From Ashes To New
Day One



by NordicMindset USER (160 Reviews)
April 25th, 2016 | 13 replies

Release Date: 2016 | Tracklist

Review Summary: An album with no reason to exist

From Ashes to New embody the definition of unoriginality. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the five-member band consists of multiple vocalists, one that handles all the singing duties and one that does all of the rapping. That formula should sound rather familiar, much like the music they put out. Inspired by the likes of Alexisonfire, Glassjaw, Breaking Benjamin and Of Mice & Men, From Ashes to New manage to capture the generic tones of the latter two while foregoing the fire and energy of the former. In spite of the band’s youth, success has been easily attainable, taking only a few extended plays and one single to shoot them into the most popular rung on the modern rock ladder.

From Ashes to New play a brand of rap-rock-infused metalcore that takes the laziest elements from both genres and fuses them together in one large cluster of mediocrity. The easiest comparison would of course be Linkin Park, if Linkin Park used breakdowns and harsh vocals to the point of oversaturation, Mike Shinoda’s raps were clumsier and Chester Bennington’s voice was far more nasally. If anything, it combines Hollywood Undead levels of obnoxiousness with Papa Roach’s dullness, neither of which is a compliment.

There’s nothing on Day One that is particularly terrible, but other bands have played their shtick better. Instrumentally, From Autumn to Ashes (I’m sorry, From Ashes to New) sound just like the cream of the generic nu-metal and metalcore crop, incorporating excessive chugging, lazy use of synths and overdone guitar riffs. Neither singer Chris Musser or rapper Matt Brandyberry are particularly talented at their craft, with the latter often resorting to macho tough-guy posturing that comes off as way too forced. This is an album that consists of eleven poorly written songs, and it’s hard to find a diamond in the rough when these are all songs that have been played before, either by them or some other band. Some of the hooks are decent, but none of the full songs are good enough to maintain interest throughout the entirety of its duration.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter, because their target audience will devour From Ashes to New much like they have Bring Me the Horizon and their ilk. The album is titled Day One most probably because this is their first full-length studio release, but a more entertaining theory is that it was named as such because the world’s calendar would have to suddenly revert back to day one in order for anything by this band to be considered fresh. Even then, it’ll still be a boring record at that, one whose closing line, “you only die once”, offers some hope that the second this band’s popularity ceases, their genre will forever be gone. Of course, we all know that will never happen.

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A solid debut album for "From Ashes To New", and a nice follow up to their 2013 E.P....

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April 25th 2016


1. Land of Make Believe
2. Farther from Home
3. Lost and Alone
4. Shadows
5. Through It All
6. Face the Day
7. Downfall
8. Breaking Now
9. Every Second
10. Same Old Story
11. You Only Die Once

April 25th 2016


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

"In the end, it doesn’t even matter"

I see what you did there, man. Good rev! There's just not much in the way of personality throughout this record (if any at all).

April 25th 2016


Mistook this band for "From Autumn To Ashes" and almost shit myself.

Sooooo sad now.

April 25th 2016


Remember hearing their EP back in the day when it was making its rounds on the Bandcamp top 100. I'm not surprised this is a piece of piss.

April 25th 2016


Album Rating: 2.0

I've only heard the single "Through It All." I can't see any reason why I'd ever want to listen to the rest of it.

April 26th 2016


album is probably the most unoriginal drek I've heard this year.

April 26th 2016


Album is boring as shit

May 1st 2016


About time this get's a review. Great review by the way, pos'd

May 10th 2016


Why "modern" bands call themselves nu metal, when they sound almost nothing like how nu metal was in the 90s, and what made it interesting.

May 10th 2016


Nu metal was interesting?

Staff Reviewer
May 11th 2016


Album Rating: 2.5

Interesting in how it hasn't died out yet.

There's decent stuff here, but the rap vocals and generally mediocre songs drag it down.

May 11th 2016


Something I hate about metalcore nowadays is that almost no bands try to risk experimentation and some interesting stuff to make them quite stand out from the crowd. Playing generic riffs, abundant breakdowns, angsty lyrics and annoying vocals has become the law. (apart from lame rapping if we're talking about nu-metalcore, which in case, is From Ashes To New)

Damn, I listened to some stuff like Converge and 7 Angels 7 Plagues. They blow those "metalcore" kids out of the water.

Ignoring my nu-metal comment which I made before, this is a really good review, and I agree. FATN doesn't have originality. And I'm afraid more unoriginal bands will come and SOMEHOW make success.

March 9th 2018


I just heard the new song they released and it was legit one of the worst things i've heard in a long time.

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