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Release Date: 08/14/2015 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "Damage Kontrol" is an enjoyable listen that I'm sure new Mr. Envi' fans will be pleased with.

If you’re a fan of 90’s hip hop, then you’ll love “Damage Kontrol”. Mr. Envi’ shows his ability to tell narrate lyrics in the form of a story, while sharing his views on rap today. “Got No Time”, the album’s first song, is an eye opener for some and can be easily taken out of context if listeners fail to grasp his message. In the songs opening lyrics, “Back in the day, it used to be some sort of message to this sh*t, but now a days there seems there really is no effort to this sh*t”, Mr. Envi’ acknowledges how hip hop songs in the past would have a subliminal meanings that would touch you in a manner of speaking, compared to what seems to be a lot of meaningless babble with rap of today.

“Tha Wrong Thangz” is a song I think many today would agree with, as it tackles the everyday struggles of dealing with individuals who seem to be infatuated with the lives of others, rather than focusing on their own. Even though the song was straight to the point, I felt a bit let down seeming to want more, but never the less, a good concept.

Mr. Envi’ demonstrates his rap flow even more on “Keep It Real”. The song has a strong west coast vibe in which his content fits perfectly; shedding some light on how individuals abandon themselves trying to portray an image they feel will help them to become successful. A common trait we’ve seen time and time again.

Getting into one of the albums stand out tracks “Like Me”, Mr. Envi’ collaborates with hip hop legend Young Bleed to let those know that they are not to be taken lightly and that anyone can obtain the same success as them, with hard work and dedication. “I put in work because I... have to, not for you to... try and, take away from me..., It’s not like you can’t... go and, get out on the...grind and, put in work like me”, Mr. Envi’ states in the chorus.
In the album’s first skit, we find a bit of comic relief as comedian Jeremy “UnMasked” Smith mimics the late Bernie Mac flawlessly, as he sets up the pace for the albums next title, “Rubber Checkz”. This song really puts you in the mind of that classic Memphis sound of Three 6 Mafia, and a guest spot from La Chat sells it even more.

“Damage Kontrol” tones it down a bit with “Somebody Lied”, but remains on course where Mr. Envi’ and feature Lady Cam touches back on the topic of how artist promote to these false life styles. In “Getting’ Money”, Mr. Envi’ comes off as a bit boastful; seemingly staying on topic by explaining the difference between him actually having the things he says he has, while other artist may not.

I for one like “Tha Underdog”, because many can relate to how one may feel overlooked and ignored, but in hindsight have it better than those who seem to have it all. “Representing for them underdogs, waiting on their turn, you can’t out smart em’ once them wheels start to turn”, artist JTL adds.

Lastly, “Damage Kontrol” closes with more comic relief with Jeremy “UnMasked” Smith making this an album I know you’ll enjoy.

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