The Living End
Modern Artillery



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May 11th, 2006 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

The Living End is:
Chris Cheney - Guitars and vocals
Scott Owen - bass
Andy Strachan - drums

At my school, my buddy was handing out the Living End stickers. I asked him "Who the hell is the Living End"" He made me listen to "Roll On", and I really liked it. So when I was at a bookstore, I went and picked up this CD, and started listening to it. I was so impressed I went ahead and bought it right away, and listened to it for 2 weeks straight, without moderation. Even though they aren't really my favorite style of music (they are labeled as a punkabilly band, a mix of punk-rock and rockabilly), they are now one of my favorite bands.

Track by Track:

1) What Would You Do": A pretty short song, but a good way to start to the CD. I really like the solo. It's a pretty good musical interpretation of love at first sight. 5/5

2) One Said to the Other: This song tells a pretty good story, in addition to being very instrumentally sound, as usual for this band. I really enjoy listening to it, although I have to say I've gotten somewhat tired of the chorus, which is not very imaginative in it's rhyme scheme. Not what I would've chosen as a third single. 3/5

3) Who's Gonna Save Us: The first release of off the album, I really disliked this song the first time I heard it. But Chris and the gang soon won me over, and I realized my dislike was totally unfounded. It has a very catchy chorus, with both Chris and Scott singing, and is one of the best written "cry for help" songs that I've ever heard, not coming off whiney at all but very strong and upfront. 5/5

4) End of the World: This is a good song, with a pretty catchy intro line, and a solid bass line laid out by Scott Owen, but it is one of the few on this CD where I'm not really into the lyrics, since I don't really have a clue what Chris is trying to say. I don't really get into the song until the 3rd verse, where the tempo is slowed down a bit, and gradually crescendos into a very nice solo. That is one thing you'll notice with the Living End: the solos on almost every song, which is odd for what you might call a punk song. Following the solo, Scott, lays down another good bass line. That whole segment between the second and last chorus saves the song for me. 3/5

5) Jimmy: Comes out swinging. Or should I say just singing, since the instruments are just average, although this is a good song from drummer Andy Strachan. Once again, a song I think is saved by the 3rd verse. A very cool riff leads into the solo, which starts off pretty easy before picking up a little bit. I do enjoy the lyrics of this song, making "Jimmy" a pretty interesting listen, although I don't like the backing vocals chanting "Now we're all faded". 3.5/5

6) Tabloid Magazine - One of my favorites of the CD, I love the intro straight up. The verses are very simple instrumentally, but that is that all that is needed to underscore the satirical account of today's popular magazines. One of the best songs lyrically on the album, and the instruments all add to them really well. A good second single. 5/5

7) In the End - I like the way this song is set up, with simple guitar and drums opening it out, and nothing too complicated most of the way. Although the repeating words sometimes get a little annoying, the lyrics can stand on their own in this song. The pre-chorus and chorus are very catchy, with a pop-punk kind-of rythm anyone could sing along with. Not the most technically proficient solo, in fact less than what might be expected from Chris at this point. The powerful pre-chorus and chorus are what make the song. 4.5/5

8) Maitland Street - Not the kind of guitar characteristic of the Living End, as they lack a basic catchy riff. Also, there isn't anything you could call a solo, just an smooth sortof riff in the third verse. The chorus however, is very catchy with some nice lyrics and drumming. The story is reminiscent of "Riot on Broadway", off of the Roll On CD, but with less of a powerful, positive outlook. 4/5

9) Putting You Down - Great intro. Truly inspired musicianship (even though I'm not a fan of double-tracking, which Chris really really uses in that intro). The lead is very impressive.This is A smoother, less banging song, but still one of those songs you just sit there and sing softly along to. The chorus isn't at all the inspirational type, but still the kind that you just listen t the flow of. 4.5/5

10) Short Notice - Very nice drum and bass opening on this song. This song just makes me smile. Every single time. The verses are sort of repetitive, but with some intersting guitar work to go over that steady durms and bass stuff, they're just good enough to make you not really notice. The chorus is quite catchy, mostly driven by the drumming. And I'm gonna just dub Chris the king of the 3rd verses, since theyre the highlights of so many Living End songs for me. This one just has a powerful, uplifting, fast-paced riff. It's not a solo but still great. 5/5

11) So What - Good bass throughout. Much slower guitar, not as distorted as on most other songs on this CD. One of the few choruses I don't really like, as it doesn't make itself distinguishable. Some double-tracking yields a pretty good solo, though not as long or fast-paced as others on the CD. 3/5

12) Rising up from the Ashes - I really love the pre-chorus on this song, one of my favorites on the CD. It leads up to a chorus, which starts "Rising up from the ashes", which I suppose should be very uplifting, but I find in this case, the effect isn't what it should be. Another good third verse, although they go for a more power-chord pre-chorus which isn't as good. However the last chorus does get the uplifting thing down, as to start it they tune out everything but guitar and sing "rising up" before plunging into the chorus. They live up to the title there. 4/5

13) Hold Up - I love the opening bar-room atmosphere, followed by the great guitar intro. This song really takes you along for the whole experience of robbing a bank and then running like hell to try and get away. One of the fastest paced songs on the abum, which definitely adds to whole running like hell idea. A blistering solo, opens into a drums-only leadup to the third verse. This has an effect, of a beating heart, a kindof anticipation of being caught, which happens as they are discovered, and the songs picks right back up again at full speed. Beautiful coordination between lyrics and instruments in this song. 5/5

14) The Room - My least favorite song on the CD, because of the long and subpar intro, which I guess becomes more than intro, but thats how I'm going to treat. However, once they get into the second half of the song, after 2 consecutive drum crescendos, I like it better. Theres a very nice guitar riff at 2:45 of the song, which signals that the second half of the song is starting. At this point, it follows the standard Living End pattern. If you make it past the long intro, this song becomes worth the listen. I'd recommending fast-forwarding to the 2 minute mark. The song pretends to end at around 5:10, but keeps going, and although at first its somewhat boring, as the backing vocals crescendo, the song flows into a pretty good solo. Even so, ending the song 3 minutes earlier would have greatly improved it. 2.5/5

Overall, I give the CD a 4, and I recommend this CD for anybody who's looking for some rock or punk that is not really stuff that they've heard before.

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Jomey Banurm
May 12th 2006


I would definitely recommend their two releases before this CD, "Hellbound" and "The Living End" over Modern Artillery. This is a good album, but it's NOWHERE near as powerful and raw as their first full-length or the Hellbound EP.

The Sludge
May 12th 2006


Oh wow, one of the track by track is only 4 words long. Please have more to say about the album. I cant vote for this.

May 12th 2006


Definitely need to add more detail to this, I would edit it and take some time to improve it.

May 13th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

how do you edit it?

May 16th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

anybody know?

June 23rd 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

all right, so i finally found some time to edit.

please consider checking it out again.

July 2nd 2006


well, i suppose this is better than whatever you had before, since this serves as a pretty good review.
what do you think of the new living end cd?

The Sludge
July 2nd 2006


This is actually good now. I dont even remember your old one. I'll renig my vote :D

July 4th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

thanks sludge. as a first review, in retrospect, i did a crappy job. luckily i did finally find some time to fix it.

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