Ancient VVisdom
A Godlike Inferno



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September 15th, 2015 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2011 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "I am the one the call The Antichrist, A Pagan Heathen Of The Night"

Based in Auston, Texas, Ancient VVisdom was forged when former members Nathan Opposition and his brother, Michael Jochum, left the band Intergrity to join Justin “Ribs” Mason in a band called Iron Age. In 2010 a split 12” with Charles Mason was released entitled ‘Inner Earth Inferno’ under the name Ancient VVisdom. The flame was rekindled a year later under Prosthetic Records with renewed energy in “A Godlike Inferno”.

After 4 years since signing to Prosthetic records in 2011 Ancient VVisdom still remain in the underground scene. While it’s annoying to see great bands that no one knows ever gain the popularity that they deserve, small sweaty venues and a dedicated coven of fans is the exact environment to match Ancient VVisdom’s sound. Even in 2015, occult rock has become more of a gimmick than a ritualistic sound just going by how many bands label themselves a ‘satanic’ or ‘occult’ band. It seems contradictory then to label Ancient VVisdom as an occult band however the deliverance of their sonic subtlety towards Lucifer goes beyond the trend and into a deep respect to the man down under.

Ancient VVisodom’s sound is of an earthly ambient nature. The band relies mainly on acoustic guitars and a clean tone to carry each song across its voyage across the winds. There is no bass drum to any of the tracks therefore each song may have contorting dynamics and also eliminates the steady bass beat as it would interrupt the primitive character of the songs. This organic effect is most effective in songs such as ‘Necessary Evil’ and ‘Lost Civilization’ where radiant electric guitar melodies pierce the dark aura emitted from a constant ghostly breeze of acoustics.

This simplistic attitude to each song sounds as if it would test your patience however each song creates its own haunting atmosphere that leaves you in a strange paralysis of anticipation to what will come next. “VVorld Of Flesh” is a lamenting song where guitar solos and vocals echo around one another but has a steady march of percussion that gives it a sense of secluded strength. The darkest track on the album is ‘Devil Brain’ and it captures this chilling atmosphere perfectly. There’s always a constant strum of acoustics lingering in the background however at the forefront of the song is whirling harmonies and a gentle beat of percussion that stirs Nathan Opposition’s mysterious voice whenever there is a rise or fall of momentum.

If the acoustics are the kindling that starts the inferno, then Nathan Opposition’s voice is essentially the warmth of the album. The first track, ‘Alter Reality’, showcases his unanticipated technique as he can go from building a foundation of brooding groans to light hearted minimalism within a flicker of a flame. ‘The Opposition’ is the most memorable song they have ever created. The commanding vocals create an ominous tone that is supported by loose acoustic strings and tender guitar slides while Mr. Opposition proves how well simple music can produce such beautiful hooks as their occult tag is truly pinpointed with an infectious chorus of “Hail to thee: Lord Lucifer! I sing praises to thee and I suffer no longer”.

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September 17th 2015


Prosthetic Records? VVisdom? Nathan Opposition? Edgy faux-Satanist lyrics?

Yeah, sounds about right.

September 17th 2015


thought this was about the black metal band ancient wisdom (who are pretty damn good). this doesn't look very good

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