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Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

After Slipknot released their self titled album in 1999, the music world was hungering for more Slipknot. They had injected the music industry with a jolt of caffeine, and it seemed like many other nu-metal bands had used Slipknot's success to break into the mainstream (namely Mudvayne). Now the question was: could Slipknot reclaim the crown that had slipped a little bit off their head" The answer is: well, I'm not really sure. Sophomore slump struck hard here, there is nothing new or innovative about this album. Pretty much a redone version of their self titled. But it sure gave their fans what they wanted, which is more Slipknot. And the songs themselves aren't terrible, but the overall lack of innovation hurts this album. There are still some really cool tunes on here, though. Namely My Plague and Skin Ticket, but also some other good ones. No question the worst album from Slipknot, it doesn't come close to the others.

This album veered dangerously close to death metal, especially on tracks such as People=S**t and New Abortion. I am personally not a fan of death metal, and those were a bit too heavy. The sounds that made their self titled debut so interesting take a backseat here to screaming and eardrum-blowing riffs. Very little actual singing on this album, besides brief snatches on the songs My Plague, The Shape, Left Behind, and an even smaller amount on Disasterpiece. Joey's speed drumming throughout the album is great, as always. Corey's lyrics are, well, average. Not too much original, but still incredibly violent. Corey expresses desire to "take a bite out of that piece of s**t you call a heart" and "slit your throat and f**k the wound." Not much originality in the lyrics at all, but you can't fault him for being insincere about his hate.

After all of those negatives, only one thing can save the album. That is the individual songs. If their self titled hadn't existed, this album probably would've gotten a 3.5 or 4 from me, but again, so little originality. Individual song for song, this album is pretty cool. Only a few big holes, namely Metabolic, The Shape, and to a lesser extent Gently and Iowa the song.

Best Song
My Plague. One of the two singles, this song mixes singing perfectly with screaming. While Left Behind went a little bit too heavy on the singing to the point it sounds awkward, this song is plenty heavy enough to satisfy everyone. Really great drumming from Joey here, you can really tell in the opening to the song. Also, check out his drumming in the bridge at about 1:55. Mick's riffing during the chorus is really good also, he lays off the heaviness and lets the band operate. The best part of this song is near the end, when they let Corey sing for a long time. Really good chorus in this song, reminiscent of Wait and Bleed almost. Great song, and one of Slipknot's best.

Honorable Mentions
Skin Ticket. Yes, it is the sequel to the creepy Prosthetics. This is the longest song on the album besides the 15 minute beast Iowa. And you can actually hear the custom percussion during this song, proving they do something besides beat the s**t out of each other on stage. Opens with a very distinctive and creepy riff. The chorus slowly builds up with Corey frantically whispering into the same creepy riff. The song goes verse/chorus twice, then it gets even more crazy with Core screaming "Keeping myself alive!" over that awesome riff. Also, there is a great drumming section by Joey at about 4:30, so cool. The song basically continues like that for its entire 6:41 duration, with varying degrees of intensity. There is one final climax at about the six minute mark before it fades out. This song is so great because it sounds entirely different from the berserkness of the rest of the album. It is carefully calculated and planned out, not just berserk screaming and riffing.

People=S**t. This is the best straightforward rocker on this CD. A lot of death metal growling from Corey, especially in the intro. The lyrics in this song are packed full of hate, like most songs on here. This song opens with two consecutive verses, and it is all just screaming from Corey. What makes this song is the chorus. There is a gradual buildup into the first screamed line "People=S**t!" and then the band continues screaming that line while Corey adds some extra vocals in the gaps. There is a really good drum section at about 2:03, which is great. The last chorus is the best part of the song, with the whole band screaming "People=S**t!" and Corey death-metal growling. Probably the most straightforward metal song on this CD, and all you metalheads out there will not be dissapointed with this.

Disasterpiece. Let me just say that this is definitely the worst of the honorable mentions. The three songs above were pretty clearly the best on the CD. A lot of other songs (Everything Ends, I Am Hated) almost got this spot, but I think Disasterpiece beats them out. Why" It is just more original then those two songs, which are straightforward metal and rap-metal. This song mixes in some singing elements, and it also includes a really cool intro that shifts around riffs a lot. This song has been made infamous by the often quoted line "I want to slit your throat and f**k the wound," and most of the vocals on this song are like that. The chorus is actually pretty cool, with Joey speed drumming, Mick delivering a relativey light riff, and Corey screaming "Noises! Noises! People make noises! People make noises when they're sick..." The coolest part of this song is when Corey begins to sing, and you can hear the bass definitively. Also, Mick delivers that same catchy opening riff. Overall, this song is good but not great. I love how it mixes in some elements besides straightforward metal, but the actual metal parts aren't that great.

Most Overrated
New Abortion. Just listen to me before you kill me. I know there are many rabid fans of New Abortion on this site, but I can't figure out why. Yes, it has really good drumming from Joey. But it is just straightforward metal. Also, Corey's lyrics are uncharacteristically lame. He sort of raps in some part, and he does even worse than usual. A little bit of singing, that is pretty cool. I don't think Mick's riffs aren't particulairly good on this song, I find them to be a bit bland. Also, I don't think that part where Corey whispers "you can't take my soul away from me" is very good at all. If he's trying to be creepy, he certianly isn't, it is just kind of boring. I just want to clear this up: I'm not saying this song is bad. But it certianly doesn't deserve to be mentioned with the album's best. An average song at best.

Worst Song
Metabolic. This song is filler. It is just a really average metal song. Nothing glaringly terrible about it, as it sticks to the tried and true formula of loud screaming and heavy riffing. More boring and unmemorable than terrible.

Overall, this album is basically a rehash of thier self-titled. If you're a fan of heavy nu-metal or a Slipknot fan, you should pick this up. Not terrible, just not great.

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May 29th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

although this album lack originality, its my favourite one from the guys! and btw yes this is album is fuck heavy but its nowhere near death metal but anyway great review! (y)

May 29th 2006


Good review. I'm not a fan of these guys, though. I also don't like the album art.

May 29th 2006


I've moshpitted to People = Shit

Brain Dead
May 29th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

Thanks everyone for the comments. That goat on the album cover is cool, I think.

May 29th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

I agree with you on this review. Most Slipknot fans like it because of its brutality, but I prefer their new album over this one. It's just got a much more mature sound and the lyrics are starting to have more meaning.

People = Shit is incredibly awesome though. That song gets me pumped up every time I hear it.

south_of_heaven 11
May 29th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

Its a pretty repetitive album, but I still highly enjoy it.

I have to disagree though, as I find "My Plague" to be decent, and "The Heretic Anthem" to be the highlight.

And I think "New Abortion" is frickin sweet.

Digging: RAM - Rod

Brain Dead
May 29th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

Heretic Anthem was pretty good, one of the better songs. But I love My Plague personally, probably one of my three favorite Slipknot songs.

May 29th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

I thought Heretic Anthem was one of the most immature songs I've ever heard. If you're the 555 then I'm the 666!" Yeah, Corey, we get it, you like to think you're different.

Anyways, I like My Plauge, Iowa (even though it's just a re-done song off of Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat), and "People=***" is a good listen, too. Overall, I can't take this album, though.

Good review.This Message Edited On 05.29.06

May 30th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

Even though these guys hail 1 hour from me, the fact of this even being an album is aweful and deserves the rank as well. Some of the most thoughtless, random, powerslop I've ever heard.

May 30th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

3 best songs:

1. My Plague

2. People=Sh*t

3. Left Behind

June 4th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I know there are many rabid fans of New Abortion on this site, but I can't figure out why.

The Chorus.

Ver nice review.

June 17th 2006


Iowa is the best state in America.

June 17th 2006



June 17th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

as i lay dying rocks hard!!!!! rock on b****

June 18th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

You're on a Slipknot review you stupid whore^^.

January 24th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

I found myself picking the album's songs out of my ipod one by one very quickly. But looking back, a few of the songs were not that bad, namely Left Behind, Skin Ticket, Gently, and yes, New Abortion.

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