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May 30th, 2006 | 16 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

It’s hard to find a more politically incorrect band than Turbonegro. Since 1989 these Norwegian punks have been raising eyebrows on a variety of topics ranging from their lyrics to their name. Actually, they wanted to name themselves “Nazipenis.” Of course, they were promptly told that a name of that nature would be career suicide on a kamikaze scale, so the band decided on the name Turbonegro. Founding member Tom “Happy Tom” Seltzer once summed up the curious name choice as being “A [turbonegro is a] large, well-equipped, armed black male in a fast car, out for vengeance. We are his prophets.” How awesome is that" I mean, seriously" Look past the racial tension it might breed, and you have to admit, Turbonegro is one damn fine name for a punk band. Actually, Turbonegro are a little more than just that. Their music blends elements of punk, rock, and metal, making for a unique brew of debauched musical goodness.

Over the course of their career, Turbonegro have had numerous releases (a variety of LPs, EPs, and demos spanning the band’s 1989-1999 and 2002-present career); their most recent studio album being 2005’s Party Animals. True to traditional Turbonegro ingredients, Party Animals features excellent instrumentation, humorous (as well as explicit lyrics), and plenty of attitude. Party Animals could easily be the strongest release of their career, as Turbonegro push no bounds on their songwriting, their musicianship, and how much they can get past censors.

‘Intro: The Party Zone” sets the mood for the album. The sounds of a crowd cheering to a fantastic guitar solo melds into the sound of a metallic voice (a la the introduction to the classic Styx song, “Mr. Roboto”). Curiously enough, the intro doesn’t mesh well with the following song. That’s forgivable, though, since said song happens to be “All My Friends Are Dead.” One of the strongest tracks Party Animals has to offer comes quite early. “All My Friends Are Dead” features catchy (nonsensical, but catchy) lyrics and fantastic instrumentation. One of the highlights of this song is the fantastic guitar solo. Simply excellent work; it’s nice to see punk played with a bit of technical prowess. “Blow Me (Like the Wind)” is, as you may expect, an innuendo song. Vocalist Hank Von Helvete sings:

If I gave you a turn on/
Would you raise my antenna/
If i gave you a dime/
Would you blow my paradigm/
If I gave you my candle/
Would it be too hot to handle/
If I ran for election/
Would you support my erection"

There, dear reader, you have a prime example of Turbonegro’s raw audacity. As amusing as its lyric sheet reads, “Blow Me” is actually a very catchy, very fun song. “City of Satan” is a slower song that recalls the hard rock/metal sensibilities of Turbonegro. Serious (to a point) lyrics sync well with the excellently written music. ‘City of Satan” may almost make you recall a hit or two of the 80s, especially when the excellent bridge strikes, complete with a full orchestra. “Death From Above” is the return of the simpler punk-ish Turbonegro. Lyrics about death from above (in the form of feces) mesh with the laid back approach of the music. If you can overlook the sheer stupidity of this song, you’ll find yourself singing along with every disgusting little lyric.

“Wasted Again” ups the ante with a slightly angrier attitude. Powerful music and lyrics about being wasted (what else") keep things strong and flowing. Conversely, “High On Crime” returns the levity that Party Animals does so well. Familiar music and a lack of lyrical hooks make this track one of Party Animal’s low points. “If You See Kaye (Tell Her I L-O-V-E Her)” is Turbonegro’s take on the classic love song. However, with lyrics such as:

She's all I got/
I really like her a lot/
She's really hot/
I'm the I and she's the dot.

Turbonegro don’t really prove themselves to be actual romanticists. “Stay Free” is a straightforward, no-nonsense song. However, it features the more eclectic side of Turbonegro’s music. Slow and steady “Stay Free” is another one of Party Animals’ gems.

“Babylon Forever” keeps up the semi-mystical turn that Party Animals has apparently taken. It’s a tad boring and repetitive, but features some of the most well-written lyrics on the album “Hot Stuff/Hot ShIt” showcases the return of the Turbonegro’s crude lyrical style. Meaning that it’s a funny song that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Hooky music also helps to draw you into the returning air of stupidity. Party Animals closes with the loud, powerful, and angry “Final Warning.” Apparently Turbonegro are choosing to warn us about an impending wave of crime, genocide, and destruction. Perhaps they want us to alert the authorities" Maybe they’re looking to have the U.N. “knock-knock” on their door" “Final Warning” is a fitting end to Party Animals. I can’t imagine this album going out with a bigger bang. However, it isn’t really the end, as, after a long interlude, a dark and disturbing bit of poetry comes pouring out of the song. Hardly a hidden track, but interesting nonetheless.

In the end, if you can look past the immaturity of Turbonegro’s songwriting, constant shifts in musical style, and (occasionally) repetitive sound, you’ll find that Party Animals is an excellent album, well-worth your time and listening effort. Just don’t try to emulate what you hear. We have enough lunatics in the world already.

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May 30th 2006


Yay! first comment! :p

I only know High On the crime on this cd. Its pretty good, but i dont like the other songs ive heard by them.

Good review This Message Edited On 05.30.06

May 30th 2006


yeah, im a little tired and got confused. I changed it though

Sorry bout thatThis Message Edited On 05.30.06

May 30th 2006


good review as always. Ive only heard one song by them, the one from Punk-o-rama 8. Its kind of neat, dunno If I would ever buy one of their albums though

May 31st 2006


Get Scandinavian Leather, and then get this and Apocalypse Dudes. They're an excellent rock band with many, many good songs.
And they totally pwn live.

June 14th 2006


thanks man for this review, ive been looking into turbonegro lately, and i haven't heard much of party animals. apocylypse dudes is a classic

July 13th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

I'm with the guy, who's got the evil dead pic. Definatley get Scandinavian Leather. It shits over Party Animals, then licks it back up! Classic.

August 14th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I bought Apocalypse Dudes and absoloutely loved it. Then I bought this and found myself disapointed. It's not a bad album, just not up to par with Turbonegro's other stuff.

September 30th 2006


does anyone know the name of the Turbonegro song they use for Wildboyz?

December 27th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

This album was on rotation whenever i was drinking heavily at any party worht going to. The biggest party album of 2005.

June 19th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

just got this album, its soo good

August 17th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

actually its kinda meh now

Staff Reviewer
May 25th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

awesome album.

gotta spin this sometime soon.

Digging: Fleurety - The White Death

September 1st 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

Album is for bros.

September 1st 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

Apocalypse Dudes absolutely destroys this

September 1st 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

Haven't heard, will listen.

May 30th 2017


Eh, not too bad. Dudes is so much better though

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