dense, but within lurks light nonetheless.

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May 9th 2017


Good review, I'll check this out.

May 10th 2017


i quite enjoy this album. it's like what BTBAM wishes they currently sounded like. the keys are very well done, with only some minor cheesy parts. also, i dont usually care for clean vocals in my progressive metal but these are subdued enough to be enjoyable. and they fit the music very well. the tracks flow well together. listened to this a lot and really enjoying it.

May 10th 2017


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

I'm very glad that you enjoy this, despite its flaws I think it's still very listenable and promising for the band's future output.

*Upon further listen I'm thinking this might be a 4, since the tracks do flow really well as mentioned above.

June 10th 2017


Album Rating: 3.0

Nice review, pos'd - though I feel that it reads more like a 3.0 than 3.5 but I'm just being picky

It's a fine record, but it's disappointing comparing it to Horizons from 2012 - the vocals were so much better and felt like the driving force of the album and the songs were punchy and concise. I can barely remember many of these tracks even after the fifth or sixth listen

December 4th 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

It's weird that more people haven't checked this album. These dudes are super talented and crafted a damn strong album.

March 3rd 2018


Album Rating: 3.5

I missed out on this one big time, only checking it out now, loving it so far

March 3rd 2018


Album Rating: 4.0

cool prog album

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