Pouya and Fat Nick
Drop Out of School



by Owen J Walton USER (2 Reviews)
March 8th, 2017 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A great modern rap tape that sometimes seems to be held back by a lack of variety.

The joint mix tape by two young Florida rappers, Fat Nick and Pouya recently released the highly anticipated mix tape, aptly titled “Drop out of school”. The first single, released prior to the tape “Middle of the mall” raised a few eyebrows in the underground, even more, the two mix tapes released by each of these rappers solo (Pouya, underground underdog and Fat Nick, When the lean runs out) added to the anticipation as well. But did this mix tape really live up to the hype?

Track one (undecided) is a short, introductory track that gives a fair summary of not only the tape, but the sounds of the two artists as well. The lyrical themes are par for the course for both Pouya & Fat Nick, with VVS and Rick Owens being mentioned by Nick and guns and being alone being mentioned by Pouya. There was nothing I could really complain about on this track, it's a banger.

Track two (Boom) is more of the same, but with a more trap influence, especially on Fat Nicks part. You can really see his influences on this track. Pouya stands back in this track, it's really more for the Nick fans. Another banger.

Track three (Drop out of school) is a little bit different. The song structure is the same, with Nick on the chorus but the lyrics stand out here on Pouyas part, explaining how he was a young dropout in a bad area and how he's living a much better life now. Fat Nicks verse feels like it is just there in this song, similar to Pouyas part in Boom.

Track four (torch) starts with a great change, Pouya is rapping the chorus instead of Nick. Nick also only has a short verse on this track, with Pouyas verse blazing through with an extremely tight flow that contrasts well with the lazily rapped chorus.

Track five (save me) goes back to the traditional song structure but is a little bit of a downer compared to the rest of the album. Pouyas verse is extremely tightly put together once again and is a reflective track, and Fat Nick also puts together one of his most natural flows I have heard him put together through all of his tapes. Overall an extremely smooth song

Track six (Middle of the mall) is the first song released for this album, and it goes back to the albums traditional, upbeat track that starts with Nick rapping the chorus. Par for the course, but i would still recommend. Another banger

Track seven (Run it up) is another banger, but it bangs a little bit less than the rest of the album. Hearing Nicks chorus first is becoming a bit of a chore, but Pouya shines once again. Nicks verse is forgettable this time, with more drug and diamonds lyrics over a choppy flow.

Track eight (Remember us?) slows down things very slightly, with another signature Fat Nick verse and a choppy flow, but it works better than Run it up, and another signature Pouya gun and loner verse, among a very tightly put together flow. Banger
Track nine (all on me) is a slower trap song, with Nick rapping slowly and sounding high out of his mind, even more than usual. Another banger, and although Pouya has another amazing verse on this, Fat Nick just weighs him down, but he does have a buttery flow that is fairly easy on the ears.

Track ten (Perfect) closes the album out with another fast upbeat banger. Nick goes straight into a verse that is one of the most packed together that he's ever put out, and it sounds great, Pouya puts a short verse after Nick and it still is the highlight of the song, more so than Nicks verse.

Overall I would say that this lived up to the hype. It was a fun listen, which is all we needed out of these two, seeing as they got a slight bit more serious on “When the lean runs out” and “Underground Underdog”. There are some tracks that show Fat nick holding Pouya back, but it brings balance to the album.

Tracks I recommend most;
Save me
Drop out of school

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