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June 28th, 2016 | 29 replies

Release Date: 2016 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Despite some lack of innovation, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie is an undeniably fun, rocking and consistent addition to Volbeat’s arsenal.

Personally, I get quite a thrill out of discovering new music. This used to be fuelled by television shows like Rage and Video Hits, but for much of the last decade it has been fed by the internet. This very website has been an integral gateway for me to stumble across new music and in 2013 Sputnikmusic shined a light on Volbeat and I saw it sparkle. Even though at this point the Danish rockers had four albums under their belt, it wasn’t until the release of Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies that I took notice. Naturally, after enjoying that album I was excited for what would be next from Volbeat, which has now arrived and is titled Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie.

Before Volbeat released their sixth studio album Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie lead singer Michael Poulsen wanted to make one thing clear; he did not want this album to be Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies 2. Unfortunately for Poulsen and co, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie does feel like a sequel rather than a spin-off; but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Although there is a shift from a western lyrical theme to a voodoo theme, the musicianship largely remains similar to that mainstream style from their previous album. Volbeat continue to effortlessly blend a myriad of styles together including rock, metal and rockabilly with Poulsen’s Elvis Presley like vocals, but it just doesn’t feel like this album shows enough growth. The album opens with 'The Devil’s Bleeding Crown'; a blistering affair that introduces the listener to Poulsen’s dark new character driven imaginary world. Even though the song has drawn comparisons to Nickelback’s 'Burn It to the Ground' and Adrenaline Mob’s 'The Mob Is Back', it stands head and shoulders above them both. Small lyrical nuances in the extended bridge are delightful, while pulsating drum work and infectious guitar work set up this album perfectly.

The next track 'Marie Laveau' introduces one of the albums most important characters via one of the catchiest tunes. 'Marie Laveau' is a slightly slower affair where acoustic guitar is added in the chorus and Rob Caggiano’s guitar work leads from the front. In my opinion songs which are built around strong characterisation like this, is where Volbeat really excel. Often lyrics swap perspectives multiple times and act as a conversation between characters, something you might not quite realise until reading through the album booklet. From here on the album follows a similar vein with songs such as 'For Evigt', 'Mary Jane Kelly' and 'Seal the Deal', but a few twists still remain. The song 'Rebound' at first felt out of place and I couldn’t explain what it was doing on the album. It sounds as if Volbeat were trying their best to impersonate Eve 6 but heavier. Once again delving into the album booklet revealed the answer. 'Rebound' is actually a cover of a Teenage Bottlerocket song and is dedicated to their late drummer Brandon Carlisle. The two bands toured together back in 2013 and this cover is Volbeat’s way of paying tribute to him. The other surprise is 'Battleship Chains', the second cover on the record, which was written by Terry Anderson but made famous by The Georgia Satellites in 1986. Both covers are excellent and showcase the band dipping into punk and rock territory but remaining true to their own sound.

Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie is everything you could really want in a modern rock record and more. Its unique blending of genres and Poulsen’s ability to tell a multitude of different and creative stories is quite compelling. To top this all off the music is melodic, catchy and focused, with guitar solos and pounding bass. Some will say that perhaps Volbeat have played it too safe by sicking to largely the sound from their previous record; for example 'For Evigt' is almost an exact replica of 'Lola Montez'. But despite some lack of innovation, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie is an undeniably fun, rocking and consistent addition to Volbeat’s arsenal.

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Solid album, but slightly below par for Volbeat...

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June 28th 2016


Are they doing anything different? The first track is literally Dead But Rising.

June 28th 2016


Album Rating: 3.5

Not overly. The two covers are the most change of pace. But by and large they play it safe on this one. Mary Jane Kelly is worth checking out in my opinion.

Contributing Reviewer
June 28th 2016


Mary Jane Kelly is such a good song

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June 28th 2016


There is something about this band that I just cannot stand and I've never even listened to them for more than 30 seconds

Digging: Fluke - Puppy

June 28th 2016


Their shtick is pretty threadbare at this point but tbh they're still m/ af

June 28th 2016


Album Rating: 1.0

Basically what bloc said

Ocean of Noise
June 28th 2016


I'm with bloc on this one too. This band has always sucked.

June 28th 2016


I stumbled upon them right when The Strength/The Sounds came out and thought it was super fun and fresh. If I was just trying to get into them now, I'd write them off as bland radio rock, and wouldn't be far off.

If you can't make it through a song like Hallelujah Goat or The Human Instrument this band just isn't for you.

June 28th 2016


This vocalist really grates after a while. That's a vocal style that just can't carry itself across an entire album. Guy's desperately gotta mix it up.

June 29th 2016


Album Rating: 3.0

Still gota hear the whole record. I'll never not love this band though.

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June 29th 2016


Album Rating: 2.5

Band def gets worse and worse.

June 30th 2016


Album Rating: 2.5

listened again and yup this sucks. shame. i once enjoyed their sound.

Staff Reviewer
July 13th 2016


Album Rating: 3.5

This rules what's up with you guys

August 31st 2016


These guys used to have the coolest sound, their first album is a classic to me but man their newer stuff irks me so bad.

October 25th 2016


The Strength / The Sound / The Songs - 7/10
Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil - 6.5/10
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood - 7.2/10
Beyond Hell / Above Heaven - 8.4/10
Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies - 8.1/10
Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie - 7.7/10

I was crossed between giving Seal the Deal a 7.5 or a 7.7, you know? LOL
I just couldn't decide, then my friend, CorkyPitoSander, told me I should rate it 7.7. He was right.

Their first 3 albums don't even compare to their most recent 3 albums.

Beyond Hell, Outlaw Gentlemen, and Seal the Deal- F T W


October 25th 2016


First 3 albums annihilate everything they did after, hard.

October 25th 2016



or more realistically that's when I got tired of their sound

October 26th 2016


Their most recent 3 albums are much better than their first 3.

You people just must be really new to Volbeat if you have that mentality.


October 26th 2016


I agree with this guy ^^

Their 2nd and 3rd albums are good, but their first album sucks. It's cheesy, it's not catchy, and tries way too hard to sound like Metallica. Failure.

I personally like Outlaw Gentlemen the best, but it's all subjective anyway

January 18th 2017


Album Rating: 3.0

This is solid, it's cool if people like it more, but it's Outlaw b-sides. I'd definitely take their first few albums over this. A lot more exciting to listen to and doesn't feel as bland... where's the spark? I don't really hear it here, just some catchy singalong songs.. and y'know it's real catchy at times, but I miss being on the edge of my seat; while being caressed by sugary sweetness not knowing what volbeat is going to throw at me next! I don't know how to explain it.. Ha, either way still good.. and they're damn fun live too.

Lazy album I'd say and they're lacking in the creativity department, but I like it; just pales severely in comparison.

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