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by Arche USER (91 Reviews)
January 18th, 2015 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2014 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.

Deluge join an increasing number of artists fusing black metal with different genres, with the intention of making something that harbours the intensity and atmosphere of black metal whilst keeping a more accessible stance on elements such as production and structure. Opting to go down the post-metal route may not seem like the most obvious pathway (and certainly not the one to choose in order to please the purists), but in their 3-song debut EP Deluge have created something that generally satisfies both the aforementioned criteria well.

The opening track 'Bruine' is an effective embodiment of the sound generated across the album's short running length - blast beats and tremolo picking are found alongside more ambient, slow paced sections in roughly equal quantities, neither of which sound shoehorned-in or out-of-place (aside from the very start, which could possibly have done with a slightly more subtle take on things). The vocals, although seemingly influenced by Cult of Luna, have a decidedly Gallic quality to them which gives them a surprising amount of character given the lack of range.

Where the band themselves define themselves as 'Untrve French Black Metal', it was always unlikely that production values akin to that of the infamous Second Wave were going to be found here. Sure, the recording quality here is very clean and well mixed - occasionally the snare drum becomes slightly overbearing during blast-beat sections, but this is easily overlooked as any moments such as this only last a few seconds before the 'issue' is rectified.

One thing which may or may not pose them hindrance in the future is their usage of samples. Across the length of the EP (which finishes at just under 15 minutes) approximately 7 minutes of this features a sample of a storm, which is used not only in the background of quieter parts but also on its own. On one hand, this could be simply dismissed as a regularly used trope of atmospheric metal; on the other, it could be a sign of a possible lack of ideas which would be more noticeable on a full length.

Overall, Deluge have seemingly set the scene for what could potentially be a very strong debut full length. It remains to be seen whether the rain samples are just part of a concept for the EP or a concerning hole in songwriting, but given how well put together this is for a debut one can only have high hopes for their future.

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January 18th 2015


First one done of 2015! Slightly annoying it took me this long to be honest, just have been really stuck to what to write for anything. Full album stream here:

Comments, corrections, clarifications and the like as always welcome

Staff Reviewer
January 18th 2015


Great review Aaron, very well put together and written, pos'd. The only 'criticisms' i could come up with were minor adjustments that were mostly preferences rather than issues so good work mate.

Digging: Lindemann - F & M

January 18th 2015


Thanks Scuro, pleased to hear you liked it!

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