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May 16th, 2006 | 20 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

I am sure there are a lot of current WWE fans here, and I am sure there are past WWE fans here. When you look at wrestling now, there isn't as much to it as there was in the Attitude era, when storylines would cross the line all of the time- You would see old ladies giving birth to hands, people getting lit on fire, trucks smashing anything that would get in the way, sex everywhere, it was always fun to watch.

WWE, during this time was trying everything to out-do their competition which was the "evil" WcW, and now as we see many years later WWE has accomplished their goal.

Back to the cd though, there are many good and bad things about WWF: The Music, Vol 4 surprisingly. All the songs are songs that wrestlers use while making their entrance to the ring. Many might think that is a horrible concept to make an album to, but a lot of these songs have nice hooks and are just fun to listen to.

1. Break The Wall Down (Chris Jericho) - Chris Jericho, for those who don't know who this guy is, he came from WcW to WWE. How this started, was WWE placed a GIANT clock on the "Titan tron" counting down for months, and when it finally got to Jericho made his entrance, which is where the song starts of by the end of the clock sound. The song is catchy, no doubt about it, but it just isn't great to hear outside of WWE programming, it also gets very repetitive with the lyrics as it repeats everything over and over and over again. You can find this wrestler now in a band called FOZZY

2. Big (The Big Show) - The song pretty much describes this character "The Big Show" who is a 7'2 monster, it's a very odd blues type song but fits the character very well. This was released in 1999, and he still uses this song as his theme song. Again though, it's not something to great to listen to outside of WWE programming.

3. No Chance In Hell (The Corporation)- A song that is used by the chairman and his stable back in the day. I love this song, you pretty much hear "No chance in hell, you got, no chance, no chance in hell!" through the entire song, but it works and this is just great to listen to whenever you can, it has a great momentum to the entire song.

4. Sexual Chocolate (Mark Henry) - Ugh, we have reached a low point to the CD, this is one of the worst songs I have heard, again only fit for WWE programming. I use this song as a joke usually because it's supposed to fit a sexual black guy hence the title "Sexual chocolate" funny song about being sexual.

5. This Is A Test (Test) - If you want to hear a song repeat the same thing over and over again, here is your chance "This is a test, test test, this is a test, test test" then choose this amazingly boring song :).

6. Wreck (Mankind) - The songs starts off with a huge car wreck sound at the beginning then goes into a nice little guitar riff and drum beat. It's an instrumental song, but makes you want to clap your hands or something. By the way, if you don't know who Mick Foley is, you should be slapped.

7. Oh Hell Yeah (Stone Cold Steve Austin) - In the prime of the attitude era, this was the guy that started it all. The guy who would drink beer, drive trucks, fall of bridges, play guitar, almost kill the boss you name it, he did it. The song is great, a great guitar rhythm that you won't forget, when I hear glass break, the first thing that comes to mind is this song. Learn this on guitar if you play, it's simple and fun.

8. Danger At The Door (D'Lo Brown) - D'lo brown, there is NOTHING to say about this wrestler at all, he had a partner, he got turned on..WWE career pretty much over. This is a rap style song that I didn't like to much at all. Nothing to compliment

9. Blood Brother (Christian) - Christian, tag team partner with edge, through all the horrible times in ladder matches and everything. Much charisma and everything, and he gets stuck with the ***ty theme music" How un-cool and fair. Another instrumental theme, but boring as hell.

10. AssMan (Mr. Ass) - Best song on the album hands down, just for the lyrical content of how sick this song is. At least to be aired on TV, a guys saying he likes asses, and loves to flood them and many other things. Mr. Ass had a huge career from DX, to BIlly and Chuck the gay duo. Love the song.

11. Ministry (Undertaker) - The Undertaker is my favorite wrestler, the dead/standing/tall/dark/gothic/flying/urn living thing. One moment he is sacrificing people and the next burning them or kidnapping someone. The song is dark to fit his Gothic like character as he was in 1999, now he is just ridiculous. Everything in the song is something that stands out above all the other theme's here. I think I had this song on repeat many times.

12. My Time (Triple H/Chyna) - HHH the fans hate him now, and probably will forever, but this in my opinion is HHH's best them. I cannot stand Motorhead so this one is far superior to the horrible songs he uses now. The guitar riff is pretty heavy in this song, and fits the bad-assness of how HHH used to be. All I can remember from this song are the "it's my time now" lyrics mixed in with the "who's sleeping with who" in means to who's getting to the top of business.

13. On The Edge (Edge) (New Version) - Christians tag team partner, with the actual better theme music than Christians. This is more calm than Christians theme, which leaves a lot of mystery to involved with it because that is how exactly Edge's character act. It has female vocals as she seems to say random things through-out the song "you think you know me, I know you, but you think you know me" or something like that. Edge can now be found banging Lita.

14. Know Your Role (The Rock) (New Version) - "IF YA SMELLLLLLLL, what the rock, is COOKIN" the Rock, everyone knows The Rock, from playing in The Mummy Returns, Doom, and many other pretty big Hollywood hits. This song is a more guitar driven "rock" song. I think there are about 3/4 different versions of his song, and each one are good to hear. The lyrics just consist of "the rock says, the rock says, if ya smell" if I remember right. Still makes a great song.

Anyway, here is my poor excuse for a WWE review. I don't own the CD but all of it's from memory. It's great to have if yo want to remember the themes from the past, better than whatever they have now.

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May 16th 2006


This was the era that I used to like WWF. I would never listen to the music by itself, although some of it is pretty funny. pretty good review.

Digging: Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here

May 16th 2006


This was the era I was into it as well. Oh how I remember ordering the pizza, having everyone chip and ordering PPV's on Sundays. Good times in the 8th grade...

Full Collapse299
May 16th 2006


Ahh this was a trip through memory lane. I got this CD when I was in to wrestling, I also got Vol. 2 also when I was a fan. I don't know where these albums are now. My favorite song was This Is A Test (Test). Man wrestling used to be so rad. Mark Henry LMFAO.

May 16th 2006


I had the eariler wwf album. The champions edition, volume 2 and volume 3. they're quite fun I guess but, It's just impossible to let it play through without skipping. Very low playability.

May 16th 2006


mark henry now is useless he is injurying all the people he facing like kurt angle and batista

May 16th 2006


i hate wrestling now, but u cant deny the catchiness of mankind's theme!

May 16th 2006


This was the golden era. But wrestling really, really sucks now. Maybe it's just that I'm older, but the WWF was the shit back then.
I could never listen to the theme music by itself, though.

May 16th 2006


Aha, I know people are going to make fun of me for this but I still enjoy wrestling, and I watch it occasionaly. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. Good review

May 16th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

I rarely watch wrestling anymore, but when I do I enjoy it to some extent.

I wrote pretty much the entire thing from memory. I haven't heard the songs in quite some time, but I still remember each song quite well.

Still, Mark Henry's song is just ridiculous.

May 16th 2006


You said that the Undertaker was just ridiculous now. How so?

May 16th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

It wasn't really as much of a joke review. I was thinking of the first cd's I ever bought for myself and I was into wrestling and then I decided to throw this out there.

"You said that the Undertaker was just ridiculous now. How so?"

Well I haven't been an avid fan of watching it lately, but he isn't anywhere near as entertaining as he used to be. Maybe I should just watch it more often, but he's not as dark/mysterious as he used to be. It could be because I have grown and gotten used to the storylines.

May 16th 2006


I think my brother used to have this album, but I liked Vol. 3 better. It had the RATM-sounding Degeneration X theme song as well as the goofy ICP song about The Oddities. Fun!

May 16th 2006


Meh, he's still pretty entertaining he's taking on "The Great Ghali" (the guys whose like 7'3 from the new version of "The Logest Yard"). But he's probably going to lose. But yeah i remember the good old days when he had mideon and viscera by his side, and he always had crazy burried alive matches and things.

*sighs* those were the days. No one laugh at me for having an interest in this *shakes fist*This Message Edited On 05.16.06

May 16th 2006


Oh man, my friend had this cd when we were 8 or 10...


Assman was THE world's greatest song ever, at the time. Absolutely hilarious...

May 16th 2006


I was into wrestling when I was 12 or something, and that was in the same era as this album came out...that's was when the wrestling was cool, the storylines were epic and it was all new and fresh, I turned 13 and grew out it, now I think it's a bunch of rediculous bullshit...Ahhh. happy days.

May 16th 2006


ECW>WCWThis Message Edited On 05.16.06

May 16th 2006


'Sexual Chocolate'........wow...

Manticore Guy
May 16th 2006


Man I used to love the WWF albums. Weird memories of the bus to elementary school. Serious nastalgia

May 16th 2006


I so bought this as a zany 11 year old. I feel like downloading this just to bring back the memories.

UFC >>> Wrestling in it's entirety

May 17th 2006


I aso like UFC. Mostly because it's real. Although I prefer this. UFC just gets boring. It's like ok lets dance in a circle go towards eachother I'll knee you in the face. We back up, dance in a circle some more. We go at eachother again, you punch me in the face. The I'll take you down and lie on top of you until the round is over. Then repeat 2 more timesThis Message Edited On 05.17.06

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