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November 14th, 2014 | 6 replies

Release Date: 1982 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Exactly what you weren't hoping to hear.

The departure of a singer cannot be taken lightly by the rest of the band. Yet, Riot managed to publish Restless Breed in 1982, just a year after the release of Fire Down Under. Taking Guy Speranza's role and therefore starting Riot's second era is Rhett Forrester, who ends up being the undoubted protagonist of Riot's fourth full length thanks to his particular style. Backing him up are the same musicians found in Fire Down Under, but is it right to expect another release of the same caliber" Whatever the answer, the results are unexpected.

Even though Restless Breed appears to follow its predecessor's basic structure quite closely, with a rocking opener and following with a heavy rotation of slower and faster tracks, the music itself has a different taste. It's in fact clear since Forrester's first appearance in the opener "Hard Lovin' Man" that this record has a bigger glam attitude than any other Riot release. The problem is that the band seems to be playing safer, going through the motions of a harmless hard rock that lacks what made Riot special, namely intensity in playing, a strong vocal attitude and, to an extent, variety of content. The tracks often tend to feel samey and longer than what they are (the record itself ends in under 40 minutes, mind that) thanks to a feeling of repetition due to the lack of almost anything to shake up the simple song structures.

It's a pity that what makes these flaws more grave is Forrester himself, because his delivery fluctuates a bit too much. He knows how to deliver a catchy and somehow emotional line, but his habit of trying to sound more tough and his woahs, heys, and yeahs can be annoying. Everything is present in the (arguably) humorous "C.I.A." With doubtful lyrics, catchy hooks, at times hilarious 'Forrester moments' and an instrumentation that could offer more, the second track from Restless Breed summarizes perfectly the overall feeling that a complete listen leaves on the listener.

Simply dismissing Restless Breed could be a bold move, anyway. Its highlights are in fact quite a few. Forrester's hooks in the aforementioned "C.I.A." and his complete performance in "When I Was Young" (an Eric Burdon and The Animals cover) are well made. The guitars/harmonica duet in "Loved By You" is at least interesting (even though is followed by a hilarious 'Forrester moment'), and the combination of a solid instrumentation with the singer's hooks make "Loanshark" a valid track. Finally, the punk sounding "Violent Crimes" has to paradoxically pay for being engaging. In fact, it ends the record in the worst way possible: it leaves the listener yearning for more of something that's been only slightly touched. Sadly, Restless Breed should and could have been a significantly more polished release.

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November 14th 2014


Album Rating: 2.5

Conveying my feelings for this album has been harder than I thought. Been adjusting this review for days, I thought about submitting this today and the review of Unleash The Fire gave me the sign I needed. Criticism is more than welcome.

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Staff Reviewer
November 15th 2014


Good work Sabrutin, your text corresponds perfectly to your rating, pos.

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Staff Reviewer
November 15th 2014


Very well written and deeply informative review, pos.

Two Riot reviews on the front page, I mean what are the odds?

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November 15th 2014


Album Rating: 2.5

Thank you both, I can finally rest without thinking of the things that I cut or that I would have wanted to add. I'm probably going to review something from another band next time in order to bring some variety into my works.

November 16th 2014


Album Rating: 2.5

Thanks for the ghost neg.

*looks at the ratings page*

Well, ok.

January 7th 2016


Album Rating: 3.0

Not exactly a great album although there are a few good songs on this one I really like showdown and hard loving man but I agree over half of the material here is on shaky ground in my opinion.

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