Blithe Field
Warm Blood



by Thuglifethor USER (5 Reviews)
September 8th, 2015 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Unearthing your childhood memories.

One lonely summer day, as you lazily mope around the house, you feel like trying to be productive. You decide to dig around through all of your old belongings, throwing away what really has no use or sentimental value, hoping to clear some space and find something worthy of some positive nostalgia. Old toys, drawings, and CDs bring a smirk across your face, but it's the childhood photo album that really catches your eye.

Smiling little you stares back with a few missing teeth, without a single care in the world. Your father sits on the porch playing guitar for you and you try to sing along, not knowing half the lyrics but laughing and having the time of your life anyways. You'd both laugh and sing along until the moon brought its light over the end of the day, you'd be so tired that you would fall asleep quickly without your parents nagging you and pushing you to do so.

You turn the page of the photo album. Chuckling with your mother, you're both in a nearby park playing with some toys and a little music box that would recite the ABCs to you. She would count down from 10 and when she said 0, you'd mumble the ABCs to the best of your abilities to the rhythm of the music box, stuttering when letters weren't too familiar to you yet. When you'd get to the end of the the 26 letter cycle, your mother would hug you and congratulate you on your feat that nowadays would be one of the simplest of tasks, but back then it made you feel more proud than anything else. Things were so simple and it was so easy to be happy, why does simplicity and easy happiness seem to be nearly impossible to reach now?

Stuck with a lousy dishwashing job, barely able to buy anything for your own entertainment, everything seems like an endless pit around you. You know your heart pounds with fear at the very thought of the incomprehensible world that we all live in, but the fact of that matter is, we all wish our paths weren't twisted and unpredictable, we'll always want everything to to be straight. Everything is often sectioned into rectangles or squares, and the obsession with symmetry is just human instinct. We may not know why, but maybe we all naturally wish for perfection, and our regrets and wishes that things had turned out better is inevitable.

Maybe that's part of what makes life so indescribable though. We all strive to feel relevant to the world we inhabit, and forget that we are our own worlds in some ways. The past is always behind us and we've learned and grown from it all, and somehow you've ended up here in this very spot looking through happy childhood photos. Looking up through the dusty window of your attic, you close the photo album and get your shoes on to head outside into the breezy summer weather. Taking out a disposable camera you had bought the other day, a new chapter of photos begins.

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September 8th 2015


thought this was a milk carton for a sec but no its an album

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Iamthe Nightstars
October 11th 2020


Holy shit the first song.

October 11th 2020


Youarethe Nig

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October 11th 2020


mods ban ryus

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