Michale Graves
Punk Rock Is Dead



by Steerpike USER (24 Reviews)
May 23rd, 2006 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

IT came from New Jersey!!

IT had skull face paint and a mohawk!!

Now playing at your local drive-in, from writer/director/performer/producer Michale Graves comes the solo project that will make your blood run cold:

Punk Rock Is Dead!!

Now in Skel-o-Rama Vision, Beware will lure you in with itís upbeat opening before kicking up the energy and getting your blood pumping with its harmonized choruses like a choir of evil Elvis demons. Soon enough, youíll find yourself screaming along with Michale ďGo!!!Ē as the horror grips you.

Following that rush, prepare yourself for the sickly croons and anxious riffs of the hideous Teenage Monster!! The harmonies encourage the audience to sing along almost immediately, knowing soon enough that you find yourself sympathizing with the beast, only for it to be over in one heart-stopping beat.

Prepare to mosh and bang your heads to the soaring choruses and swelling verses of Earth Vs. Spider as nature goes berserk! Paul Lifelessí drumming shows through the chaos, making your heart pound through every second. Though should anyone die of fright, the producers offer free burial services.

Donít think itís over yet! Exit will leave you sleeping with the lights on as Michale sings his threats to his victims before letting loose his distinctive hoarse screams in the chorus in the most bone-chilling manner. Can he be stopped"!

Chugging mid-tempo riffs and mellow croons offer all the mood you could want in 1119. Hold your gals tight for this one, guys. Take her out to see this one, and youíre guaranteed a little ďcomfort neckingĒ before itís over. Though you should probably take a break to witness the horrifying spectacle of the spoken-work poetry scene. Macabre!!

Of course, youíll probably be better off necking through Storybook and Rhyme, which is just a sort of sub-par attempt similar to Beware and Earth Vs. SpiderÖ I mean, uhÖ FEAR!!!!

But just when you think itís safe to go to sleep again, prepare yourself for another creature feature with science gone mad: Godzilla!! The Big Gís distinctive roar is present in sampling, and lumbering riffs make you feel so much smaller as Michale bemoans our fate as casualties of the war of the kaiju. As the despair grips you, all you can do is sing along in the dirge.

Queen Taste willÖ uh, itíllÖ Well, itís another good excuse to fog up your car windows and make out with your girlfriend.

Now playing in dynamic Rad-Vision, Radio Deadly is a ravenous rocker that will leave a high body count behind when the moshpit clears. Legions of fans stand up and sing along to the anthemic chorus that allures you into becoming legions of the damned!

With those armies of punks descending upon an innocent town like zombies, pray for the souls of the sheep who hear the deathly anthem Punk Rock Is Dead!! Youíll forgive the poor production values thus far when you stand up and start shouting and banging your head to the memorable riffs as the slaughter begins.

And if your terror isnít complete yet, Michale serenades you goodbye in the final feature of the night. While the living dead ravage the world, Michale softly croons away, smiling his skeletal smile. An encore of evil!! A lullaby of the living dead!! A power ballad of panic!! Dawn of the Dead!! Run for your life, as you screeeaaam!

We are the end of the world
Good night, farewell!

Donít miss the drive-in album experience of the summer: Punk Rock Is Dead! Just because you can see the zippers on the costumes and strings on the flying saucers doesnít mean it isnít scary! Sleep tight, creeplings.

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May 23rd 2006


Nice job. JV Bastard has to be one of the best rock star names ever.
Excellent review. Love the intro.

May 23rd 2006


What's with all these "is dead"s lately? Pretty good review, ditch the boring synopsis, it makes writing a concept review pointless.

May 23rd 2006


well i loved american psycho, famous monsters, and the song he did on the Summer's End album, so i might have to check this out...

great review, as always steerpike!

May 23rd 2006


I love american psyco, so I shall be getting this one

May 23rd 2006


if you like that cd listen to Mister Monster and Blitzkid

May 23rd 2006


I've never gotten into the "new" Misfits and don't really like Graves. But that review was entertaining.

Digging: Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here

November 24th 2006


Yeah, great review. I might go look for this.

November 24th 2006


I dont like Michael Graves at all. Good work though, its nice to know you can can some reviewing done in between ownings

November 24th 2006


sounds like i shoudl check this out

November 27th 2006


Great review.

Drive-in theaters are the shizz.

November 25th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

Serious? I love the Misfits, and Graves time with the radio-friendly age of Misfits, but this record sounds lazy. He sounds half-drunk, or half-asleep while recording some of these songs. Storybook, he sounds like he fell over drunk during the final few seconds with that "yaaaa yeee yaaahh la la yeeeaaaahh leee", and Godzilla, he sounds like he's giving a half-arsed effort and couldn't give a tit about how it comes out. I'm not bashing the guy, but this was the same man that gave amazing songs like "Saturday Night" and "Descending Angel". He needs to stop smoking whatever it was, get some proper sleep, drink some chicken soup, whatever. This was lazy.

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