Hawthorne Heights
The Silence in Black and White



by Jacob6293 USER (9 Reviews)
May 12th, 2006 | 22 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Hawthorne Heights. A name loved and hated by many people. There are fans, and there are haters. And plenty of them. I am a fan. And I really don't care what people say, because they are a good band. Their music is amazing. But I must say, they are terrible live. Seriously, they suck on stage. Don't know why, but they do. Oh well, a lot of bands aren't nearly as good live as they are in studio. But whatever, whether you hate or love this band, this is a great album. But, one complaint about the reviews on this album: The title is wrong. It is "The Silence In Black And White", not "The Silence In Black In White". But oh well, I would've changed it but I didn't want to waste my time with all the tracks and crap.

Short bio:

Hawthorne Heights formed in Dayton, Ohio as a band called A Day In The Life. They later changed their name to Hawthorne Heights, due to line-up changes and genre changes. Plus, it sounds cooler (just thought I'd throw that in). Nowadays, the band is fairly popular in the USA. The band basically got their fame with the overplayed single "Ohio Is For Lovers", which got a lot of radio play and fans somehow connected to the lyrics. But now, they have more singles and a brand new album (which is also great, by the way). Well, anyway, they are Hawthorne Heights. And with that being said, on to the review.


Okay, so this band has some emo lyrics. That doesn't necessarily make them emo. And by the way, in my opinion (which shall be left alone), "emo"" is extremely stereotypical. People with bangs going across their face, for instance, are suddenly accused of being "emo". But whatever, whether this band is emo or not, let's get on with it. We're here to learn about the album, now aren't we" Okay, now, there are plenty of good songs on here, which I have no problem with. There are almost no fillers, too, which is definately a plus. Except for "Screenwriting An Apology", which basically feels like you're in "Filler World" (little land I made up, with a bunch of filler songs running around and eating lollipops) when you listen to it. Some of the best songs on here are "Ohio Is For Lovers", "Wake Up Call", "Silver Bullet", and "The Transition". There are also a bunch of other good songs, but those are IMO the best.

Track by track:

Life On Standby- Woah, what an opener. Starts out with a powerful loud sound, and then it goes in to a melodic sound (sorta). Way too much screaming, but it is one of the best songs on here. It is a great opener for the album and it's powerful, agressive, heavy, and loud. 8/10.

Dissolve And Decay- I've never listened to this song all the way through, I just think it's a little boring. but it has a really cool guitar intro and verse. I don't know why, but I don't think this track is as exciting as the others on this album. It's not very hard, and the lyrics to the first verse sound a wee bit gothic (lol, I don't know, weird but cool lyrics). 6/10.

Niki FM- I love this song. I think it was the second single off the album but the video is a little boring. This song is kind of repetitive, but I still really like it a lot. It is really melodic and has some cool guitar and drum work. The lyrics are written very well in this one, too. But I think the screaming in the bridge wasn't needed. It kind of ruined the slow feeling of the song. 9/10.

The Transition- This song is pretty cool. It;s one of my favorites, and it is faster and has much less screaming, which I like. The lyrics are good and so are the guitar, drums, and bass. I think the intro is short but sweet with a fast pull-off guitar riff. And I also love the outro, where the band starts to sing and it eventually fades out. 9/10.

Blue Burns Orange- This could be a slight filler, but I still like it. I think a previous reviewer stated that this song was slower than Niki FM. Not even close, dude. It is much faster, but nowhere near as good. I particularly enjoy the bridge. 7/10.

Silver Bullet- This is one of the better songs off the album. It's got really sweet guitar in it and lyrics. I think it's named after a horror movie about werewolves (hence the title), I think JT may have said that somewhere. But anyway, this song is powerful and enjoyable, and one of my personal faves. 8/10.

Screenwriting An Apology- I think this is the worst on the album. It goes really slow, and really boring. It's pretty much all filler no killer. But I disagree with the other reviewer who said the screaming in here was way too much and gag-causing. I didn't gag nor puke. And he barely screams at all. 4/10.

Ohio Is For Lovers- The overplayed single that we all heard on the radio stations, and we all saw on MTV, MTV2, Fuse, etc. And with that, it's the best song on the album. This is the song that started the whole emo thing about this band. The lyrics "so cut my wrists and black my eyes so I can fall asleep tonight or die because you die" are emo lyrics, but so what. This song is pure rock/punk/whatever and it's great. 10/10.

Wake Up Call- The second best song on the album and one of my faves. This song is faster than the rest. But the lyrics aren't very good, especially in the bridge. But yeah, this song is faster and really good. One of the best. 9/10.

Sandpaper And Silk- I don't really like this song at all. It goes slower and it's just bad. It's not the best, that's for sure, but it's somewhat exceptional. 5/10.

Speeding Up The Octaves- This is a bit like the last track, but a little better. Starts with a piano intro, and then a guitar riff kicks in with some bad lyrics in the first verse. But it's alright, better than the last track. 7/10.

Well, I guess that's it. This album is really good and I would reccomend it to any emo/punk/rock/screamo fan. Bottom line---it's good, buy it.


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Storm In A Teacup
May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

[quote=]But, one complaint about the reviews on this album: The title is wrong.[/quote]Not my fault. I didn't add the album and never caught the typo. Just report it in the report problems/make suggestions thread.

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

it's ok i was talking about the other guy

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I thought they were actually decent when I first saw them and better the second time (and I am not a crazy big fan of theirs so if they messed up I would nit pick at them). Expand on your conclusion and this will be a pretty decent review, you are getting better.

May 13th 2006


I'm not even gonna bother venting my hate of this band anymore.
Your reviews are improving, but don't start out by telling us that you don't care what anyone else says, it just makes yous sound like a fanboy. And I wouldn't even mention the word 'emo' or you'll start a riot.

May 13th 2006


i absolutely loathe this band. anyway, in your reviews, try to stay away from the whatevers and such, you sound like you're trying to have a conversation. and also, never say emo, if you want a reason, look at my black maria review, i said they were emo and i got about 15 comments about how they are not

Angry Balled Fists!
May 13th 2006



The Jungler
May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

I can only listen to 2 songs off here (The Trabsition and Ohio is for Lovers) without barfing, breaking my iPod or cracking up. Sometimes a combination of the three.

This was not a very good review. It didn't have much detail and the word "cool" doesn't really work as a descriptive word.

May 13th 2006


Plus some of what you've written just makes no sense whatsoever:
'I don't really like this song at all. It goes slower and it's just bad. It's not the best, that's for sure, but it's somewhat exceptional.'

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

pattern_recognition, i am a fanboy.

The Jungler
May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

Still, even if your a fanboy it's something called an oxymoron or saying something that contridicts itself. It would make more sense if you explained why it's so exceptional even though it's "just bad"

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

I'm with pattern_recognition, as fun as it was hating this band to no end, I'm going to simply wash my hands of this in it's entirety.

But, in the future, if you're going to write a review try and find your objectivity and spare us this platitudinous bull shit.

May 13th 2006


There is nothing worse than a biased review. But you're getting better. Also, I wouldn't rate a track 6/10 aka "good" if you've never even listened to it in its entirity.

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

This review is okay, better than your TBS review, but ya Hawthorne Heights is bad, and they have barely any talent, but for some reason, I still like them.This Message Edited On 05.13.06

Full Collapse299
May 13th 2006


Just because you don't like a track doesn't mean it's a filler. Because if it was like that for me, I'd think the whole album was full of fillers.This Message Edited On 05.13.06

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

I could get into how much i hate this band, and how your review isn't that great. But I don't feel like it so I'll be blunt

This band is bad, so is your review

Oh but there's one thing I have to say. You said in your review some thing like "oh well lots of bands are good in the studio and bad live". NO! they're bad in the studio as well. Their studio work is just edited to make it sound goodThis Message Edited On 05.13.06This Message Edited On 05.13.06This Message Edited On 05.13.06

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

I dont think the band is horrible, but there deffinatley not exceptional. This album was mearly medocire, so it gets the big ol' 2.5 This Message Edited On 05.13.06

May 14th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

Horrible band live...horrible band on CD...overall a horrible band. Not a particularly amazing review but you are definitely improving.

May 15th 2006


This review is ok, not the band though
but.... differnet strokes i guess

but i liked what you said about hte emo thing, very true
This Message Edited On 05.15.06

Flex of the Yellow
May 15th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

I DLed this album just to see what the fuss was about. Its not bad, I've heard so much worse, but its not particularly good either, only one or two songs really stand out, and as for the "cool" guitar work its all pretty similar all the way through. The first three tracks or so all have the same four-bar end bridge.

About average really. 5/10

May 15th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

Yeah... I bought this CD a while back.... I wanted my $13 back...

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