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Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If only it was so easy to let go. For then why would we need such beautiful art?

Yoni is a force to be felt. It will pull your spirit to the limit of its totality and without hesitation bring you begging to your knees. The album resonates on a level of energy that is equally close to harmony as it is dissonance. The ravaging screams reign blows like earthquakes on Sunday mornings. The obvious emotion is anger but what is felt is the release of longing, possession and selfishness. As the chaos breaks and we come to grips with letting go there is a lush melody that has signs of not letting up. The recurring beat and the clashing of symbols are hypnotizing. The ordeal reminds me of the experience of coming to terms with fate. It’s the interplay of the breaking of loud and the creation of soft that forces Yoni to sit in its puddle of fate and watch itself spin in circles.

Only by coming to terms with our-selves, only by accepting our fate, only by learning to love our destiny can one let go. That is what Yoni does so well. I see it as an exhibit to letting go of our preconceptions of fate and accepting the constant, recurring suffering that is a natural part of life. This is an album that needs to be learned. Like fate, it first seems incomprehensible and garbled and just a bunch of chaos going nowhere, but after careful examination and letting life take you through its paces we learn to ride the wave. Waves come and go, sometimes they crash and disorient us from our surroundings and other times we ride their sweet rift in to new adventures and beyond. We ride the wave that is Yoni.

We are animals broken by nostalgia. Just when we are in the moment enjoying the orchestrated chaos of the heavier sections of Yoni, we are abruptly thrown into a quiet ambient world. However its beautiful, and experiencing the change is beautiful and suddenly you lose yourself to the immensity of life. You take a peak in to the mystic labyrinth of the universe and your breath slows to absolute zero and suddenly, you’re gone. We are slaves to entropic chaos and we can only escape by joining its ranks. Your back and your sitting on your bed with Yoni flowing through your headspace and you stare into absolutely nothing and understand nothing but you realize that you understand everything now.

Yoni is a call to yesterday, a telescope to view tomorrow, a visage of letting go of all things beautiful and important. It broke me from the shackles of time and space and spun me on my axis so fast that I’ve left the orbit of its gravitational entanglement. I have let go and I am going to let this wave bring me back to this beautiful insight with every listen. Yoni is a nursery rhyme and a lullaby for nostalgia.

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