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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Codeseven - The Rescue

Hailing from Winston-Salem, NC, Codeseven was formed in 1995 by three brothers (James, Jon and Matt Tuttle). Growing up in a musical family, and playing together since being toddlers, the progression from youngsters to aspiring musicians was a natural one. During high school, the brothers met Eric Weyer, and Daved Owen (who has since left the group), and shortly thereafter, were introduced to Jeff Jenkins through a mutual friend, at which time, Codeseven became a band.

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this, in my opinion is much better than Division of Labor. in every single way. the music takes you to another place, a better place. this album is divine. the music never gets boring neither, and you never find yourself going to skip to the next song. the songs are all roughly 4 minutes long, with the exception of Give It To Us.

for this album, they lost one of their singers, they had two previously. one singer for normal singing, another for the screaming. they lost Dave, who did the screaming, and it's paid off for them. the vocals on this album are sublime, truly amazing.

here's the lowdown on the songs.

1 Southie

starts off with a soft, relaxing intro, then picks up a little as the guitars enter. now the vocals come in, truly amazing. you just can't get over the emotion of Jeffs vocals, so great. this is a great intro track to the album, the whole album portrays something to do with girls. having lost, or wanting them. it's a great intro track to the album. soft, soothing, yet so hard.


2 The Camel City

one of the softer songs on the album. very soft intro on the guitars. a great bass line on this song, and the vocals are outstanding again. Jeff can't go wrong. there is a build up, you can feel it coming. the music is so atmospheric, you never lose interest in the album, it just flows perfectly from song to song, never boring. everything about the song is just great, the build up, and the unique vocals. it tones down nearing the end, but a bloody awesome song.


3 Sounds of Cyan and Magenta

another soft intro to the song. they tend to have a more soft approach, and an easy listening sound to the intro, and then it builds up. a great bass line again. another great thing about the band, you can actually hear the bass. the guitars aren't pumping out the chords, just atmospherically in the background, you are aware they are there, just you don't get the usual chord thrown here and there. you get the sense the song isn't even that long, as you are so gripped. it's 4:22, but it feels so short, you just want to listen again. another awesome song.


4 Smell of Yellow and Black

a hard, abrasive intro to the song. just really hitting hard at you. then it goes back into the soft, atmospheric approach. the use of pianos is great, although you can't hear it too well, it's a nice touch. another great chorus, with superb vocals again. one of the harder songs on the album, it slowly builds up, again you can sense this. codeseven are great with the climaxs to songs, as they are always better than expected. it changes to soft, and then hard again, yet so flowing and brilliant. a great ending to the song, such emotion in the vocals, another outstanding track.


5 Danger

one of the best songs on the album, no doubt about it. this song is one of my altime favourite songs. everything about it, is just to great to describe. the clattering drums, and the pounding bass, just fit perfectly with the vocals. the guitars again, just atmospheric, and the piano used to great effect in the build up. the climax is better than anything i've ever heard, the vocals during the main chorus are just terrific, yet again. this band ooze with musicianship, they know how to make a great song. the build up is so intense, you just want to hear the outcome. then the vocals kick in "sit down, so sit down, let's wait here". i found it hard to praise this song too much, it's just fantastic. the more you listen to the song, the better it gets. it reminds me of walking on a beach, with the wind brushing through your hair, sand between your toes, with the cold water soothing your burnt feet. it's whimsical.

5/5 (essential track!)

6 The Rescue

the self titled track, blasts your face as it enters. such a hammering intro. you can feel the music on your face, this is fierce. my 2nd favourite song from the album, the vocals are the best on this song, Jeff is one of the greatest, most emotional singers i have ever come across, he sings so superlatively. the transitions from hard to soft, are yet again so illusive. the jarring drums, to the lavish bass and guitar, is just overwhelming. the vocals are the highlight on the entire album. the chorus kicks in around the 3:30 mark again, and the vocals are even more strong, and the song just exits so extravagantly. it's still hard, and just so soft. a perfect exit for the next song. another striking track on the album.


7 Give it To Us

the creamy drum intro is just perfect to set the scene of the song, with the amiable vocals and guitars. the bass lines are great in every song, and audible. this song has one of the greatest choruses on the album. also the longest song on the album, but you don't even notice. 3 minutes in, and it feels like i've just started the song. no, the song isn't boring, not in the least, it's like a time warmp when you listen to this band. there is some weird talking going on int he background, which you can't quite make it. it's echo'd, and it fits to perfection. the song does drag on a little, towards the end. it's just the repeated chorus, but abit stronger than before, still a great track. the chorus being the highlight, but they could have made it shorter.


8 Obsolete Folksong

the softest song on the album. acoustic guitars, and hushing vocals. it's in a different vein to the rest of the songs, seems out of place. they should have placed this in at 6, with the self titled last. that would have been a perfect ending to the album. not alot to say about the song, i don't like it that much, the only song that i have difficulty with the remote to skip track. the rest ooze with brilliance, where this, whilst only a soft song, doesn't match up to the brilliance of the rest. it just fades out into nothing, a dissapointing ending to the song, as you are left with 1 minute of slow drums, and no vocals, just fading out into the distance. the only bad song on the album


this is a short album, only 8 tracks, but it sure does pack a punch. it would have been a 10/10, if it had not been for the last song. everything about this band, is just unblemished. i can't get over the brilliance on this album. the vocals will overwhelm you, as it did to me. you can listen to (in my opinion the best tracks on the album), here;


this is the perfect summer album. one of my alltime favourites. i will love this to the end. i advise fans of Hopesfall to listen to this band. they are very similar to Hopesfall, just without the mindless screaming vocals. (codeseven older albums, preceding this, were very similar, this album isn't similar to Hopesfall at all. don't get this thinking you will be getting Hopesfall) this is a great album, and the best of Codeseven' work, and i advise all to listen to them. it goes out on abit of a whim, and would have been better if Danger had been placed as track 8, that would have been the best ending to an album ever!

overall rating. 4.5/5

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July 13th 2004


Album Rating: 4.5

someone take up on my advice and listen to this album !

sure, they aren't popular, and not very well known at all. they hardly get any hits on the purevolume site, and i still wonder why. someone listen to them, it's your duty!

July 14th 2004


Codeseven are amazing, thanks for reviewing this album. I can't believe how underrated they are, and it's good to see they got signed to Equal Vision, because they'll get a little more publicity through them.

July 20th 2004


Codeseven is one of my favorite bands. Great review.

I agree with everything you said about Danger, that is also one of my favorite songs of all time. Codeseven are great song writers.

July 21st 2004


First of all, if you're going to be writing reviews, please use correct grammar and capitalization. That's a huge peeve of mine. I'd've never read this review if it weren't for the fact I enjoy Codeseven so much.

Pretty alright review. GREAT album.

If you're into Codeseven, you should dig Cave In. Download, or rather buy!, their album Jupiter. Trust me, it'll be in heavy rotation in your CD player.


July 21st 2004


[QUOTE=sounds_of_sanguinity]please use correct grammar and capitalization. That's a huge peeve of mine. I'd've never read this review if it weren't for the fact I enjoy Codeseven so much.


November 24th 2004


I love this record. Good review.

June 1st 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

A very amazing album. I was surprised how you referred hopesfall listeners there at the time...because oddly enough I agree in a way. The sense of melody and beauty throughout "The Rescue" is a very similar experience to the beauty of Hopesfall. I listen to this cd alot during the summer,makes me so happy and chill.

May 16th 2010


One of my favorite album's, and you've done a great job elaborating on all the awesomeness this album
entails Incubliss.

April 19th 2011


grammer is god awful. like really awful. code seven is great tho

April 19th 2011


give the guy a break he wrote this 7 yrs ago.

Yeah Berty with the ASTROS avatar!!
Wandy was pretty fucking good tonight.

June 20th 2012


I remember liking this but it's been a long time since i listened to it and I don't think I have it anymore. They were pretty cool when I saw them with dredg as well.

Contributing Reviewer
September 6th 2015


Album Rating: 4.0

well this is delightful

Digging: Coughs - Fright Makes Right

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