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Polyester Zeal



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December 27th, 2015 | 3 replies

Release Date: 08/07/2015 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A modern rock band standing out with Alice In Chains influenced songs

Today's rock is all the same. Nothing but heavy riffs, drum solos, the only thing that seperates bands from each other is their voices. RED SUN RISING is different. Formed back in 2007, RSR's 2015 album, Polyester Zeal, is total old school. Retro riffs, retro voice, nothing but a 90's like album, which is a great thing to make them not like every other heavy sound wannabe out there. Although flawed at some points, RSR is certainly on the right track to make a name for themselves.

With The Otherside as their hit single, many songs on the record have just as much pulse, heart, and backbone to follow in Otherside's footsteps. Take Amnesia for example. Lyrics in this song were very well written and has an extraordinary sound behind it all. Of course, a number of other songs have that same kind of formula. Great sound and lyrics.

The album opens with 'Push', a heavy and somewhat early 2000's like song. This song disappoints many, mainly because it is flat and boring, which it somewhat is. A little more could have been done on this song to prevent it from being uninteresting. Another issue is the chorus, "Push and/Pull you/Push and/Pull you/Push and pull you in and out!". Some, including myself find that repetitive and poorly written, as a few extra minutes writing this song could have improved that.

Of course, songs like My Muse and Blister make up for the flaws in that. My Muse, track #4, is a very dark and interesting song, showing a more haunting side of RSR. And Blister, track #6, one of my main reccomendations of songs, is a very neat song, telling a story of our world filled with unhelpful, self-centered, and inconsiderate human beings, which supposedly has no end to. As long as there is blood on Mike's hands.

But the album is weighted down with bland songs like Emotionless, Imitation, and Unnatural. These songs I find very dull and feel as if five minutes went into them (which isn't even true, just an exxageration). Imitation is especially bad, consisting of a lot of talk about suicide, which I find very unpleasing. There is an answer that isn't suicide. And that fact Mike says kill yourself in the song holds ot down even more.

So while there is a lot of good things to say about this, it has it's flaws, mainly the song writing, which is why this album wasn't and shouldn't be rated any higher than 3.5. Overall, a great album I highly reccomend, with flaws about 3/4 made up with great songwriting and sounds. RSR for sure started off on a high note (their earlier albums weren't very popular) and could end up with a long successful career if they keep this up.

Recommended Tracks:

My Muse
Worlds Away

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December 28th 2015


Lots of cleaning up to be done in terms of grammar and spelling, man.

February 22nd 2016


Album Rating: 3.5

This is awesome. "Amnesia" is killer.

February 22nd 2016


All I've heard is The Otherside since it gets played on the radio, and that song is a blatant AiC ripoff.

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