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by ToWhatEnd USER (100 Reviews)
April 29th, 2006 | 131 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

HIM, we have all heard the name and probably way too many times from the same people over and over. It seems that between online groupies courtesy of myspace and increase in popularity of sites such as purevolume, music over the net will be music in the mainstream in the not too distant future. While HIM certainly has their fair share of online extravaganzas, their major selling point is none other than Bam Margera. Go into your local CD store and pick up a HIM disk, one thing you will notice is on the packaging a little sticker “HIM is the greatest band on earth” – Bam Margera. (note: I am not a Bam hater at all but this seems downright silly to me.) Anyone involved in skateboarding will tell they have seen HIM on Element boards. It is very common these days for a band with this much publicity to be very overrated and in plenty of cases just plain bad. While HIM doesn’t exactly fit that in that group, they come darn close. They do it in a bit different fashion however, since they are not the rip off of the latest “pop punk phenomenon.”

HIM is…

Ville Valo – Vocals
Linde – Guitar
Mige – Bass
Burton – Keyboards
Gas Lipstick – Drums

Upon the first notes of album opener Vampire Heart a surprisingly neat riff is played. Throughout the album some very nice guitar tones are shown and the keyboards are capable of overlapping it, creating an interesting atmosphere. The overall mix in the album is pretty good. The first sour note comes in Ville’s vocals. While variety is shown at times, the vocals are often very poor. His voice is unique but it seems as though it could be better presented. The attempts of over dubbed harmonization at the end of Vampire Heart come off very cheesy and rough sounding. It’s a shame since I was actually digging the pinch harmonics a few minutes earlier. Not the best opener, not the worst.

Up next is the chart topping hit and first single Wings of a Butterfly . The main riff to the song is a good one but the verse formula is quite generic with the palm muted guitar rhythm. While some tiny leads are present in the verse, it just does not seem very convincing. But that’s the least of the concern, it’s all about the chorus for the MTV generation and in terms of catchiness this chorus is a hit. Ville’s voice actually sounds quite pleasing in the chorus minus the low harmonization. His high range is shown at its peak and executed solidly here as he matches up with the music fairly well. The major instrument break in the song is done well with some guitar lines and keyboards in the mix but ending with the chorus afterwards is just way too predictable and it brings the song down a bit.

Under the Rose starts off with some very nice keyboard playing and is soon complimented by a distorted guitar. The verse structure is very interesting, with Ville singing under the standard palm mute guitar and the keyboard coming in after every measure. A little vocal pause throughout the verse with cool keyboard playing is a definite plus to the song, adding to variety. For the first time on the album the vocal harmonization works out great. The little breakdown makes it seem as though the song is going bad, but it goes back to its normal tempo and a nicely fitting guitar line is played. With some great guitar and keyboard combinations as well as fitting well executed vocals, Under the Rose is actually a memorable song as it fads out with keyboard.

Killing Loneliness is a murder indeed, but the only thing it kills is the excitement created by the previous track. The piano does not seem to work here and drags the song on. The high pitched vocals at the end of the chorus are guaranteed to be a cringer when heard. This track ends up becoming extremely repetitive and does not seem to go anywhere despite its long length at almost 4:30.

With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness
With the warmth of your arms you saved me
I'm killing loneliness with you
The killing loneliness that turned my heart into a tomb
I'm killing loneliness

People often say HIM’s lyrics are like poetry; I was not expecting this to be true but these are just plain trash, a very poor effort all together.

The title track Dark Light is a very soft track. Musically, it is mediocre as well as vocally. The vocal pattern is quite smooth through the chorus but a tad boring through the verse. However, the keyboards in the verse help with the song’s flow. A very little tempo change brings a new instrumental sound and than the chorus repeats again. The instrumental bridges into the chorus is being to become very tiresome and the album is only half over.

Behind the Crimson Door starts off with quite an odd guitar riff. The keyboards do a wonderful job during parts of the song and the match up of the soft keys and distorted guitar shines. A nice riff is introduced around the three minute mark providing a new feel to the song. However, as predictable as can be the song ends with a slightly modified chorus repeating itself. This has just been used way too excessively throughout the album and is bringing down what was shaping up to be a shocker of a decent album.

The over dramatic attempt of an epic intro in The Face of God drags on. Once the song finally gets underway it sounds very similar to what has already happened on the record; the same style of delivery as previous tracks, nothing new instrumentally and repeating the chorus at the end. It is very ironic how so many of the songs can blend together and all seem to be around the 4:30. The pause before the last line in this song is just downright laugh out loud funny. Drunk on Shadow does nothing to separate itself amongst the rest of the album for the most part. There is however a nicely placed keyboard fill which has a funk sound to it. A chorus effect guitar riff is played as the song comes to a close, once again not a very strong song as a whole.

Play Dead does a much better job on the fade in intro than the previous attempt in The Face of God . The verse is a pretty good one, the chorus on the guitar works superbly over the keys. A rough spot is found in the vocals during the chorus. They seem a bit out of place and change the flow of the song for worse.

I see the seasons changing
And in the heart of this autumn I fall
With the leaves from the trees

Lyrically this song tips the scale towards the negative side. The lyrics just do not come close to matching the hype they receive and in general are quite bad. Aside from the lyrics and some vocal problems, this song has its enjoyable points thanks to the chorus effect on the guitar with the keys atop of it.

And it is that time, the closer of the album is In the Nightside of Eden . The keys are the focus of the intro as the guitar plays rhythm while the rest of the band keeps it tight. Ville attempts to go a little too far out of his range and it is an easy to realize. His harmonization is a very poor effect yet again. The smooth keyboard is one of the few pluses found in the finale of this record. Vocally, as well as guitar wise this song sounds very bland and repetitive. It is official that this closer is a difficult one to get through, especially with the awful low voice outro.

Hype is a weird thing which might have played a part in lowering the enjoyment of this record. While this album is far from what it is claimed to be, there are some fine moments to it. One definite all right trait in this album is despite it being under-par at times; it is very hard to compare HIM to bands you hear about on a daily basis. A bit of credit needs to be given to the fact that they are not trying to rip of the latest band to make those with estrogen go crazy. The keys and guitar layering is quite enjoyable, but the lyrics are in need of some repair, the bass could stand out more, and the vocal delivery could be altered. Until than, HIM will be making average music which is actually more than what plenty think of them.

- some enjoyable guitar riffs
- great guitar/key layering
- not a complete rip off sound

- vocal harmonization and delivery is in need of work
- same formula used too often
- at best par lyrics do not add up to the publicity they get
- while songs are long, they can often drag
- downright boring at times

Final Rating 2.5/5

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April 29th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Very excellent review. If there's one band on this site that takes a lot of undeserved crap, this is not. I've not heard this album, but Razorblade Romance was good and Love Metal was adequate, so I'm sure I'll here this sometime. Wonderous work.

April 29th 2006


great review, too bad this band is possibly one of the worst bands in exsistence.

excellent review, its one of the best ones Ive seen since Iluvatar's In/Casino/Out review

April 29th 2006


They really aren't bad. I've only heard "Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly" from this album, which is a pretty bad song. Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666 is a pretty solid album though (despite its ridiculous title).

April 29th 2006


I disagree^. I cna't stand these guys. Just not my cup o' tea

April 29th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

OK which one of the fanboys neged this review?

April 29th 2006


Very well written review. This band always seemed like a gimmick to me, considering the Lovemetal crap, and the single is about what I expected. I'm sure all the goth-kiddies will dig it, though.

Electric City
April 29th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

I hate fanboys negging good reviews. Boldly showing your opinion always garners negative reactions in history. And I hate that.

April 29th 2006


Superb review. I didn't know Mr. Margera put his "seal of approval" on HIM albums. That's kinda stupid. I don't like this group.

The Jungler
April 29th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

Great review, glad you resubmited this as a real review. Sucks for the fanboy neg though.

April 30th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

wah wah wah, a gimmick, love metal crap. Love Metal was an 80's genre (not invented by HIM) This was one of their lamer albums but as bad as people think.

I dunno what a fan boy is, probably someone who is a fan of the band... which i strongly am since before they reached America, but the things I read are so lame. This band isn't as bad as people make them out to be. It's like either thinking Kurt Cobain is a god or a lame a**, most of the times there is not an in between. But this band is so widely critisized by their title of albums or appearance.

Judge bands for their music and not appearance. If you're liking doesn't fall into this type of music... more then likely you will not like this band, but that doesn't make the band bad, it makes your taste in music diversely different from others. as it should be or else every kid in america would buy cheesy green day albums and crappy atreyu ones as well.

well that's my two cents

April 30th 2006


'Love Metal' was not an 80's genre dude. I suspect you're talking about power ballads, anyway. Because if you're talking about mascara wearing people of questionable talent crooning poor lyrics over pedestrian arrangements, that's not the 'Love Metal' of the 80's.
Case in point: 'I Remember You' by Skid Row. 80's? Yep. Power ballad? Yep. Good? Hell yep.
Although the majority of power ballads involved cheese, there was a mite less posing going on than there is with HIM.
Anyway, not that I'm a HIM fan or anything, but their earlier albums had a moment or two. This, however, is utter trash.

April 30th 2006


This review gets my stamp of approval. Much more informative, and lacks that fanboy-y vibe the other had.

I think a big thing that keeps people away from this band is their fans. Ugh.

April 30th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

sadly I agree about the fan comment steerpike. I am a fan, true, but i went to a concert of theirs and all of the people there were either immense emo kids (I know this because I recognized a ton of people there I had no clue were HIM fans and I know for a fact they were emo) or ten years of age and younger... or girls that looked like they belonged at a Britney Spears concert.

All this aside, I still like the band, and do know that people won't like the band... but people who say "This band sucks because they act satanic" but obviously have never heard a track is bothersome. I do know people will not like this, it's okay, but to comment based on a cd cover, cd title or name??? that's lame.

April 30th 2006


All this aside, I still like the band, and do know that people won't like the band...

Which is good. There should be more of this attitude.

but people who say "This band sucks because they act satanic" but obviously have never heard a track is bothersome. I do know people will not like this, it's okay, but to comment based on a cd cover, cd title or name??? that's lame.

I know what you mean. I will comment on bands I don't like. I've done a lot of that as a matter of fact. But I will not rate any album which I do not actually own, nor will I dismiss a band without first having heard some of their work.This Message Edited On 04.30.06

Metal God
April 30th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

I'm not even goin to say that these guys are a good band kuz I kant stand them they creep me out. On the radio they announced that before every show these guys jerk each other off. HELL NO!!!!! thats wrong man very wrong

April 30th 2006


I'm not even goin to say that these guys are a good band kuz I kant stand them they creep me out. On the radio they announced that before every show these guys jerk each other off. HELL NO!!!!! thats wrong man very wrong

....... I'm trying very hard to wake up right now. People this horrifyingly stupid can't possibly exist, they would have killed themselves by the age of three.

April 30th 2006


you should see his muse

April 30th 2006


you should see his muse

His comment on Metallica was much worse.

Don't be so hard on him. He's just a deity. With Down Syndrome.

Correction, he's that guy who hangs out with the gods. He's like the roadie of deities.

And I'm a god myself, but I don't deal out pain to mortals like this guy does. I only smite out of personal spite.This Message Edited On 04.30.06

Drunken Viking
May 1st 2006


[QUOTE=]I'm not even goin to say that these guys are a good band kuz I kant stand them they creep me out. On the radio they announced that before every show these guys jerk each other off. HELL NO!!!!! thats wrong man very wrong[/QUOTE]
Hahaha, they circle jerk. :lol:

May 1st 2006


Ain't heard their music, but the lead singer is a fucking idiot.

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