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Release Date: 2016 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "Overload", by Chris Luciani, It’s an album that fits solidly in the Adult Album Alternative radio format with substance. This New Jersey rock musician has a way of dealing with grown-up subjects that’s as interesting as it is relatable.

"Overload" should really hit home with mature music lovers. It's a compilation of five songs that fit solidly in the Adult Album Alternative radio format. Chris Luciani (, a New Jersey rock musician, has a way of dealing with grown-up subjects that's as interesting as it is relatable. Taking the problems that life presents to us as our years go by and turning them into musical poetry is a gift he's been generously endowed with.

Luciani is well aware that as our minds and bodies change with time the problems that face most of us seldom ever do. The pressures generated by internal and external forces we feel are a constant burden with little change. Loneliness and isolation are for the many, a consistent companion. The hopes and promises we dedicate most of our time toward are frequently unrewarded. Our memories tend to be double edged swords that both soothe and hurt us. The disappointments we share when just as we believe we've figured it all out then we're then smacked back down to the ground by enigmas, inconsistencies and ambiguities.

"Overload" is the common man's acknowledgement that it's hard to be a human being. There are no universal manuals for living and one size never fits all. In a world of rules, regulations and expectations we all fall down. And even though we fall, the important reactions is that we get back up and go on with our lives, albeit at times with skinned knees and broken hearts.

Chris Luciani's assembled a fine group of musical talent to help him create "Overload". His rhythm section holds the tempo steadily as his guitarists and keyboardist weave the tapestry upon which he embroiders his voice. As a composer he knows of what he speaks and counterpoints his melodies against well chosen chord progressions, taking care not to allow the one to overshadow the other. Substance is what "Overload" is really all about, and rightly so.

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