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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Note: This is the band's sixth album. I have not heard the first five, but this is their latest. I cannot buy these earlier albums because they have to be bought on special order :( The band were originally called Inhuman, but changed... I am unsure why. This is also my first review, so don't blame me if it sucks. Just wanted to get my love for this band accross. :)

Band members at the time:

Vocals: Roman Zimmerhackel
Lead Guitar: Alexander Hagenauer
Guitar and Backing Vocals: Andreas Schuhmeier
Bass: Thomas Gschwendner
Drums: Roland Jahoda

This German-based death metal band is apparently well heard of, even though barely anyone has heard of them who I have talked to... and I know many German people. Odd, because their sound is very aggressive, and sounded quite diiferent to me when I heard a sample of Obtuse on a website. I found some way of getting the album from a German website, and I am very glad I did. It has oddly addictive riffs, although a few can seem like they were just altered from song to song. Anyway, I will review each song...

1. Still Alive
A powerful start to a powerful album. It starts with insect-like sounds echoing among whispers, to a small climax of the words, 'To be.' This leads into the song, and it explodes into fast drumming, heavy guitars and extremley aggressive vocals. The song changes it's pace a few times with alternating guitars and even a short acoustic part with drums still banging on. A long guitar solo ploughs on near the 3/4 mark, with a repeat of the original riffs. 4/5

2. My Own Coffin
A good track, starts somewhat slow with a sudden change of pace about 25 seconds in, almost doubling time with the drums. Good guitar work, but I feel it drags on a bit too long with the same riffs and general feel. It does have impressive drumming though, and Roman's vocals can get adrenaline flowing. 3.5/5

3. Obtuse
I feel this is the most impressive song on the album, it starts fast, and keeps the pace up. The drums change beats nearly every 8 seconds, and has again impressive vocals and guitars, but the bass guitar seems almost lazy in comparison with other songs. A minor drawback though, as the utter power in the riffs more than makes up for it. 4.5/5

4. Ignore The Truth
Oddly, this song seems boring to me. This is where the alteration and repetion of riffs seems to start, but it has a catchy rhythm along with fast drums and quick changes of pace. 3.5/5

5. Hallucination
Starts with an entirely acoustic part, fading into the proper heavy sound. It has a good pace and an addictive chorus. Fast and creative drumming dominates most of the song, complete with a blisteringly fast break. Equally impressive guitar work is here, and is headbang-inducing stuff. 4.5/5

6. Hope of Salvation
Fast but repetitive, with some interesting drum fills, and an oddly laclustre amount of variation in the guitar work... still, it has a good breakdown. Overall, this song can seem like the slowest at parts, which is not necessarily a bad thing. 4/5

7. Mirror Of Thoughts
The main instrumental on the album, it is acoustic with some light percussion and whispers in the background along with bass strumming. Haunting, and (Mind the pun) thoughtful. Has a single bass note outro. 4/5

8. Draw A Conclusion
Snaps you back to reality with force, has a good mixture of fast vocals and loud drums, and now variated guitar riffs, which somewhat makes you breathe out in relief a little. Overall, a good song, with a great guitar solo again at the 3/4 mark, returning to the quick-paced riffing, except with added melody. Quite high high quality. 4/5

9. True To Form
The most headbang appealing track on the album in my opinion, with constant double bass drum work at the intro and further. Uses interesting alteration in break down sections, and a quick slow down break near half point. Great guitar work and well used vocal strength. 4.5/5

10. Thirst Of Knowledge
My favorite track. It has great alternating bass and guitar picks, with backing drums that could make your head spin. A great break with only one guitar, the riffs bring accross the song's more melancholy feel to the ears, with a great solo and continuous double bass drum work. Perfect for Thrash and Metal fans, in my opinion. 5/5

11. Perishing Blind
The final song, and fittingly, and instrumental of an almost going-down-fighting feel to it. Great riffs, and good fast drumming. At the end, it slowly fades into just guitars, and it shows the feeling of the song strongly again. Very powerful use of melody and harmony. Brilliant. 4.5/5

Well, most people probably won't hear this album anyway, but if the chance appears, I would reccomend it to heavy music fans... if not for a bigger music library, then for a sound coming from another country.

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November 13th 2009


Soul Demise are great. This review sucks.

June 19th 2023


Album Rating: 3.5


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