The Early November
For All of This EP



by Vaya USER (6 Reviews)
January 14th, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist


the early november have been considered an acoustic band, which is a really bad misconception.This EP proves that they are more than a little acoustic band. Also if you ever have a chance to see this band in concert i highly recommend it.

1. Every Night's Another Story
it opens up pretty much making you believe there gonna play one of there old acoustic songs. But then the snare drum comes in and just starts the song right off. with the catchy part of the chorus, the meaningful lyrics, the song will make you just want to hear more from TEN. 4.5/5

2. I Want To Hear You Sad
the guitar line opens this song up its one of those guitar lines that will be in your head for awhile. then the singer comes in blending in with the song. which leads to the chorus "for all of this" will be in your head for hours. the distorted guitars add that pop punk touch to this song. the poppyness factor of this song makes it sounds 10 times better. this song is a high point from this cd 5/5

3. All We Ever Needed
it starts off with a brand newish kind of sound especially when the singer comes in. but when the chorus comes in its like something you dont hear from a pop punk band the sound is just different. this is where the mellower part of the cd comes in along with the songs coming up. this song is a very upbeat sounded song. 4/5

4. Sunday Drive
TEN brings you back to there mellow acoustic roots in this songs. which adds to the mellower side of this cd. this song always puts me in a calm mood. its a very calming song. sure the lyrics to the song dont yell out CALMING! but the songs rythm really does. 5/5

5. Take Time And Find
the hardest song on the album, the song just rips your heart open waiting to splatter their emo lyrics all over you.the singers voice to the song are amazing they change to different moods and different styles a lot through out the whole song. the guitar is always keeping the harder beat to the song. Also the guitars show there capabillity in this song with a little guitar nothing special but its something eh" it shows that this band has talent to not be called some stupid trendy band, which they are not at all. this song just proves to what the instruments can go through and adjust through the different moods of the song 4/5

6. Ashaka Rock
starts off with about 30 seconds of ambient noise until the instruments and vocals come in with a medium paced song. when the singer is singing he randomly gets incredibly high pitched and it just confuses me and annoys me. and does it later out through the song this is extremly annoying but i'll deal with it and review the rest of whats happening in this song the backup vocals sound how can say this" off beat" the instruments just have there usual distored guitars and everything else. worst song on the album hands down. 2/5

7. Come Back
starts off pure acoustic, ends pure acoustic. with whispering vocals throughout most of the song and the angsty lyrics this is where TEN shows there more emo side. 3.5/5

8. We Write The Wrong
starts out slow like half the other songs on this album precieving you to believe the album well end boring they tear it open out of nowhere "you write the wrong" lyrics get the song started. it has that slow-fast-slow-fast thing brand new did on deja entendu. Not that its a bad things though. this song ends the cd good and appropriatlly there is like 4 minutes of ambient noise at the end of this song which can be good if your laying back just enjoying every sound of this song. 4/5

this is a well rounded cd it shows aspects of TEN you would have never thought of them doing before. They stick to there acoustic roots and change it up a bit. i give this album a 4/5 OR 8/10

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July 4th 2004


i happen to agree with you 100%, the band is awesome live, and the EP is pretty good and shows potential. tmost people do finger them as an all acoustic band but thats mainly because they released an acoustic version of the EP a little whiles after word (you can only get it at shows and at and go to the store section). but if you were impressed by this EP, or thought it had potential, pick up their full length.. The Room's Too awesome and way better then the EP

July 8th 2004


i say we write the wrong is one of the best songs i have heard in a while...its a powerful ending (unless you count the noise).

July 8th 2004


I like Every Night's Another Story but I can't really get into e11.

July 9th 2004


good review, good ep, good band

October 16th 2004


I agree also, The Early November is a bunch of talented kids from New Jersey. You should check this band out. If your sceptic check their live performances on the first and second Drive Thru DVD's. Actually I recommend almost all the bands on drive thru. All the bands have great talent.

October 16th 2004


best band on DTR period. awesome band

October 17th 2004


[QUOTE=apromisingyear]I agree also, The Early November is a bunch of talented kids from New Jersey. You should check this band out. If your sceptic check their live performances on the first and second Drive Thru DVD's. Actually I recommend almost all the bands on drive thru. All the bands have great talent.[/QUOTE]

i agree.

you should come back. your one post seems promising.

Storm In A Teacup
September 8th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Anyone gonna review the new acoustic EP? I have it but I don't think I should be the one to do it since I don't have any of their other stuff to compare it to.

Storm In A Teacup
September 29th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Last chance before I start to write a reveiw for it. Anyone?

December 25th 2005


Good stuff. The early November is awesome. You could listen to them everyday and never get tired of them.

February 19th 2006


TEN shouldnt hve the word emo in the same review. nugs

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