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Bass Face



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May 1st, 2017 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2016 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The recordings that make up the "Bass Face" album are a lot of far out fun with songs about extraterrestrial aliens, other worlds, rockets, outer space, and flying saucers.

Not since fusion musicians like Sun Ra (aka Herman Poole Blount), who claimed to be from Saturn and demanded clauses in his recording contracts which allowed only him to have the exclusive rights to sell his music on any other planet other than Earth, or George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic, who were always writing, talking and singing about the Mothership, has a band been so obsessed with flying saucers, rockets, outer space, extraterrestrial aliens and other worlds. That was until the arrival of AV Super Sunshine in this universe.

Toward the end of what Earthlings call the year of 2016, AV Super Sunshine released their latest thing, which the Earthlings call a CD, and they titled it as "Bass Face". It contains a total of the 12 entries that Earthlings refer to as songs. And many of these songs are about (can you guess?) extraterrestrial aliens, other worlds, rockets, outer space, and oh yeah, even flying saucers. In fact, there’s even an illustration of all those aforementioned other worldly entities on the front and back of the CD cover. So, they real are invested heavily in this heavenly body business.

My favorite spaced-out tune of the lot is "I Am Alien". It details an occurrence that AV Super Sunshine claims to have taken place when approximately from sixty seven million light years away, just like the passengers aboard the Minnow that ended up on Gilligan’s Island, four beings set sail from some galaxy far, far away. Now, unlike the hapless but stranded survivors on Gilligan’s Island, these travelers were not so lucky. Apparently 3 of them died when their starship crashed into one the Earth’s many desolate deserts, which are usually a good go-to place to go when you want to arrive incognito from another world outside our star system. Or, so they say.

Now if you do the math, and as the fates would have it, that would leave one spaceman who survived the crash. So, in a Cartesian philosophical manner the survivor surmises that since he has fallen to this sandy terrain from the sky, therefore, he is alien. In other word, I fall from the stars, so ergo, I am alien. From there it all kind of gets a tad bit weird. I hope this is all making a parsec of sense to you because this material will be covered on your final exam at the end of this article.

Not to beat a dead Tauntaun with a stick (or even slit open its belly with a lightsaber), but other tunes here that appear to strongly share the theme of this intergalactic cosmic connection are "Star Man" and "Bass Calling Face". I even heard through the good old grapevine that AV Super Sunshine is involved in a film project called "Alien Abduction". "Bass Face" may be far from the final frontier for AV Super Sunshine when it comes to closing the cockpit door on this subject.

If you’re a Trekkie, a Star Wars geek or just a simple sci-fi fan then AV Super Sunshine’s "Bass Face" is your cup of Wookie tea. Or, you could think of it as A Walk in the Phelopean Forest, which was the cocktail of choice at the Hard Heart Cantina on the first Death Star ship. In other words, the recordings that make up the "Bass Face" album are a lot of far out fun, so forget all the science facts, just relax and enjoy it for what it is.


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May 1st 2017


This is pretty well written. It's entertaining (never knew Wookies like tea). My only question is you told us about the theme of the songs, but I have no idea about the style of the music -- is it rock, electronic, something totally outside of human categorization? The artist page for the album doesn't even have a tag, so the only clue I have is the artist chose to use the word "bass" in the title. Good write-up, otherwise.

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