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Release Date: 2015 | Tracklist

Review Summary: While their first LP was the big party, "TOO" is the comedown and morning after for FIDLAR

When their debut record was released, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Instrumentally the energy and fun was there with quick guitar work and fast upbeat drumming. The vocals from Zach Carper weren't the strongest but that's to be expected with most skate punk. Their debut record came across with a Dookie(Green Day) vibe lyrically. It was all about boredom, being bratty and drugs & alcohol and really just made it feel like the 90's again. When I heard the first single "40 z On Repeat", I immediately loved it. The self loathing lyrics and high energy that made their debut standout was noticeable at first listen. Now for the rest of the album "TOO"

Like I said, the first track is full of blasting guitars, heavy drums and relatable lyrics "everybody's got more money than me"(sad but true). The first 5 tracks on "TOO" are by far the strongest, especially "Punks". It's a riff heavy, fast, in your face punk(haha) song that turns up the energy dial to 11; with screaming vocals that you can't help but feel like punching things while this track plays in the back. "West Coast" is a fun poppy song with an infectious "la la la" chorus, light guitar work and an all around very indie pop rock feel to it. After, is "Generation Why", which is one of the more "experimental songs" as the guitars blend to create a surf rocker throughout the verses. The chorus isn't anything to cheer about(repetitive) and from the track prior to this one, the album slows down in energy. Then comes the monologue type song "Sober" where the vocalist is speaking to his (I assume) ex-girlfriend about how he's trying to get better while she is making the focus on herself and not him. It's the most experimental track on this LP and I actually find myself going back to this more than a few times just because of the verses and banging drums. Once again, a weak chorus that feels very bland and done before in many ways but still an interesting track. This album is based off the singers abuse with drugs & alcohol and journey through rehab so naturally most of the songs would be darker. This shows as almost every song lyrically is self loathing abuse the singer puts on himself like "40 oz On Repeat", "Leave Me Alone" & "Stupid Decision".

The second half of the record has its ups and downs, like the fun strokes-esque song "Drone" with its fantastic guitar solo in the bridge and skillful drumming. "Bad Medicine" is another banger that will be great to mosh too in the pit. While this record isn't as "in your face" as their debut was, that doesn't mean it's not equally as good. This record does have its slow burners such as "Overdose" & the closing track "Bad Habits" that show this band has more to offer than pounding power chords and drums. One of the more complex songs is "Hey Johnny"; where it starts with a drum solo before it becomes very reliant on the strong guitar work that delivers perfectly. The song slows down in the middle, leaving the instruments to work perfectly together before bringing the cutting guitars back to close this brilliant track.

Overall, these guys show their fun & serious side all on one record and deliver a good follow up to their brash and skate punk self titled debut. Singer Zach Carpers' vocals and the band as a whole are more controlled, more mature and more crisp than their debut, showing these guys have done some growing up. Their first album was the big party, "TOO" is the comedown and morning after.

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September 8th 2015


A little more research on the band would be appreciated before writing a review.

"West Coast" is about four years old and was on their "Shit We Recorded in Out Bedroom EP"

"Punks" was originally titled "The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid" and was originally recorded around four years ago as well. They have been playing it live for the past four years as well.

Your review is decent, but just doesn't seem very educated on the subject matter.

September 8th 2015


Fun record, getting Cage the Elephant vibes.

September 11th 2015


Album Rating: 2.0

ugh these vocals

September 11th 2015


I love these vocals tbh, Bad Habits is a killer song

September 16th 2015


songs are too long but its def good

September 27th 2015


Probably gonna be the most underappriciated album of the year

November 13th 2015


Album Rating: 3.5

LA punk-rockers Fidlar get as close as they can to maturing on their inconsistent 2nd LP 'Too'. The band's sense of humor remains, as does their hyperactive energy, but some of the lyrical subject matter is rather grown up. Slickly (relatively speaking) produced by Jay Joyce, there's a kind of 70's psych vibe to many of these 12 tracks, with huge riffs ruling the roost. The diversity on show is both surprising & commendable, even if everything is not necessarily successful. 'Too' feels like a transition record of sorts, but it's tough to think that the quartet will go full-blown alt-rock come album #3. Recommended Tracks: 40oz. on Repeat, West Coast, Drone & Bad Habits.

June 1st 2016


havent listened to this yet but their debut needs a review. it's so damn fun

July 29th 2016


oh hey look who reviewed it^

October 14th 2016


Album Rating: 2.5

It's a decent album, but Drone is just so generic. It lowers my opinion of the whole LP.

Funnily enough, youtube comments seem to think Drone is one of the best on the album. Guess people like running down the alleyways and do not want to be a drone.

September 8th 2018


Album Rating: 4.0

Definitely not on the level of their debut, but still quite good imo. 3.5-4, leaning towards 4 because those first 4 songs are so good.

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