My Chemical Romance
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love



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Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

My Chemical Romance
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

My Chemical Romance is:

Gerard Way- Vocals
Ray Toro- Guitar
Mikey Way- Bass
Frank Iero- Guitar
Matt Pelissier- Drums

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1. Romance
2. Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us
3. Vampires Will Never Hurt You
4. Drowning Lessons
5. Our Lady Of Sorrows
6. Headfirst For Halos
7. Skylines And Turnstiles
8. Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
9. This Is The Best Day Ever
10. Cubicles
11. Demolition Lovers

The Album starts off with Romance, which is just a bit of noise which turns into an acoustic guitar riff which then turns into some more noise. Then the first real song starts. HTMIBEFTTOU is a very strong song and sets the pase very well for the rest of the album. The first few songs are all very strong with interesting lyrics.
Track 3, Vampires Will Never Hurt You is a standout track on this record. If you've never heard them before, this would be a good song to download. It starts off very calm but gets faster and heavier every minute.
Another standout track is Our Lady Of Sorrows, which is just 2 minutes of pure joy. Catchy chorus and Gerard screams like I've never heard him do before at the end of the song.
The album gives you a little break in Early Sunsets Over Monroeville, another one of my favorites. This is a much slower song with a very catchy but repetitive riff through the whole song. For some strange reason not all the lyrics for this song are inside the booklet"
Another stand out track, which is also the longest, is Demolition Lovers. It is over 6 minutes long. The drums in this song are really great and suit the song very well. It starts off slow, but also gets heavier and faster towards the end. In the booklet it says that this is the only song where he doesn't write about killing his friend/girlfriend.

Overall: I enjoyed this album very much, even though it took a few listens to get used to. The only songs I don't really care for are: Skylines and Turnstiles and Cubicles. The musicianship is very good on this album and especially the drums and vocals stand out. Matt is a very original drummer and Gerard's vocals are like no one's I've ever heard.

Overall I'd give this album a strong 4/5. :thumb: It is definitely worth picking up. For fans of Thursday, Glassjaw, Alexisonfire, Thrice, etc.

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July 4th 2004


I haven't got Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge yet, but I'm going to pick it up as soon as possible. What do you like more about their new album CKY?

July 4th 2004


I've only heard the three songs they let you listen to on their site off their new album and I really can't stand I'm Not Okay (I Promise). I love Thank You For The Venom though and Helena is alright. Can anyone send me Thank You For The Venom? I tried downloading it from Kazaa but they are al fakes.

July 4th 2004


this is an amazing album. everything about it - the lyrics, the wide range of influences, the original vocals, the ripping guitar lines, the intense drumming - its all so **** good. each song delivers something new and they never get old, from the dark, brooding "vampires will never hurt you" to the sarcasticly poppy "headfirst for halos" to the absolute masterpeice that is "demolition lovers." this cd is MUCH better than their new one, so buy 3 cheers first so you can enjoy it without this beautiful record belittling it.

July 5th 2004


I like this album better than Three Cheers. This Is The Best Day Ever is a nice song. Good review :thumb:

January 23rd 2005


This cd is, in my opinion, far better than their last album. The lyrics are good, the song are more raw, and inventive. The last albums more calm... not a total bad thing, but I rather this one.
All the songs are good.
I find that Cubicles is a good song, like a wave you just ride, easy going song.
well I give it a 4/5

July 25th 2011


Good review. This is probably tied with 3 Cheers for my favorite MCR album.

Staff Reviewer
July 25th 2011


What the fuck is this?

Digging: Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights

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