Walls of Jericho



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Release Date: 1985 | Tracklist

Helloween - Walla of Jericho

Kai Hansen - Vocals, Lead Guitars
Michael Weikath - Lead Guitars
Markus Grosskopf - Bass
Ingo Swichtenberg - Drums

Helloween's first studio album Walls of Jericho was wat reely brought the Power Metal genre together at first.. At quite a yougn age yo could hear that these guys had a lot of talent.. Even tho Kai Hansen's vocals in this album are not very good.. The instrumental work speaks for itself.. Anf after this album they bring Michael Kiske with his incredible voice.. But this album is a great Power Metal record... Not very well produced either.. But the songs are excellent on this album.. It shows a lot of maturity for such a young band at the time.. Actually released in 1986..

1. Starlight (Hansen, Weikath) - This song starts quietly.. If you hear it closely.. a guy wakes up.. turns on the radio.. opens a can of beer i believe.. adn then he changes the station.. and comes up this little techno tune.. ans in some very funny voices theres singing "Happy Happy Helloween Helloween Helloween Happy Happy Helloween........".. and im like wtf.. and then comes Hansen with a beastly shout.. beginning Helloween's career with Starlight.. a great song.. you can notice that Hansen's singing is gonna be a problem. but that the instrumental part is excellent.. this song is an excellent song with one of the coolest intros ever.. 5/5

2. Murderer (Hansen) - Starts off with some palm muting strumming but then an awesome riff is played by both guitars.. this song is just the average great Helloween tune.. not muich to say about it tho.. great isntrumental work as always.. but again the vocals are not for a very Power Metalish liking.. 4.5/5

3. Warrior (Hansen) - This song is a good song with many awesome gutiar riffs and melodies.. while all the instruments do a good job.. Just another great song by Helloween 4.5/5

4. Victim of Fate (Hansen) - This song is absolutely amazing.. the isntrumental work is great.. the guitar solos are excellent.. the riffs and complexicity of this song are great.. this is just a Helloween masterpiece.. 5/5

5. Cry For Freedom (Hansen, Weikath) - This song starts off slowly but then turnst into a speedy trashy Power Metal offering.. this song is an awesome song.. and no need to explain why.. like i sed Hansen's vocals are horrible but just the instrumental part in this song is just too good to let Hansen's voice mess it up.. 5/5

6. Walls of Jericho/Ride The Sky (Hansen, Weikath) - Starts off with a short instrumental intro called "Walls of Jericho"... But thenc oems in Ride The Sky.. probly the greatest song on this album.. the harmony solos here are mindblowing.. plus the guitar work is excellent.. as usual all the other instruments are doing an excellent job too.. and Kai Hansen is not doing a great job at singing the song.. 5/5

7. Reptile (Weikath) - This song is wat i would call the worst moment on the album.. the intro is pretty cool but as the song goes its just a boring song.. sound like a filler.. im able to enjoy it.. but the Mighty Helloween can write soemthing better than this... 3/5

8. Guardians (Weikath) - This is a very good song by Weikath.. its qualities are the same as probly all of Helloween's songs.. average Helloween great song.. 4.5/5

9. Phantoms of Death (Hansen) - Another long song in this album.. this is a great song.. sounds kinda like 2 Minutes 2 Midnight (Of course you kno whose song is that!!!).. but then in the middle has an amazing instrumental section that gives this song this.. 5/5

10. Metal Invaders (Hansen, Weikath) - A great Power Metal song.. great instrumental work.. Great Helloween tune.. 4.5/5

11. Gorgar (Hansen, Weikath) - I personally like this song.. it has a very cool chorus and and interlude that sounds kinda like a classical music bit.. i cant remember which tho.. its a pretty cool song.. 4/5

12. Heavy Metal (Is The Law) (Hansen, Weikath) - This song is live. thats a little weird.. but its an awesome song.. great instrumental work.. you can feel soem aweosme bass work on this song.. i just dont like the fact that its made live... its still a 5/5

13. How Many Tears (Weikath) - This song is like the epic closer here in this album.. its a great song.. with great lyrics.. guitar work.. harmony solo and gutiat solos.. and very insrumental.. Power Metal masterpiece.. 5/5

14. Judas (Bonus Track) (Hansen) - This is just an everage Helloween tune that i dont like so much.. 3.5/5

This is a great album.. id rate it 4.8/5 overall.. Hansen's voice just kills it.. but they had some reissues with Kiske on vocal.. very very nice.. hope you liked the review..

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Eating Cake Hippo
July 20th 2004


Nice review!

July 20th 2004


hansen was extremely young at this point in his career. He wasn't even able to play and sing at the same time. That is why Kiske was brought on board. Hansen wanted to play lead guitar. Doing both would hurt both, which is soemthing a band can't fight.

Hansen's vocals are SUPERB in this release. Compare it to Land of the Free or No World Order and you'll think it's a separate person. But if you put it back in 1987 where it belongs, then it's top notch. He hasn't hit notes like these since the 80's. Kiske and Scheepers fail in comparison to Kai's vocals. They're more refined, but Kai has that emotion that most power metal singers just seem to lack. He can put the scream behind the melodies and make it WORK -- such as the beginning of Starlight and during Heavy Metal (is the Law) which by the way is NOT live, just recorded with samples to make it sound that way.

Some of the highlights in my opinion of this disc are
- Heavy Metal (is the Law), definitely the best track Kai's ever written
- How Many Tears, a masterpiece regarding the Cold War I believe.
- Guardians
- Ride The Sky
- The entire Helloween EP (first 5 tracks). Victim of Fate is something Gamma Ray still plays at their shows, along with Ride the Sky and I Want Out. That says something.

The disc shouldnt' be missed. It's extremely fast, and Kai's voice ADD to the emotion present in the funny or political songs present. There's a lot of material in the 70minutes this release has.

Doctor Night
December 27th 2005


Thanks to Exit Wound.

December 27th 2005


I disagree about the vocals as well. They're raw and passionate and have a very characteristic tone.

Excellent album, full of speed and power! :DThis Message Edited On 12.27.05

September 11th 2012


Heavy Metal is the Law is not live. Is Just One Guitar Track per player mixed with crowd recordings.

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