Impaled Nazarene



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April 17th, 2015 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Breed for Satanas, Die for Goatgod!

They often say fake it until you make it, confidence comes simply from the perception of it. While I am not sure if I can believe in the effectiveness of this sort of sentiment in job interviews, this album has made a believer that whether proficient or not Impaled Nazarene’s confidence is more than enough to make themselves appear brilliant. While this album is not without its fault it shines with a level of confidence that can be rarely spoken of when it comes to a black metal record.

Part of what makes this album seem so confident is just as how unabashedly straightforward it is. While this album’s lyrical content may be about over the top war-chants for Satan and sexual activities with goats galore, it is hard not to get sucked into just how how far the band takes its themes. Over the topness is an aspect true to the heart this whole record. One of the first notable aspects about this album is just how intense everything feels which simultaneously lacking any punch. The vocalist is extremely powerful, but not gruesome, not vicious as he is simply over the top and intense. The instruments follow suite in a similar fashion: while this very much a black metal record with low-fi, gritty riffs they are neutered in such a way that they lose their viciousness. The intensity of this album is not from hatred, or from anger, even though the lyrics and actual notes played by the members could perhaps convey otherwise, any intentions of evil are thrown out the window by the production.

This album is very cleanly produced; every instrument is heard very clearly and given lots of room to breathe. The mixing of the vocals especially stand out as being much louder than the rest of the instrumentation, this production choice both helps the album in some ways but in others may perhaps be detrimental to some listeners. On one hand the sheer volume and forcefulness of the vocals adds an extra layer of intensity, he certainly does his job well but because of the way the album is produced the album loses a sense of cohesiveness that could have been much more prominent if the band had chosen to bury and weave the vocals within the instrumentals as per the usual standard of a black metal record.

This album however is not a black metal record in the strict sense there is also a very notable punk and grindcore influence throughout. Some of the riffs on this album make it hard not to be reminded 80’s hardcore acts such Discharge. While sometimes both styles are melded together they are also played individually as well. While at first it may not seem like these genres could necessarily meld well together, the forceful nature of the album makes it work. The sheer intensity draws a lot from punk rather than black metal in that regard.

While this album is chocked full of silly ideas that work with mixed results it is often hard to be bothered by them while listening to this, this is a fun record and the sheer intensity of it all often makes any head-scratching transitions feel more like afterthoughts because you’ll be so busy being caught up in the craziness that is the amalgamation of goat penetrating, hardcore punk, Satan metal.

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April 16th 2015


good review great album

April 17th 2015


thx for doing an review on this m/

April 17th 2015


Rules, finally someone reviewed this thought I was going to have to read the Bhagavad Gita again and review it myself.

August 5th 2015


Album Rating: 4.0

Bought this tape of this in yard sale around 1997 (was 14yo then). I never liked punk music, but was refreshing at that time - not epic at all and not really serious, still very good black metal. Haven't listened much to IN since - I bet it's all the same, and it should stay like this for generations.

April 3rd 2016


Album Rating: 5.0

3,5 ? Are you serious ? This is one of the best black metal albums of all time

April 3rd 2016


Album Rating: 5.0

Ohhh and by the way black metal had punk influences since the days of bathory, celtic frost and bulldozer, who are some of the pioneers of the genre, therefore it's not accurate to say that the album has notable punk inluences when punk influences are already part of the genre itself !

It's like saying that the X grincore band is definately influenced by HxC punk ... Of course it is it's grindcore after all

April 5th 2016


Album Rating: 4.0

Amazing album, new impaled naz is a joke.

April 18th 2016


Album Rating: 3.0

this is ok, but the debut is easily better and the avg is dumb

April 18th 2016


Pro Patria Finlandia is the only album I've jammed in full by these guys.

Digging: The Body and Full Of Hell - Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

April 18th 2016


Album Rating: 3.0

check the debut and this bro you'll like em.

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