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True Widow



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February 25th, 2016 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This is a soundtrack for lost and lonely souls blindly wandering a barren wasteland.

True Widow is a 3-piece band from Dallas, Texas consisting of DH. Phillips (guitar/vocals), Nicole Estill (bass/vocals) and Slim TX (drums). They describe their sound as “stonegaze,” coming from a combination of genres known as stoner-rock and shoegaze. Based on their debut (self-titled) full-length True Widow, “stonegaze” is an accurate description of their music as this record shows their special ability to mix groovy stoner-rock riffs with the airy and spacious sounds of shoegaze.

“Aka” starts off with a melancholic guitar melody evoking a sensation of sorrow and ache. With Phillips belting out catchy verse-hooks and a strong guitar melody, this song is a strong start to the bleak reality this album ends up portraying. In “Duelist” the tempo picks up a bit and the thick tone of the guitar takes over. Estill and Phillips trade-off vocals effortlessly, while conveying an inability to overcome darkened thoughts and wasted life. “Minor it Down” rumbles with a strong, steady pulse and concludes with an interesting spacey melody that slides in towards the end. Lyrically, it hints at someone who is unable to redirect his or her troubled ways and is getting lost in the attempts at change. “Sunday Driver” heightens up the atmosphere and showcases a more vulnerable and passionate vocal performance from Philips. This track is slow, grinding and full of blurry lust. “Corpse Master” is another slow-burner full of despondency and anhedonia. This tune has a heavy mood with dissonant, psychedelic guitar feedback lurking in the background and emotional pain in Phillips’ vocals.

“Flat Black” is a somewhat energetic track about the difficulty in trusting ones-self and the various possibilities that surround each decision we make. “All You Need” may have the lightest mood on the record, but it still manages to portray black and white images of desolation and loneliness. Estill and Phillips come together to sing a powerful chorus that suspends above the music like hovering ghosts. “Mesh Mask” is a definite highlight where Phillips manages to sing directly into the chambers of the soul with a hauntingly beautiful chorus and touching, poetic lyrics. It’s about acting out of character and almost getting consumed by it to the point of no return. The next track “Bleeder” is a mid-tempo thumper with Estill handling most of the vocals, singing about the incalculable amount of dreams that have never come to fruition and the slipping sanity that occurs from trying to lead a regular life. The standout of this song is the thick guitar riff that thunderously rains down during the bridge. Last but not least is “Kr,” a thick and doomy track with a chorus that radiates heartache. It’s a long-winding song that seems to be about how losing something or someone important can leave you feeling lost inside yourself. It’s one of the most atmospheric tracks on the album, full of gloom and despair.

True Widow is not a perfect album falling prey to one main issue, which is that the songs seem to blend together a little too much. There is a lack of diversity on this record as all the songs follow a similar structure, pace and one dominant mood, both musically and vocally. Although, the truth is that this issue is also what makes this record feel so cohesive and sincere. The repetitive ambience burns stark imagery and cold emotion right into the psyche with an unrelenting force.

Overall, True Widow is a highly addictive album full of dense atmosphere, heavy guitar hooks, catchy vocal melodies and lyrics that reach deep into the dark recesses of human imperfection. This is a soundtrack for lost and lonely souls blindly wandering a barren wasteland.

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February 25th 2016


glad to see this get a review, great album

February 25th 2016


Nice review, you describe each song well and gave me a good idea of what to expect from this record, I'll definitely give it a spin (as I've never heard of these folks before). As a minor point of criticism, I do not think you need to describe every track on the album. I understand this is a track-by-track style review, though your last couple of short paragraphs which add your sentiment on the record are interesting. I'd like to see more of your opinion sprinkled throughout the writing (: Regardless, this is a solid write-up, Pos'd.

February 25th 2016


amazing band.

Digging: Potence - L'Amour Au Temps De La Peste

February 25th 2016


Album Rating: 4.5

This band is awesome and this may be my favourite album in their discography. It definitely deserved a review!

@BurntSynapse: Thanks for the constructive criticism, I just started writing reviews so I appreciate the feedback. I was trying to avoid the track by track review style and then I got pulled into it. I want to try adding more of my own sentiment for sure because this way is a bit too lengthy. But I'm glad you dug it anyways. Cheers!

October 5th 2016


this is so good wtf

March 10th 2017


some good ass slowc0re

March 10th 2017


the album after this is phenomenal but they went way down hill after. last two were boring as hell. as high as the earth has to be one of the best slow core albums ever made tbh

July 1st 2017


Album Rating: 3.5

Great band.

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