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February 12th, 2016 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

Review Summary: EPITOME in E-MINOR

This is it. My favorite Whitehouse album of all time. It is adventurous, insane, evil, and pretentious as fuck. I love every inch of this release. Combining all of the knowledge and talent that Peter Sotos and William Bennett built since 1980, Quality Time brought out a culmination of all of that knowledge into one towering release. Where the Hell do I start?

We start off with Told, a rough track of screeching mic feedback and curdling noises combining with some dialogue from Willy boy. This track contains the best use of curdling out of their whole discography. It is extremely pristine and on point. That is simply a start up to Quality Time a ten-minute Epic heavily utilizing the Mic Feedback and William's dialogue. The thing that definitely sets this track apart is William's howling, which was something Whitehouse had never really done before; it created this creepy atmosphere that unsettled me to my very core when I first heard it. Another innovative idea was fading out the mic feedback when William was yelling, allowing the listener to really get into Will's dialogue and begin to understand him more.

We continue on with what I believe to be the most hilarious piece of schmuck I have ever heard in Baby literally it is mostly baby noises for about three minutes. That's it. It is so dumb that one cannot help but laugh at how anticlimactic the whole track is. I personally believe it was done on purpose, so that Will could throw us off track with a simple idea with no relation to anything else. Things get absolutely heated in Execution, a torrent of insanity wrapped up with mic feedback that is distorted heavily. This complete barrage practically murders your ears, so be warned and draw the volume down when listening.

Just Like A Cunt (Pb Vocal Version) returns to the old ways, featuring powerful vocals, distorted curdling, and massive mic feedback. It all finishes off with Once And For All, the most gut wrenching of the tracks. The mic feedback is turned up x10, destroying what little oxygen has left itself in your brain, while Will's vocals embrace a little Erector in them. This is an album that has something for everybody in the Power Electronics fanbase. That's not what makes this album so much fun though.

What makes it really fun was the controversy that erupted from it's release on MP3.com all the way back in the early 2000's. Despite bringing a lot of attention to the Power Electronics genre that had been lost, it's release was heavily attacked by musical purists who felt that the genre "Was not music", that it was "Pretentious", only to moronically bust out into there own form of pretentious diatribe. Don't believe me? Here's some examples.

"I have experienced a lot of Noise or Experimental music - I have given it a chance, and I am also a fan of early futurism, but my main problems with it are:"

Oh do tell.

"1) Extremely pretentious."


"2) very bad for your mental/physical health (the vibrations & sounds levels are anti-life in the fact that a lot of it upsets your energy system (kills plants etc.) (scientific proof of that exists) making you physical ill after prolonged listening. (You're acupuncturist wouldn't recommend it!) ;) In otherwords you are creating negative energy. The same goes for Thrash Metal and other kinds of this sort."

Wait... What the almighty, literal fuck are you on about? I've seen Concerned Mothers for America make better fucking arguments than this. This is why Feng Shui dumb dumbs shouldn't be allowed to listen to music.

3) Juvenile."


"It is a form of self-masturbatory artform, it doesn't adress negative social issues, it just avoids them or adds to them. I find most artists in this field are taking mind-numbing drugs, or destructive on one hand, or are just plain trying to look down on people or show off in gross pomposity on the other."

Feminism. Not even once.

THAT'S NOT ALL. Check out this one...

"Well, we've found a common ground in this. I heard power in their material, alright....RAW power...uncultured, uncultivated power. Power that needs to be manipulated, shaped, arranged, channeled. A block of marble is immensely powerful, even for an inanimate object, but the sculptor shapes its power, directs, alters it to become a showpiece."

And people said this sh*t was pretentious.

"Believe me, I know for their fans, Whitehouse's music must hold a *definite* aesthetic importance. But their "music" is seriously fringe-stuff, only for the extremely explorative and rebellious. I still don't see how anyone gets anything out of it."

Hey dumbshit. Here's how we do it:

~We don't take it too seriously~

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February 12th 2016


Album Rating: 5.0

For more hilarity, please visit http://www.susanlawly.freeuk.com/textfiles/discussion01.htm

February 12th 2016


despite all the lame memes, i still enjoyed this review. pos

February 13th 2016


Album Rating: 3.5

either "kek'd" or "top kek" you fucking dunce there is no in between



fuck bro its not 2005 anymore

pos'd anyway quality time is easily one of the most overlooked albums whitehouse has ever put out

Digging: Fawn Limbs - Harm Remissions

February 13th 2016


Album Rating: 5.0

fukin fite me bruh

February 13th 2016


Album Rating: 3.5

i always loved the synth-tone this album has

like it makes this album really eerie and spooky compared to everything else they've put out, shit sounds like pure static

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