Time Of My Life



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October 7th, 2015 | 0 replies

Release Date: 10/02/2015 | Tracklist

Review Summary: “Time of My Life” is not Bach. It’s rhythmic fun and games for 24/7 party people at it’s best. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Today's hip-hop has been sounding more and more like pop music, and vice-versa, with each passing day. So the success of this record could really go either way. It could be the biggest hit, or the biggest flop, in the world. In the long run only time will tell. "Time of My Life" (Domwan Ent.) is like a frat party. It's a lot of fun, but at the same time, you may forget all about it by the next morning's sun rises. In an age where Donald Trump can be taken seriously as a candidate for president of the US of A, JopauL may be giving the people exactly what they want. That's scary and brilliant at the same time.

The single from the "Time of My Life" is titled "Aww Yeah". The song is not much deeper than its title yet it manages to crawl into your ear and impregnate your mind like an audio virus. You may be tempted to scream, "Please make it stop!", but by the time it you do you're already hitting replay again. It's as crazily subliminal as it's blatantly unPC. At the same time JopauL never makes the crushingly mistake of taking himself or his music to seriously. Come on, boys just want to have fun.

The opening track, "Party Started", after giving the tired old shout-outs to the crew, suggests we should "get retarded". Come on, it's 2015 for Christ's sake. At the same time it does leave you with that as-I-get-my-groove-on lower lip biting look on your face as your head is bobbing in time to this tune. Resistance is futile.

From there on out it's much of the same. "All Around the World" is all about one subject, as if you couldn't guess, GIRLS! "Take Me There" goes where we expect it to. The auto-tune rules on "Me and You", although the vox vamping background saves it from being just some insipid dance ditty. Rest assured that you'll not be too mentally taxed by "You Got It".

There's no doubt that "All Night" is not about cramming for a college exam. "Rollercoaster" is a toastmaster's anthem. The title track hails the hygienically questionable practice of eating sushi in the Jacuzzi of existence. Party on, Dude! The rest of the album ("Get That Feeling", "Turn Down for What"" and the remix of the single that features STEEL) recapitulates the foretold party line.

"Time of My Life" is not Bach. It's rhythmic fun and games for 24/7 party people at it's best. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. In a way, it's simply "Gangnam Style", knocked up a notch or two (BAMMM!!!). Good or bad" Well you decide. I must confess that without a doubt JopauL's now become one of my secret, guilty pleasures. After all, girls just want to have fun too. LOL!

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