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January 14th, 2005 | 500 replies

Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

Band: Metallica
Album: Reload
Released: 1997 on E/M

I think this band needs no introduction, but in case you have been living under a rock for most of your life or something, here is a short history: Metallica has been arounds since the early 80's, playing Thrash/Heavy Metal. Their other (older) cd's include (in order): Kill 'em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, The Black Album (self titled), and Load. All of those except Load have been reviewed, and I will probably do it soon anyway. On with the review.

James Hetfield - Guitars/Vocals
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Kirk Hammet - Guitar
Jason Newsted - Bass

Fuel - The first and one of the most well-known songs off of Reload. It appears on various video games and usually on Fuse's 4Play. Starts out with James singing, "Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire," then kicks in with a fast riff that's really easy to play, along with the rest of the band. The song is about fast driving, so it's perfect for racing, road rage, etc. You could definately beat the hell out of someone to this song. The solo isn't too much to speak of though. Really simple by Metallica standards, really nice though, especially the 3:15 mark. More of a rock song, but very nice to start the cd. 9/10

The Memory Remains - James' voice on the chorus in this song is a little different than usual. It's to explain, but if you listen to it where he sings, "but the memory remains," you'll see what I'm talking about. More grungey or raunchy, something like that. The music, again, is more of a rock tone than metal. But halfway through the song, there is a vocal solo that takes you by surprise. Really simple "na-na-na's" repeated, but it has rythym to it and it sounds Arabic or Eygptian. Another short solo in there, simple again. Then at the end of the song, there's the vocal thing again, only twice as long, and over a gasping guitar as it fades out. It gets kind of annoying sometimes, but it's still really cool. 9/10

Devil's Dance - Now to a more trashy type song. Starts with drums and bass, which remains consistent and the distorted guitars come in. One palm muting, the doing a cool, high pitched riff over it. But when it gets to the singing, it kind of loses the trash feel to it, I think. It goes back to that rock tone of the other songs. Although, his voice sounds a little more trash-like. The lyrics are pretty good in this song though. More thought than "Fuel." The solo goes along the same lines as the others so far. Nothing you'll remember. 7/10

The Unforgiven II - Now, most of you probably remember "The Unforgiven" from The Black Album. The riff is basically the same as the first, just with more distortion. Starts out almost identically. You wouldn't by able to tell until the distorted guitar comes in. Lyrically, one of the best pieces off this album. The music is very quiet and kind of sad, much like the original. This song breaks away from the rock feel that has been set so far. Back to their more heavy metal days, more like songs from The Black Album, or ...And Justice For All. Longer solos and a longer song overall. The best track on the cd, in my opinion. 10/10

Better Than You - Starts out kind of similar to "Devil's Dance." Less trashy sounding though. Not too much to say about this one. There is a longer solo in this one as well, more like their older stuff. The vocal effects in the chorus are cool as well. I personally don't like this song too much, but the solo is nice. The last half of the song has a little more intensity than the first, and it kind of saves the song from being absolutely horrible, if you ask me. 5/10

Slither - I love the name of this song. I was a tad annoyed that Velvet Revolver used the same name for their first single. But that is completely irrelavent. The lyrics in the chorus are pretty nice, as well as the vocal quality. The songs seems similar to the song before. More rock feel again. Simple solo, shorter song. They should have made it a little faster. But even though the solo is pretty simple, it lasts throughout the last half of the song. 7/10

Carpe Diem Baby - Slowly fades in and it's another rock type song, yet again. Similar to the other songs I mentioned before. But the vocals are a little different sounding. Smooth, semi-haunting. Longer solo than the past few songs. I like how the rythym guitar and the lead are intertwined throughout the solo. There's a short riff/solo at the end too. 7/10

Bad Seed - Yet again, similar to the past few songs. Drums to start. One of the shortest songs on the cd. There's some more, nice vocal effects on this tune, and a few times in there, Lars goes crazy on his double bass pedals. Yet again, the solo is similar to the other songs. I don't really like this song as much either. 6/10

Where The Wild Things Are - Slow intro, kind of fading in with an errie guitar riff. Maybe delay effects or something, but it is completely different than anything they've ever done. I was getting kind of tired of hearing similar sounding songs, so this was a definate relief. The whole song is kind of errie and haunting. James' voice here will give you chills. The music fits perfect. When it's not errie, it's metal riffs. His voice goes over those just as well. One of the longest songs off this cd. This song doesn't even need a solo. But it does have a solo. More along the lines of "The Unforgiven II." A little longer than the others. The ending is also quite nice. I love this song. 10/10

Prince Charming - Some of the best lyrics of the album, come from this song. There would be too many little bits that I like to put on the review. So I would suggest looking up the song lyrics. The music is a bit faster than some of the others, which is definately good. It's a more rock type song again, but I think it's better than most of the other ones. 9/10

Low Man's Lyric - Sounds out kind of similar to "Where The Wilds Things Are." Slow, and the such. Not as errie, but Celtic sounding, somewhat. Longest track besides the last one. The guitar stays slow and quite for most of the song. The drums come in in there somewhere. It stands out besides it's way louder than everything else on the song. The drums are nice, but maybe he could have played that in a different part of the song or not as loud. The song is kind of weird. Way different than anything they've ever done, but I don't know if they should've done it. I like it sometimes, but then other times I don't. Nice, long outro. 7/10

Attitude - Another thrashy song. Gets right into it from the start. Not too much to say on this one. Faster one of the bunch. The lyrics aren't anything spectacular, but it's worth a listen or two. The solo is longer than most of them on this cd. Pretty nice. The bridge vocals are pretty cool though. 6/10

Fixxxer - Longest and last track of the cd. An echoed guitar riff to start, gives it an urgent feel. Then the other guitar comes in. Slightly more disturbing lyrics in this song, but it's cool. "Did you hear what father's done? Cut his throat, then we run." The lyrics are better in this one than most of the others. Another long solo, which is good, yet again. It actually lasts for like two minutes. Then there's a drum solo in there too and some vocal effects. Nothing special, but a good way to end the cd. 7/10

Other things:

Compared to their older stuff, this is not better, but it is not horrible. I believe that the solos could have been at least a little...different. This album would definately appeal to people who listen to more straight rock bands. A lot of people think that Load and Reload suck, but if you actually listen to most of it, it isn't incredibly bad. One thing that really annoyed me was the fact that there are very little lyrics in the booklet, like half of each song, if that. Same deal with Load. I do wish that some of the songs were faster, like Kill 'em All, or Ride The Lightning. Oh, well. Another thing that is lacks is bass. On The Black Album there was more bass, along with the others. So I give Reload: 3/5

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July 7th 2004


[QUOTE=DeathOnBroadway]Trash/Heavy Metal. [/QUOTE]

It's T[FONT=Arial]H[/font]RASH!

But excellent review, nonetheless.

Still Life
July 7th 2004


This cd's ok.

July 7th 2004


I've listened to all of their albums except Load/Reload. I'm kinda scared to, because people say that they are very un-Tallicaish. From your review, which was very good, this album sounds pretty good. Maybe I'll check it out.

July 7th 2004


i've heard this is metallica's "alternative gamble", this album sounds alternative instead of thrash.

July 7th 2004


Its a good review well done reload i found to be boring most of the time but prince charming has to be the best on there :thumb:

July 7th 2004


Nice review, enjoyed reading it, and you made a good point about the lyrics booklet not having lurics. Apparently, they thought it would make the song meanings more ambiguous or unique if they didn't include the yrics in the book.

Anyway, I was going to make a seperate topic, but since there's already one here; I did a review of Reload based on looking at just 6 songs from it. The article appeared on allmetallica.com's front page recently. You can find it on my website at: 6 reasons why Reload deserves a better image.

July 7th 2004


There are, in my opinion, no bad Metallica albums. There are simply the "stellar" old ones and the "less-than-stellar", but still decent, newer ones. St. Anger, taken on its own, would be a decent, if not pretty good, nu-metal album. It's just that after a band comes out with 5 albums that revolutionize metal, the expectations are a little higher than some unknown masks-and-jumpsuits nu-metal band.

So yeah, good review, and that was addressed to the people who are shocked you like it.

July 8th 2004


Very good review, not a very good album.

July 8th 2004


The Unforgiven I and II two of the few metallica songs I actually like. Good review.

July 8th 2004


I fixed my little mistake in the history part.

And I agree that Reload needs a better image. That's why we have a bunch of people that are like, "I hate this album just because it's not like the old stuff...and I've never actually listened to any of it besides Fuel." And just as free thinkers are dangerous said about St. Anger, if this was some random alt-rock band that just came out, this would be really good, but it's just that you do expect just a tad more from Metallica. But all-in-all, this album is pretty good, just not their best.

February 25th 2005


nice review, much better then mine!

April 15th 2005


this album is ok. it not the best by far, but it still has some good songs on it. ill give it a 3/5
good review by the way

April 17th 2005


Great review I love Metallica's old stuff but to me Load and Reload sound more like alt Rock then Thrash or any othr type of Metal! They are alright albums but not the Great METALLICA of yesteryear but better then the St. Anger metallica!

April 25th 2005


I like this CD. Its good although I think it got more popular a few years after it was released. I agree with the rating but i think Low mans lyric is a great song. This is a good album (although the older ones are better) but my opinion is not very good I love Metallica and every CD even St. Anger although honestly I do like St. Anger better than this CD. I feel St. Anger too will become more popular over time.

"Sell outs?, The only thing we sell out is the stadium everytime we play!" -James Hetfield.

May 16th 2005


Nice review man. I reckon this is a solid album, definately not Metallica's best and suffers from filler material (although not as badly as Load, i mean Mama Said? wtf were you thinking boys?) but it still offers some really solid tracks, Unforgiven II definately does the predecessor justice, awesome song. Once again, nice review.

June 30th 2005


every song on this album KICKS

July 10th 2005


This is probaly my least favorite after St. Anger and Load, althought the Unforgiven II is simply amazing.

September 28th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

OK album, not great, Metallica's second worst IMO (no prize guessing which one is worst...)

Unforgiven II nearly rivals the "original" Unforgiven, and is the standout track.

I seriously thinbk you underrate Low Man's Lyric. I love the way it flows, I'd give it 8,5 or 9/10.

Otherwise I generally agree with you, though a couple of songs are rated a bit too high.

September 29th 2005


this sisnt my fav and compared to the old records this isnt therre best but hey...if u never heard there old stuff ud love it...it might be boring for them to play old stuff lol ...maybe its more exciting to them who knows but what ever they been playin for 20 years i like some these songs A for effort..

September 29th 2005


I cry at the thought of this album. It is possibly even worse than St. Anger. It has...one good song, but it sonds like every other song on the album. Reload can be described in one word: "aaaack."

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